Chapter 15: Jam and Tom sail into stormy waters at the yacht club

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Solentville Tales Chapter 15 - Jan and Tom sail into stormy waters at the yacht club

It was like one of those tension filled moments where the anxiety and apprehension changed from terror to immense relief as both Gerald and his wife looked at each other with total disbelief before bursting out in to spontaneous laughter.

Even the bomb disposal guy managed to raise a smile and see the funny side of it the situation.

Polly had run across to the other side of the street when the robot which had been deployed had carefully inspected and scrutinised the package but it all turned out to be a false alarm but she still insisted on inspecting the shoe box.


Polly- Good heavens Gerald have you seen this clock !!! It's absolutely adorable but who sent it to us and why, there doesn't seem to be a return address label or note contained within the package.

Police officer- Well madame it appears that this has all been a complete waste of time and resources so if there is nothing else I think we can all clear out here.Right lads time to move on and return to genuine cases that are in need of our attention.

Polly- Yes that's fine Sir and thanks for taking the time to at least to reassure us,it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Gerald- Oh dear Polly this is all terribly embarrassing I think we could both do with a drink right?.

Polly- Yes fix me a Gin and Tonic if you don't mind,oh is that our phone ringing again?.Hello this is Solent 606257 Polly speaking how can I help you?.

Lynn- Oh hello is that Mrs DuPont?,oh pardon me for being so formal Polly,it's Lynn Devereaux.

Polly- Oh hello Lynn what a pleasant surprise to hear from you,I had heard from your mother that you were back in the country.What can I do to help you?,I say are you at The Yacht Club with your parents?.

Lynn- Oh yes we are at The Yacht Club right now.Well the reason I wanted to call you is that we sent you a little present from New York and I was wondering if you had received it by now.

Polly- Oh I say how sweet of you was it anything nice?,I do like American gifts and souvenirs you know,so what did you buy us?.

Lynn- Well I don't know if mum told you that I have just met a wonderful guy whilst I was working in Washington DC for one of her boutiques.

Liam was a client and was employed by our suppliers and well to cut a long story short he swept me off my feet and we fell truly,madly and deeply in love with each other.

Polly- Oh I say how romantic and the present dear what was it you sent us?.

Lynn- It's a model of The Grand Station Clock,I just wanted to thank you for all of the time you invested in our family with the enormous amount of support you have provided mum during this difficult time in her life.

I know it's a bit cheesy to buy you a clock but time is so precious and especially at your time of life don't you think?,if you pardon the pun ha ha.

Polly- Well really I don't know what to say,you don't know what drama has unfolded here this evening at our house because of that clock you sent us.I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Lynn- Oh really !!! Whatever do you mean and what has it to do with the clock I sent you?.

Polly- Not to worry it will keep for another day,maybe we can both laugh at it when we see each other again.How is your mum by the way?,I bet she's thrilled to see you again and especially with your news.

Lynn- Oh yes you mean the engagement,we are already planning the wedding here tonight at The Yacht Club.Ok enjoy the rest of your evening and I'm really pleased at least that you have received my gift and it's all in one piece ha ha.


The DuPont household had decided to turn in for the night given all of the drama during a rather eventful afternoon.

Meanwhile at The Yacht Club the dinner part was now in full swing.Most of the Devereaux family members were worse for wear and getting pleasantly drunk.The increased din was beginning to irritate some of the more distinguished diners at the club.

It was now just after 11pm in the evening when Tom decided to order one more bottle of champagne for the family,the resulting cheerful banter that followed proved to be the final straw with one particular customer.

Ken- I say can't you keep the noise down a little there are other diners present here you know and it sounds like you lot have had enough to drink already.

Tom- Excuse me who the hell do you think you are talking to?,keep your bloody nose out of it mate,what's it got to do with you?, can't you see that we are having a family party here?.

Ken- Yes Tom I'm aware of that but please try and be reasonable,I should be able to eat in peace and quiet without having to put up with this rabble.

Tom- Now I've just about had enough of you Ken,I say put a bloody sock in it or prepare to step outside,I'm not having some grease monkey talking to me like that.

Ken- what did you call me?,you filthy cheat it's ok Tom you just play happy families mate I know the score.

Jan- Now then you two what's this all about?,can't you just be civil with each other for two minutes?.

Ken I'm surprised at you,I'm sorry if we seemed to have raised the noise level here tonight.
We are just celebrating after hearing about my daughter's engagement,she will be getting married and we are all so thrilled isn't it wonderful?.

Ken- I've just about had enough of this,I say waiter would you get my bill please and also fetch the manager whilst you are there.

Waiter- Certainly sir is everything alright?,was the meal to your satisfaction?.

Ken- Oh yes the nosh was top notch it's the bloody company in here that's the issue.

Waiter- Right sir,I'll just fetch the bill.

Manager- What appears to be the problem Mr Charlery?. 

Ken- I wish to register a complaint about some of the clientele that this Yacht club is entertaining here tonight.

Manager- Oh really sir can we be discreet about this?,I wouldn't want anyone to cause a scene please.

Ken- Alright I understand I'm not a total moron and yes you have your reputation and this club to consider but please can you have a word with those people over there?,they are bringing this club in to disrepute.

Manager- Right you are sir and the meal is on the house ok I'll sort this out.I say sir,madame, can you keep the noise down a little there are other customers trying to enjoy a meal here.

Tom- Let me guess the diamond geezer has just registered a complaint against us,that's right Ken just you run away like the coward you are.

Jan- Tom really !!!! this is not what I wanted,we are supposed to be here to celebrate,oh dear can we settle our bill please I think it's time we called it a night here don't you?.

Tom- I'll leave when I'm good and ready,we haven't had our champagne yet,I say come on man I haven't got all day chop chop with the champers.

Waiter- I'm sorry sir but I'm going to have to ask you to leave this minute,your behaviour is not welcome here and I will thank you to take your unruly brood with you.


Tom was just about to lamp the waiter when he noticed a familiar person to the right hand side of the waiter.It was Mylène Meyers the woman whom he had been supposed to be interviewing at the yard but then got involved with some fun and frolics with her during a rather erotic encounter.

He smiled at her and she smiled back at him and then Jan witnessed them both staring at each other like two love sick teenagers who were in paradise,this proved too much for Jan as she was sick of the site of this woman.

It was only when she approached her table that Jan realised that she wasn't alone.Of all the people to be dining with her Jack was the last person she would have expected to have seen.

Perhaps it was just as well that Jan decided to beat a hasty retreat and make her way to the ladies as a cat fight looked on the cards for one very tense moment.

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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