Chapter 23: Revenge turns to tragedy as Tom and Mylène are caught in the act

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Solentville Tales Chapter 23 - Revenge turns to tragedy as Tom and Mylène are caught in the act 

Tom suddenly discovered that he was now in the manse part of the church which was the local minister's home of residence,what was he doing there he thought and how did he get there?.

After taking in his new surroundings he gasped for breath and then realised that he wasn't dreaming as he viewed Mylène who was standing in front of him in her naked splendour.

He felt seduced and wanted to make love to her again so badly feasting his eyes on her beautiful curves as his heart began to beat faster as he indulged himself in the passion of the moment.

He wanted to ravish her as she smiled back at him in her childlike innocent way with her head cocked to one side and lifting up her gorgeous flame coloured hair which exposed her bare shoulders to tantalise Tom and increase her sex appeal.

They stood gazing in to each other's eyes for a few seconds as both of them moved towards each other and became intensely amorous but it was Tom who made the first move swooping on her like a bird of prey.

He began to kiss her rather large erect nipples which looked like pencil erasers,his soft moist tongue then inspected her cleavage as his mouth began to drip with saliva savouring this magical and intimate moment.

An excited and aroused Mylène suddenly sprang in to life ripping off Tom's shirt and probing his body.

First she began to bite at his ear lobe whispering her sexual demands in his shell like ear before both of them began to roll about on the cold concrete floor but neither of them showed any signs of discomfort as two became one.

Tom's trousers and underpants  had been swiftly removed before he lifted Mylène on to a large bench in the kitchen,smiling and enjoying having his evil way with her.

The passionate moment was suddenly brought to a halt with hysterical laughter as Mylène observed with amusement that they had broken the bench.

It was unsuitable and could not support their combined weight with their heavy movement.Tom landed on top of her chest slightly knocking his head on the concrete floor which left him feeling slightly dazed for a while.

Both realised what they were doing was wrong and could be seen as quite possibly sacrilegious having made love to each other on consecrated ground.

Neither of them felt ashamed of their actions as both smiled at each other,they were about to continue their passionate liaison when they were interrupted by an unexpected visitor which did however shock and embarrass both of them.


Tom- Hello can I help you?,I say is there anybody there?.

Mylène- I definitely heard footsteps and someone entering the building.

Tom- Yes me too,Mylène why did you come here and how did it come to this?

Mylène- Never mind about that quiet  !!!!! I can hear someone coming,I wonder who it is.

Mike- Well well well !!! What have we got here?,I might have guessed,now put some clothes on Mylène and get the hell out of here before I kick your ass !!!!!.

Tom- Oh Hello again I remember you,aren't you're the canoeist who rescued me from the river?.

Mike- That's right mate and I'm the bloke who's going to teach you a lesson for screwing my wife.

Tom- Oh no please sir we can sort this out man to man in a civil way.

Mike- I'm afraid that's out of the question,you have crossed the line and violated the sacred vows between me and my wife.We got married in this church only a year ago.

I should have never trusted that slut but that doesn't give you the right to take from another man what isn't yours.

I might have let you off sleeping with her in any other place but not the minister's home,now you're going to pay for your sick and perverted pleasure.

Mylène- No Mike please I can explain it wasn't his fault,Tom found me here seeking refuge when I tried ed to swim away.

Mike pushed Mylène to one side as she begged him for forgiveness but he was in no mood to compromise and he wanted his pound of flesh as Tom had to roll with the punches from Mike.

Then suddenly he caught Tom's nose and then his mouth,the third one hit his legs in Tom's groin area.Tom yelped with agony and eventually collapsed with immense pain.

Mike realised that he had his victim exactly where he wanted him and it was high time he exacted out some sadistic torture by immobilising him.

Mike quickly removed his tie from his shirt and bound Tom's hands together before removing his shoe laces and tying Tom's legs to a nearby chair,this would prevent Tom from escaping he thought.

Everything was going to plan and he would teach both of them a stern lesson by daybreak.Meanwhile Myl?ne had now left the room and was heading for the exit.

Suddenly she slipped and fell on the slippery muddy path leading up to the front door of the church.

She was out like a light and it was clear that she had caused herself some pretty serious injuries receiving a sharp crack to the skull which had been caused by the sharp impact of her fall on to the concrete floor near to the main doorway.

Mike immediately heard her whimper of pain before she passed out and was now making his way downstairs to the scene of the accident.

By now he was looking upon her crumpled body with horror in his eyes as his beautiful angel was soaked in her own blood.

The blood splattered scene left little to the imagination as he realised that she was dying and wouldn't make it through until dawn.

Why had she left the church naked wearing her 8 inch stiletto high heel shoes?.

It was the story of Mylène's life,she was beautiful,intelligent and sexy but she bad no common sense and was her own worst enemy which would lead to her eventual downfall.

Mike quickly decided to phone for an ambulance and in the meantime do all that he could to save her life.

He decided also to release Tom who was now feeling rather groggy from all the beatings that had been dished out on him whilst being held captive.

A deathly silence fell upon this terrible scene and only a calm wind blew through the meadow.Tom was dragged and lifted in to the very canoe which had saved his life as Mike eloped after making his call to the emergency services.

He decided that he did not want to stick around when they arrived but hoped deep in his heart that his wife might live to tell the tale.It was a full 40 minutes before the paramedics arrived on the scene.


Ambulance driver- Right what have we got here then?,it looks like some sort of scuffle has happened here between two people,what do you think Sean?.

Paramedic- That's not our place to speculate what has gone down here,our job is just to get them to hospital as soon as possible.Hopefully they can be patched up and then live their lives without too much trauma after whatever occurred here tonight.

I have to say though this lady looks in a bad way,give me a hand so we can lift her on to this stretcher mate.

Driver- I don't think she's going to make it,just look at the amount of blood she's lost,let's check her pulse.

Paramedic- well she's still breathing and yes I can feel a slight pulse so there's hope for her yet.What about him?,oh look he seems to be coming round.

Hello sir how are you feeling,how many fingers am I holding up?

Tom- I'm ok just give me some air,I need to get home and see my wife and family.

Paramedic- Not so fast sir,now I know it's not really any of my business but what happened here?,the lady looks like she took one hell of a beating.

Tom- Who?,what lady? and what am I doing here? and why are you people here?.


The paramedic decided that he had seen enough and decided that it looked like a crime scene and therefore the police needed to be Informed.

He was told by an officer to detain the chief suspect as from the intelligence that had been gathered it looked a serious crime incident and possible attempted murder.

Unfortunately for Tom although he was an innocent party he was about to discover how bad things could get when being in the right place with the wrong woman.

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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