Chapter 2: Meeting proceeds an unexpected encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 Solentville Tales chapter 2 - Meeting proceeds an unexpected encounter

It was later in the afternoon that Jan was awoken by the sound of a telephone ringing in the hallway,she had just nodded off for her usual catnap getting a much needed 40 winks.

She stumbled over to the phone and was just out of luck as the call went to the answer machine,it was Tom and he sounded rather annoyed.

Tom- Jan it's Tom can we talk?,I'm afraid we might have an issue that needs sorting out,can I pick you up at half past seven?,if that is ok.

Jan- Hello Tom what is it !,can't it wait?,I've got a dinner engagement with Sir John at Eight.

Tom- That's bloody typical of you Jan always putting yourself before the needs of your family,no wonder our lives are in a right mess through your neglect.

Jan- Now look here Tom if you are coming round here to cause another scene then you know where you can go.Please get in touch with my solicitor and book an appointment then we can meet and resolve this issue.

Tom- Jan it's personal and very delicate,I don't want some pinstriped city boy meddling in to our affairs.I can't talk right now,can't you postpone or delay your dinner engagement?.

Jan- I'll try but surely you can give me some idea of what the problem is in relation to,why does it concern me?.

Tom- It's our son Leo he's been getting in to fights at school,luckily the other guys have come off worse.
The teachers are indicating that they want to take him out of the school and suspend him indefinitely.

Jan- why wasn't I informed by them?,I'm only his mother for pete's sake !,I'll get in touch with them and try to resolve this issue,where is he now?.

Tom- He's here and he doesn't want you coming round,let me handle this my way Jan,I'll phone your mother to see if she'll have him tonight whilst we try to sort this issue out.

Jan - Ok I'll make the call to Sir John to postpone the dinner engagement,see you tonight at seven bye.


This was bloody typical she thought to herself,the one time when she needed some quality time with her business broker that this should happen to her.

What with her cash flow problem and with Sir John being her link to the bank he was crucial to her in terms of saving her business.

He would either recommend a fresh loan or she might have to sell her boutiques if the bank isn't accommodating to her needs.

She began to prepare herself mentally for the impending conversation but just then the doorbell rang,it was Sir John,what an amazing coincidence why had he come so early?.

Jan - Sir John what an unexpected pleasant surprise,you're a tad early,I'm afraid I've got some rather disappointing news I won't be able to make our dinner engagement tonight.

Sir John- Oh that doesn't really matter now dear after what I have to tell you.I'm really sorry Jan I've just come from my broker and he's the main voice at the bank.These are hard times as you know.Well to be brief I'm afraid the bank is pulling the plug on your business and they want to call in the loan and are unwilling to offer you any further financial support,I'm really sorry.

Jan- No you can't do this to me Sir John,oh my lord I'm ruined !!!!,even with the divorce settlement which will come too late I'll have to sell up and who's going to want to buy my business's without making a killing?.

Jan sank to her knees and began to cry uncontrollably as by this time Sir John was making a swift exit,there wasn't much he could do aside from offering her moral support.That was not something he was particularly good at being a Batchelor in his 50's and having never nurtured a family.

She began to drink quite heavily first a couple of glasses of brandy then a bottle of Chardonnay white wine until she collapsed suddenly halfway up the stairs.She had been unconscious for a few hours before Tom arrived and he was quite shocked to see the mother of his children in such a poor state of health.

Tom- Oh my goodness Jan what the hell have you been up to?,have you taken leave of your senses woman?,look at the state of you,how much have you had to drink?.
I had better call an ambulance.

Jan- No Tom I'm ok there's no need for that

Tom- Oh it speaks,here let me get you a glass of water and then some black coffee,I think we are in for a long night.

Jan- I've seen Sir John and the appointment didn't matter really.Sir John was round earlier and well I'm ruined Tom so that's it.Whatever life or anyone has to throw at me it can't be worse than losing my business can it?.

Tom- There you go again self pity that will get you nowhere take a lesson from me you have to dust yourself down and get back in the saddle.If you don't then you might as well as cuddle up and die.

Jan- How's Leo? Is he alright?,was mum ok about having him stay at hers?.

Tom- Yes she sends her love and we will talk later,meanwhile I'm taking you upstairs as you need to get in to bed and get some rest.

Jan- Oh I do miss your bedside manner Tom won't you join me for old times sake?

Tom- No I won't Jan that woman left my life a long time ago and I have no intention of Inviting her back in,I would prefer to leave that particular Pandora's box to remain shut.

Now get some rest I'm going outside to get some fresh air see you in two ticks and don't do anything stupid in my absence.

Tom decided to go outside for a sneaky cigar,he had kept his smoking habit secret from everyone but he just needed one right now.

He was still very fond of his estranged wife but there was no turning back the clock they had simply to move on with their lives.

He was just about to stub out his cigar when he noticed in the dim light of early evening that a car had pulled up inside the driveway.

He wasn't sure whom the driver was as he placed his left hand over his eyes to shield his eyes from the brightness of the headlights which were by shining directly at him.

Just then he noticed a bold headed chap remove himself from his Ferrari car which he was driving.It was none other than Ken Charlery the local playboy or gigolo or toy boy.
What the heck was he doing outside their home at this unearthly hour?.

Ken- Hi Tom what are you doing here is Jan in?

Tom- I might ask you the same question,what's your business Ken?

Ken- That's between me and Jan,now is she in can I see her?

Tom- Well not really this isn't a good time Ken,she's not really up to seeing visitors.

Ken- I'll take that as a yes then,Jan it's me Ken where are you?

Tom- Now look here I thought I made myself clear you aren't to disturb her.

Ken- Jan !!!! It's me I've just spoken to Sir John and he's told me all about your little cash flow problem.Ah there you are I'm sorry if I've come at a bad moment.

I do hope that I am not disturbing either of you from a bit of hanky panicky,
Know what I mean?,nudge nudge wink wink.

Jan- No we hadn't got round to asking Tom - How's your father,now what is it Ken can't you see I'm not well.

Ken- I've got a little proposition for you Hun,I'll buy some of your boutique shares but leave you with a controlling interest.Let's call it 50 % that's a nice little proposition now what do you say?.

You can buy my half when the business picks up again at let's say 10 % more than the price they are valued at now.

Jan- No bloody chance who do you think I am,have I got mug written all over my forehead?,you know what you can do with your offer Ken.I've already contacted a broker in the city of London via Sir John to sort out a buyer for my set of boutiques.

I can assure of this Ken their terms will be a hell of a lot more generous than what you are offering,now if you don't mind I need my rest.


Ken accepted temporary defeat in his quest to take a stake in Jan's empire but he was resourceful and resilient,he wouldn't give up without a fight and he would expect the same from her.

This was all part of Ken's charm,those snake eyes wanted a part of Jan's life and to control her like his marionette he thought to himself as he smirked at Tom whilst passing him down the stairs as they both exchanged glances.

Tom was a family man who made personal sacrifices whilst Ken only did things to serve his own interests.Why allow sentiment to get in the way of personal gratification was his philosophy.

After he left Tom checked on Jan and then made his own exit from the house he once called his home.

There were so many issues which needed resolving including Leo's future schooling,if he wasn't to return back to his current school then he would have to find a new one.

Tom was becoming concerned about the impact of his impending divorce and the psychological ramifications for his offspring.

Submitted: August 24, 2019

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