Chapter 17: Break in at the boatyard proves the final straw for Jan's business

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Solentville Tales Chapter 17 - Break in at the boatyard proves the final straw for Jan's business

The following morning Tom and Jack awoke to the sound of chirping was some what of a pleasant alternative for Jack that he didn't have to endure the sound of his radio alarm clock which aggravated him at times.

Tom was also relieved to have awoken after suffering a rather uncomfortable night on the air bed and mattress,how he yearned to be back with Jan and that comfortable bed back home.

Both men had only be up a few minutes when the phone rang,it was Bill who was calling Jack from the boat yard.

Jack- Hello can I help you?

Bill- Hi Jack it's Bill,I'm afraid that I am the bearer of some bad news we have had a break in at the yard the place is in a right mess when can you get down here?.

Jack- Oh no that's bloody great just what we need,ok Bill I'm on my way.

Tom- What's happened Jack?.

Jack- Come on Tom we're needed at the yard urgently,there's been a break in heaven only knows what has been stolen.

Tom- Right I'll just get dressed and I will be with you in two ticks,this might put me in a bit of jam as I'm supposed to be taking Lynn and Leo out to the regatta today.

Jack- Never mind about that Tom let's just see what the score is with regard to the burglary,I'll phone Jan from my mobile and let her know about all of this.

You might have to make alternative arrangements like you say if this incident is as serious as it sounds and other things will have to be put to the back of the agenda.


It was only a short walk from the anchor cottage where Jack lived to the yard,it appeared that quite a few police cars were already parked up near the reception entrance, it was swarming with uniform officers.

Jack approached the office only to find that it had been cordoned off with blue and white police tape,he was about to duck underneath the tape to enter the building when a police officer prevented him from doing so.


Police officer- I'm sorry sir you can't go beyond this point can I just ask who you are and what is your business ?.

Jack- Yes I'm the bloody owner !!!!!,now what's going on here?,I thought it was just a routine burglary and why can't I enter the office?,I need to know what has been stolen.

police officer- I'm afraid the forensic team are in there right now trying to piece together what has happened and why your yard's office was targeted.

Tom- It's ok Jack they are just doing their jobs,I guess these modern day methods take some getting used to but If they solve the crime and arrest the perpetrators I'm all in favour of that.

Jack-Where the heck is Bill?,maybe he might be able to shed some light on what has happened here.

Bill- Hi Jack,good morning Mr Devereaux,it's terrible what's happened here.

Jack- Yes but it would be much better if we knew what has been stolen.

Bill- No I meant with the busies swarming all over the joint,me and the lads can't get any work done,they're all over the place and I wanted to get finished early today to attend the regatta.

Jack - Yes well you're not the only person who's going to be massively inconvenienced today I think we will all have to re-evaluate our own plans and some delays are inevitable.

There wasn't much more that Tom and Jack could do at this stage so they both decided to go for breakfast at the local cafe known affectionately as "The Hope And Anchor".
Perhaps they could chew over the fat with a good old fashioned English greasy fry up.

Meanwhile Jan was just setting up breakfast at home on her dining room table when the phone rang.She decided to let the call go to the answer machine as she didn't feel like talking to anyone least of all Tom.

She had expected him to call but was rather surprised that Jack should phone on his behalf.


Jack- Hi Jan are you there?,it's Jack I'm just having a spot of breakfast with Tom and he's asked me to let you know that he might have to change his plans about taking Lynn and Leo out today.

There's been an incident at the yard and the police might need to interview him at some stage later on today.

Jan- Hello I'm here sorry Jack you've completely lost me,what incident at the yard?

Jack- We've had a break in but we don't know anything more at this stage.

Jan- Oh I see well tell Tom not to worry about his parental obligations,I've already made alternative arrangements on that score goodbye.

Tom- What is it Jack why are you looking at me like that?.

Jack- It appears you're off the hook and your services aren't required at home Jan has made other arrangements.

Tom- Oh that's bloody great so I don't get to see Lynn and Leo,we'll soon see about that.

Jack- Now calm down Tom for goodness sake you'll end up giving yourself a heart attack.

Tom- it's easy for you to say Avril is a grown up independent lady,I might find in future that i may be restricted to see my own offspring on her terms if Jan gets her way,she can be really spiteful at times.

Jan meanwhile had laid the dining room table and was awaiting Lynn and Leo when the doorbell rang,it was Ken,what on earth was he doing visiting her so early in the morning?.

Luckily Kate her mum was on hand to divert this unwelcome visitor,Jan really wasn't in the mood for conversation let alone his company and instructed her mum that she wasn't to be disturbed by anyone today.

Ken- Hi Kate is Jan about?,I was just wondering if I could run something past her

Kate- I'm afraid not Ken you've had a wasted trip she is completely indisposed and will be for some time to come so if you don't mind.

Ken- Oh I see,is there anything I can do to help,what is her affliction exactly is she ill?.

Kate- That is not your concern now I will bid you a good day unless you want a piece of my mind.

Ken- Alright lady keep your wig on I was only trying to show how concerned I am good day.

Kate- Well darling I managed to get rid of that odious rattlesnake without too much fuss.

Jan- I wouldn't be too sure about that,did you actually see him drive off in his car or is he still parked up?.Oh lord now guess who else is about to pay me a visit?,this is all I need it's Polly can you get rid of her mum?.

Kate- Yes I suppose so but this can't go on forever Jan sooner or later you will have to face up to seeing people one way or another. 

Jan- Yes I suppose you're right but for today I just want to spend time with my family.

Kate- Hello Polly what an unexpected and pleasant surprise how can I help you?.

Polly- Well it's Jan I really need to see is she in?,I've got a business proposition that I would like to discuss with her and was wondering if she might be around.

Kate- That sounds rather intriguing,Jan !!!!!, I say Polly has something that she wants to discuss with you Jan.

Jan- I thought I told you that I wasn't up to seeing anyone today mum,oh for goodness sake.

Polly- Jan darling you aren't looking at all well what on earth could be the matter with you?.

Jan- Yes I'm fine Polly compliments to you too now what is this business proposition that you wanted to discuss with me?.

Polly- Oh it's only about your business I've decided to make you an offer that you can't refuse,I want to buy you out lock,stock and barrel what do think of that idea?.

Jan- Well you have caught me by surprise dear,can you leave it with me and I'll get my solicitor to discuss the terms of the sale.

Polly- Naturally darling,I took the liberty of drawing up this draft copy for yourself all I need is your signature and the deal can sealed within 24 hours.

Jan- Ok Polly I will verbally agree to your offer and if after my legal advisors have reviewed and accepted that everything is above board then you will be the new owner of "Devereaux Boutiques" in Ocean Village.

Congratulations dear I never would have thought that this day would have arrived but I'm ready for a new challenge in my life.

Polly- Oh that's absolutely terrific news I say chocs away ginger it certainly is my day good show old beam and hard cheese with all of the bad luck you have had recently.

Jan- Less of the old please now if you don't mind I need to get myself ready as Lynn,Leo and myself are going out to the regatta we'll talk later bye for now.

There was an air of resignation as Jan shut the door closing behind another chapter of her life.Had she really agreed to sell her business to Polly?.What was the future for her and her family ?.

She contemplated all of this before turning round and greeting Leo and Lynn with a brave smile knowing that in all honesty she felt like bursting in to tears.

Submitted: September 05, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.


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