Chapter 16: Jan gets her claws into Mylène as cat fight kicks off at the club

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Solentville Tales Chapter 16 - Jan gets her claws into Mylène as cat fight kicks off at the club

The evening had proved to be quite entertaining and eventful not to mention humorous but there were dark clouds developing at The Yacht Club.

Jan was just about to enter the ladies toilet when who should she bump in to at that precise moment?,it was Mylène that brazen Hussy who had made a play for her husband.

This proved too much for Jan as she completely lost her cool and aimed a punch at her surprised victim.

Mylène- Excuse me what was that for?,right lady if you want a fight you are going to get one.

Jan- How dare you come in to my club and cause me further embarrassment you cheap little tart.

Mylène- Get off me you stupid bitch do you know how much this fur coat cost me?.

Jan- Yes it's probably like you dear an imitation fake,now get out of my sight before I do you some real damage.

Mylène- With pleasure madame,how dare you speak to me like that this is unfinished business I'm warning you nobody crosses swords with the Meyers family and lives to tell the tale.

Jan was quite pleased with herself as she brushed herself down trying to look half decent but that was proving difficult since her tights were torn,not to mention a rather nasty looking scratch to her face above her left eye which was losing a fair amount of blood.

She also had to contend with the fact that her dress was ripped to shreds and that she wasn't wearing any underwear .

It was imperative then to visit the ladies toilet once again to address the wound to her cheek,Mylène had aimed to gauge her left eye out with the use of her very sharp finger nails but had luckily failed to do so.

Jan was indeed thankful for this small mercy,luckily for her she had a first aid kit in her handbag.She soon stemmed the flow of blood with a small piece of cotton wool and then applied some anti-septic cream to the cut this was beginning to smart with intense pain.

A few moments later she finally returned to her family looking rather patched up with a face that would have turned milk sour.She was on the warpath and there was no escaping her wrath as she began to lay in to Tom.


Tom- What the hell happened to you Jan?, you look like you have just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Jan- Never mind about that I've just had the displeasure of meeting up with your bit of fluff on the way to the ladies toilet.

Let's just say we ironed out a few things and well as for my appearance ha ha,you should see the state of that tart Mylène.

Tom- What do you mean?,now don't tell me you two ladies were fighting over me,please !!!!! this just gets better and better.

Jan- Don't you dare smirk at me and talk to me in such a condescending tone Tom Devereaux, let's just say she definitely bit off more than she could chew.Now some of us want to get home before midnight you know.

Are you coming Lynn and Leo or have you made alternative sleeping arrangements tonight?.

Tom- Alright you've made your point,what can I do to make things right between us Jan?,I thought we were ok and have both moved on from that incident at the yard.

Jan- Yes well we were until you started making eyes at that cheap whore,I don't know Tom really I don't.

You will have to give me some time to think,yes that's what i need right now some quality time with our offspring I'll be in touch goodbye.

-Tom sat in his chair at the club looking rather perplexed and bewildered by his wife's attitude towards him.Most of the other customers had now vacated The Yacht Club and had gone home,he was left to collect his thoughts and contemplate a life without Jan being his world.

He paid the bill in full and decided to take a walk Along the river Hamble,it was a moonlit evening and there wasn't a breath of wind in the air.

If anything the atmosphere and temperature outside seemed less chilly than at the club.He could hear the sound of a distant owl hooting as he gazed at the reflection of the moon upon the black coloured water near to the main marina.

Some of the locals would be entering their yachts in the Regatta race just off The Needles  tomorrow.This was a small group of rocks which lay off the northern most point of The Isle of Wight.

He was supposed to be skippering Lynn and Leo on their boat "The Flying Fish" but this was far from his thoughts as he continued to walk towards the Boat Yard and his sleeping quarters for the night.

He realised that returning home was not an option so he would be left with no other choice but to  sleep over there for the night.

As he approached the main office he immediately noticed that there was a light flickering from within.

His worst fears were that the yard was being burgled so he approached the door to the entrance of the building with extreme caution Incase the intruders were armed.

The tension was unbearable but was soon turned to relief as he realised that it was Jack who was burning the midnight oil and not some would be thief looking to steal the yard's new designs.

-Jack- Tom I thought you might drop in to the yard tonight,I came here to see if you were alright.Mylène told me all about that little ding dong that she had with Jan.

Tom- I don't feel much like talking Jack so if you don't mind leaving me in peace.

Jack- Oh it's like that is it?, I only came down here to offer you some moral support but I won't stay where I'm not wanted.

Tom- Well the thing is Jack I was a little surprised to see that you were with Mylene tonight,was that business or personal?.

Jack- Well the thing is Tom we need a marketing manageress and a secretary and I just thought that we could kill two birds with one stone by employing Mylène,I can see now that this might present us with a problem.

Tom- Oh that's right you just make an executive decision without consulting me,that's bloody typical and no Jack we can't possibly employ Mylène.

I forgot to tell you Jan owns 10% of the shares in this yard she will never accept that proposal and neither will I.

Jack - What !!!!!!! You mean your wife has shares in my yard and you never thought of telling me now talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Tom- I'm sorry I realise that I should have told you much sooner but with all that has been happening recently given the Impending divorce,business issues,Leo's accident and our little trip to the Arctic circle.

Jack- Ok no problem we will discuss this again tomorrow do you fancy a nightcap?.i'm going to have a nice glass of Jack Daniels it's my favourite whisky,well it would be?.I am called Jack after all ha ha.

Tom- Ok just a small one and then maybe you should think about making tracks as at least one of us should be getting a nice rest in a warm comfortable bed tonight.

Jack- I know you're right,what about this as a suggestion,there's an air bed in my study maybe you could stay over at my place tonight.

I'm sorry the couch doesn't double up as a bed but you are more than welcome to stay at my place if you want.

Tom- Oh right,does the air bed have a pump and have you got a mattress to soften the blow of your hard floor?.

Jack- Oh I forgot about that now where did I put it?,anyway I better be on my way so are you coming or what?.


Tom decided that perhaps it was a good idea after all to sleep in a more hospitable location as he made his way over to Jack's cottage.

Luckily he managed to locate the pump and a comfortable mattress as both of them attempted to gain a restful nights sleep.

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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