Chapter 25: Tom cruises on the river Hamble as Jan recovers in hospital

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Solentville Tales Chapter 25 - Tom cruises on the river Hamble as Jan recovers in hospital

Tom and Leo had only just set off in the funeral car when they instructed the driver to take them to the hospital immediately.

The driver questioned his new request disputing that he had only been paid to take the family members as far as their family home.His original orders were to take visitors back there in order to pay their respects to Lynn's family.

Tom felt awful about letting family and friends down by not being at home and attending the reception but what could he do it?.

His wife lay on her death bed with perhaps only a few remaining hours of her life left,he would never forgive himself for not spending those final few moments with her denying himself and Leo that precious memory.

It was a 20 minute journey by car from the church to the local hospital in Shirley,the journey had seemed an eternity for Tom and Leo with all of the roadworks around Northam bridge which were  causing severe delays.

Eventually the car pulled up in to the hospital's drop off zone as both Tom and Leo made their way speedily towards the intensive care unit where Jan was staying.

The lift area nearby was filling up with visitors as Tom grew more impatient,perhaps he and Leo could use the stairs but attempting to reach the penultimate floor would prove a strenuous exercise for both of them.

Eventually their luck changed as a lift arrived,it was full of people who were looking to exit the hospital and it would still take another 5 minutes before they would arrive on the I.C.U. ward.

Tom- Finally we're here,Where's Jan resting Kate?.
Kate- Oh hello Tom she's in room 24b which is just off the main reception near to the patients bathroom.

Tom- Thanks Kate !!!!,how are you bearing up?,you look a little tired perhaps you could do with a few hours sleep.

Kate- I'm not going anywhere whilst there is hope of saving my daughter's life,she's a fighter like her mother and she won't give up until she has taken her last breath.

Tom- That's the spirit Kate,what's her current prognosis? and what's this I hear about her last rights being read to her by some priest?.

Kate- I thought that news might speed your journey over here Tom.How was Lynn's funeral it pains me not to have paid my respects to her.

I know all about your little dirty sordid affair with that Mylene woman,it's sad that she died but It might be a blessing in another way because I'm praying that if Jan pulls through you and her can make a fresh start together

Tom- Now let me get this straight,you told me that she was having her last rights read to her,I thought her number was up.

Kate- Tom you're wasting precious time talking to me why don't you go and see her then you can judge for yourself dear.

Leo- Come on Dad Gran's right although I think you were a little out of line saying mum was close to death,I was worried sick about her.

Tom- Love !!!!! how are you?,we've been so worried about you,just keep your strength up and I'm sure you will pull through this.

Leo- It doesn't look as if she can talk to us dad,look she is pointing to something.I think she wants to write something down or she wants me to write something down for her.

Tom- What is it Jan?,oh i see you want a drink of water,just a second.I say Nurse can my wife have a drink of water please?.


A nurse quickly brought a cup of water which he brought to her table and was now sitting patiently by his wife's bedside awaiting any kind of news.

He had spotted a clipboard which was positioned at the bottom of her bed,there was nothing to suggest the state of her current condition.

Visiting hours were almost over when he began to break down and cry,Tom didn't want anyone to see him in this state.He was full of regret and the sadness and his emotion of the moment got the better of him.

He couldn't bare to see his helpless wife suffering and at the mercy of surgeons,doctors and nurses.

Time was almost up as he and Leo waved goodbye to Jan,she attempted a smile as she pouted her lips as if blow them both a kiss.

Her latest condition was that she was suffering from an aneurism and a swollen artery would need to be operated on immediately.

There was no evidence to suggest that she would be paralysed for life,on the contrary the doctor who was treating her said that he expected her to make a full recovery after a short convalescence.

Although Tom regretted his affair with Mylene he realised that he was only human and that the allure of a beautiful woman had proved too great a temptation to resist.

His marriage with Jan had hit a rocky patch and it seemed at the time that they were no more than good friends.

He believed in his heart of hearts that his marriage was over and was only being held together for their offspring's sake,he had become disillusioned with married life.

He and Leo took a taxi back home and after the driver was paid Leo got out but Tom decided to go for a short walk followed by a visit to his Local pub for a nice pint at "The Hope And Anchor".

He suddenly remembered where he had first met Mylene,it was during one of his visits to this local pub.

She had been working there as a barmaid and he she had given him an eyeful.He couldn't help himself lusting for her buxom curves.

He was just about to enter the pub when he suddenly noticed Ken was walking in the same direction.He had remembered their conversation yesterday and was still a little sore about it.

His mind was in turmoil would he lose it with Ken and was he worth it?., he thought to himself.
Both men began to stare at each other with their hateful menacing eyes and were like two cocks ready to go in to battle with each other.


Ken- Oh I thought you would have been down at the hospital Tom,perhaps the nursing staff could have made a bed up for you.

I must say it looked touch and go with Jan when I saw her being lifted in to the ambulance,I don't think she would still be alive had I not been there for her.

Tom- Yes perhaps I do owe you a certain amount of gratitude for saving my wife's life or at least being there for her when she was unable to make a call to the emergency services.

I'm still puzzled why you were at our family home Ken could you enlighten me further please,

Ken- Oh come on Tom we're both men of the world do you want me to spell it out for you?,what's good for the goose is good for the gander and all that jazz.

You can hardly say you've come out of this sorry mess smelling of roses so don't give me any of that self righteous crap.

Tom- You still haven't answered my question Ken,I'll make it easy for you then,did you or did you not sleep with my wife prior to her accident?.

Ken- I think we both know the answer to that question Tom,oh look here comes Jack and Avril now that's a coincidence.Hello you two how are you both?.

Avril- Tom I heard about Jan how are you?,it's terrible what's happened to her,if there's anything I can do for you let me know,a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Jack- Hello Tom let's get away for a bit why don't we go for an evening sail on the river Hamble just the three of us.My yacht and a lovely sunset what more could you ask for?

Tom- I don't know Jack maybe you're right have you got any booze on board your yacht?.

Jack- Oh yes you bet I have,come on it's moored just outside the yard's main launching area.

Tom- I'll deal with you later Ken,I'm not finished with you yet.

Avril- Tom it's ok love don't let him wind you up and get the better of you.


Avril gave Ken such a hard stare it would have turned a lesser mortal man to stone.She had pure hate in her eyes for him and he knew it as he smiled and chuckled to himself before walking in to his local pub.

Meanwhile Jack had just began to open the sails on his yacht.There was a slight south easterly breeze which make for a nice mild evenings sailing.

Tom and Avril were meantime getting better acquainted with each other below deck as both prepared the snacks and drinks which they would indulge in on their trip.

Tom decided to leave his mobile phone back at the yard's office as he just wanted a relaxing time   without the fear or inconvenience of being interrupted.

A good time would be had by all so long as the heavens didn't open up and the prevailing winds were favourable.


Tom- I say this is just the job isn't it?,what could be nicer than to spend a spring evening on the river Hamble with two of my best friends.

Jack- Do you want me to answer that Tom? ha ha.

Avril- If you ever need someone to talk to Tom you know where I am so please don't be a stranger.

Jack- Yes Avril I think Tom gets the message and we all hope that Jan will pull through this don't we?.

Avril- Oh absolutely but I was just saying that my hand of friendship will always be there for him dad.

Tom- That's very thoughtful and kind of you Avril but I've made a decision regarding our future.
If Jan should make a full recovery with God's will I would like us to make a fresh start and engage in a new venture somewhere else.

Jack- You're not serious Tom !!!!!,what would you do,where would you go and where would it leave me and your investment at the yard?.

Tom- I've thought about that and well I think me and Jan should start up a new business together perhaps running a hotel.

Avril- Have you thought this through carefully Tom?,does that mean that you want to leave Solentville for good?.

Tom- Yes Avril I would be saying goodbye to 45 years of my life in this beautiful location.As you might be aware I was born and bred in this area and I will miss it but life goes on wherever we live.

Jack- What if Jan doesn't want to relocate and go ahead with this business hotel proposal of yours?,will you stay then?.

Tom- I've made up mind what I want now all I need is to convince Jan to do the same.If it's not what she wants and doesn't share my vision then we will have to seek a compromise.

Obviously I want to do what's right for my family but they must all get on board with my proposal otherwise it's a dead duck in the water.


The early evening had soon turned to darkness as the little yacht made it's way back to it's moorings at the yard.It had been a pleasant encounter and the three of them had been blessed with fine weather.

Tom decided that it might be a good idea to have a heart to heart with Avril and they would both meet up tomorrow morning over a coffee at 10am.He was looking forward to catching up with her on old times.

She was a constant reminder to Tom how his previous extra marital affair had not ruined or ended his 25 year marriageThey were once lovers but we're now just good friends as plenty of water had flown under the bridge since their affair had ended.




Submitted: September 05, 2019

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