Solentville Tales

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Sexy,sassy "Solentville Tales" is a story set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away.

It features a boatyard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe.

With different scenes and characters emerging throughout this story you will be left gripped to your seat,so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plots are as thick as a pea soup fog,ambiguous and full of imaginative scenes which will take your breath away.

It will take the reader to places like the arctic circle where two of the cast view and experience an unusual natural phenomenon called "The aurora borealis" aka "northern lights".

Then there are unexplained events which occur during a halloween party and on bonfire night when a body is discovered.

There are the usual power struggles at boardroom level and plenty of lusty,sexy scenes as affairs become as common as a night out on the tiles.

Look out for lusty Mylene Meyers who is the flame haired femme fatale,she will do anything to get her claws into the men who have all of the power.Like any sex goddess she uses her powers of
seduction and sex appeal to always get what she wants.

The characters in the story will really start to emerge once you get past the opening chapter and like any good yarn it will feed your imagination in glorious technicolour.

Chapter 20 (v.1) - Solentville counts the cost as Jan and Tom mourn their loss

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



Solentville Tales chapter 20 - Solentville counts the cost as Jan and Tom mourn their loss
The hospital was a scene of panic and chaos as worried relatives,friends and sports enthusiasts  gathered at the accident and emergency department hoping for news on their family and friends.

It appeared that this natural disaster has been understated in the media and was worse than first feared as numerous bodies were being transported in black zip up bags from returning ambulances.

Jan and Tom had just arrived and were becoming impatient to hear news of Leo who had now been missing for several hours at sea.They were concerned about Lynn's mental state along with her physical health too.

In a local news broadcast by Radio Solent it was suggested that as many as 24 yachtsmen and women were missing or presumed dead.These people were unaccounted for and had not been brought in to the casualty department of the hospital.

Jan was determined to find out about Leo,had he been brought in or was he still missing? as she made her way over to the hospitals reception area.

Jan- Hello there,have you got any news about survivors,my son is missing and I'm dreadfully worried about his welfare.

Receptionist- We are doing all that we can at this time madame,unfortunately we can only deal with the patients who are being admitted to the hospital at this time.What is the name of your missing son?.

Jan- Yes I appreciate that but perhaps you might have a casualty list of those who were brought in earlier.His name is Leo Devereaux here take a look at this photo you might recognise him.

Receptionist- Madame if you could just imagine how many peoples faces I see coming through these doors on an average day,I'm sorry but I can't say for sure that I recognise his face from that photo.

Jan- Oh well perhaps you might be of some use in helping us to locate my daughter,her name is Lynn Devereaux I believe she was brought over here 2 hours ago.

Receptionist- Right let me see,oh yes she's in room 42 on word J2 there's an escalator to your right which will take you near to the main reception area on that ward.

Jan- Right thanks for your help,come on Tom let's see if she is conscious and hopefully we might be able to find out what happened to Leo in those final few moments before he disappeared.

Tom- Don't hold your breath this just gets more dramatic by the minute.


Tom and Jan arrived on the ward area only to find that there was no sign of Lynn and what was stranger still that there was nobody on reception.They were becoming frantic with worry and began to ask various nurses and members of staff but they were unable to provide them with any clue to where she might be.

Jan quickly spotted that her name had been erased from a board which was hanging on a wall above a bed.

As time was against them both feared the worst,Tom decided to do a spot of detective work and had managed to locate a file which had been left at the bottom of a bed.

The information that he was about to read would shock him to the core and change his and Jan's life forever.

Apparently Lynn had been sent for an MRI scan which had proved inconclusive but the notes stated that she had a clot on her brain and was rushed to theatre to be operated on.

During her time at sea she had received a rather nasty knock to the head which resulted in a gaping wound and this had caused her a life threatening injury.

It was only a few moments later that a lady nurse appeared at the reception area and Jan and Tom quickly rushed towards her to make further enquiries.


Staff Nurse- Yes Madame how can I help you?.

Jan - It's about our daughter Lynn Devereaux I believe that she was taken to this ward recently and then rushed down to theatre for an emergency operation how is she?.

Staff Nurse- Oh you must be her parents,it might be better if you come this way to a private room with me,would you like a drink of tea or coffee?.

Jan- No I don't want a bloody drink I just want some answers now where is my daughter and how is she doing?.

Tom- Calm down Jan she's only trying to help,ok nurse please just level with us what's happened to Lynn?.

Staff Nurse- I'm afraid your daughter died about 10 minutes ago on the operating table,there was  a complication and she began to haemorrhage blood which spread to her brain and proved fatal.I terribly sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

Jan- No !!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't be true,she is supposed to be getting married in less than a months time,surely there must be a mistake 

Tom- Love I'm sure they must have made every effort to save her,if you would just excuse us miss.


Jan was taking Lynn's death very badly and was struggling to keep body and soul together falling apart with her emotional trauma.She managed to pull herself together long enough to identify her daughters body.

She suddenly burst in to tears and requested to spend a few last moments with her late daughter before thinking about the impending funeral arrangements.

Tom was meanwhile turning his attention towards Leo he couldn't imagine the depth of despair a  second tragedy would cause himself and Jan.

He began to make enquiries with the local coastguard and the police to see if anyone had been found but unfortunately there was a negative response.

He decided to phone Kate and asked her if she could nurse Jan whilst he continued to search for Leo making his way to "Ocean Village".He was shocked to see what devastation the giant wave had caused on the environment.

Yachts and small sailing craft had been lifted up by the wave and smashed in to small pieces along with other debris.

The local marina resembled a war zone,all of the windows in the shopping centre had been broken and the flood which resulted from the storm had reached Western Esplanade and the main high street.

He was about to head off home when by chance he suddenly heard the sound of a fragile voice calling out for help.

Slowly he turned his head around and there staggering and covered in mud from head to toe was his son Leo.

He could hardly believe his eyes,how was this possible?,how had he managed to survive this truly awful storm?.

Tom trudged his way over to Leo despite the water being knee deep and gave his son a massive hug before breaking down in to a fit of tears.

This had proved to be the most emotional day of his life,having lost a daughter, but a son had been spared through Gods mercy.

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