Chapter 5: Ice hotel venture leads to Northern Lights and passionate liaison

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Solentville Tales - Chapter 5 - Ice hotel venture leads to Northern Lights and passionate liaison 
The following morning Jan awoke to the sound of blackbirds chirping away from the nearby patio.She had left some bread out for the poor little mites as the days were getting colder and the grounds were getting hard as the nights began to draw in.

Meanwhile Tom had eloped to the bathroom no doubt in need of a refreshing shower to cleanse his his skin from his passionate activities from the previous night.

The bedsheets were drenched in sweat and the bedroom windows were still a little steamed up.

How sweet was the air as Jan opened the kitchen door and took her first breath of the day.She felt the autumn chill immediately as she stood puffing away on her favourite Parisienne cigarette.
Just then she noticed Leo had entered the kitchen,why was he out of hospital so early she thought?.

She didn't want him to catch her having a crafty smoke let alone witness that his father had returned and was now sleeping at home.

She quickly shoe horned him in to the living room with the promise of breakfast if he remained there.

Meanwhile Tom had taken his shower and was now making his way downstairs with a smile which would have lit up a thousand ships that passed in the night.

He was looking rather pleased with himself and embraced Jan with a smouldering kiss before he made a rather unexpected suggestion to the mother of his children.

Tom- Jan you know we were talking about getting away last night when I was distracted with our passionate encounter.Well to come to my point how would you like a trip to Lapland or Umea,I think that's the name of the place.

There's a fabulous Ice house hotel in that part of the world which I know you have always wanted to visit,then there are the Northern Lights.It's been an ambition of mine since I was a child to see that fantastic natural phenomenon what do you think of the idea?.

Jan- Well yes it would be fabulous but what about Lynn and Leo?,I mean you can't just expect mum to look after them at short notice,Lynn is supposed to be flying over from the states anytime now.

Tom- No but I did speak to her some time ago about us spending some quality time together,she's very fond of me and only wants both of us to be happy preferably back together.

Jan- Well yes ok if she's happy to assist us with that I can't see there being a problem

Tom- Oh I took the liberty of booking us on the 1.30 flight this afternoon and I've booked our room reservation at the hotel too.

Jan- Tom !!!!! really you are an old romantic and quite unpredictable too,that was a little risky on your part too,I might have said no.

Tom-But you didn't so let's get packing,I'll meet you back here in an hour or so as I need to enlighten Jack of our plans,I do hope he doesn't get stroppy you know what he's like.

Tom arrived at the yard only to be told that Jack wasn't coming in until midday as he had an appointment with his bank manager about a loan.

The loan had been requested in order to meet the wage demands of the staff at the yard otherwise he would have to consider laying a few of them off.

He began to feel guilty about leaving Jack in the brown stuff but decided that his and Jan's happiness was all that mattered right now as he made his way back home.

He was cutting it fine as he only managed to arrive back home 10 minutes before their taxi was due to take them to Eastleigh airport from where there would be a short flight then on to Stanstead airport and then from there to Umea.

They were soon on their way as the short trip by car brought them to the local airport with the taxi driver pointing the way to the checking in desk wishing them a safe and pleasant flight.

They didn't have to wait too long for an announcement for all passengers for the flight to Stanstead to board at gate G.The flight would take around 35 minutes and was merely a pit stop before their main journey began.

As both of them got aboard the tiny plane they looked up at the sky,it began to rain quite heavily and both thought was this an omen.

Their short journey went without any problems arriving on schedule with only a short time between flights so a speedy check in was essential.

The time flew and at last after a quick metal detection check they boarded their flight to Umea,the plane was only half full so there was plenty of room to stretch out their legs.

The views on board the plane were somewhat limited in mid flight as there was 100 % cloud cover and there was heavy rain coming down.Nothing was easily viewed from the port hole window which remained steamed up for the vast part of the two and a half hour journey.

Both of them decided to indulge in a nice glass of champagne on their journey or should that be plastic cups as glass was forbidden.
Eventually the pilot announced that the plane would be starting it's descent in a few minutes describing the local weather as not being particularly favourable.The local temperature was around minus 12 degrees celcius that was the norm for this time of year.

The plane eventually began to manoeuvre it's way towards the runway and after a rather bumpy landing it stopped allowing the passengers to disembark.

Slowly they made their way to the passport check zones and then on to the luggage collecting area.

There was a conveyor belt from which their luggage would be collected and then to the departure gate and their respective destinations.

The time was moving quickly and all was well with the dynamic Devereaux duo as they boarded a taxi for the short journey which would take them to their hotel which was situated just 5 kilometres from the airport.

They arrived to find a delightful and wonderfully crafted ice structured building which had the most beautiful ornamental sculpturing that either of them had ever seen.

There were deers,reindeer,polar bears,wild huskies and cats all carved out of ice which greeted them on their arrival.

The hotel was lit up with a variety of different colours which were streamed from the main entrance in to the hallway past the reception,it was like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland.

Tom- I don't know about you sweetie but I could really do with a drink but first I guess we need to check in,ah! here we are.

Receptionist- Hello can I have your names please and reservation details.

Tom- Devereaux is the name I booked our stay online yesterday here is my receipt number xcv456t.

Receptionist- Oh yes here we are you are in room 101 and will you be requiring a reservation for an evening meal and the Northern Light trip tonight?

Tom- Yes to both that sounds ok right Jan?.when do the lights appear?.

Receptionist- Well there lies the problem sir the lights can appear at any given time it's down to chance and probability.Nobody really knows when we just go by the Local weather forecast and as you might be aware the forecast is for clear skies early tomorrow morning.Ok here is your key.

Jan- Well that sounds really good,brrrrr !!!! even the brass monkeys have taken the night off,where's room 101?,oh here it is my goodness it's cold here I've got goosebumps on my goosebumps.

Are you up for a little hanky panky Tom just to warm us up?,I mean it's either that or we do some severe exercising.I don't suppose they have any heating in here?,it's a good job I brought my thermals brrrrrr!!!!.

Tom- I thought you would never ask,oh my it's just gone 4pm and it's pitch black out there.Try one of these Absolut mini vodka shots they will soon warm you up

The two of them decided to resist the idea of making love in the afternoon,after all and decided just to cuddle up in bed and indulge in a few more drinks until it was dinner time.

They had dosed off briefly only to be awoken from their little nap by the sound of a sharp noise which was banging on the window in front of the bedroom.

The sight that greeted them was of a reindeer pressing it's nose up to the window which really made them sit up.

A little while later it was 6 pm and it was high time they inspected the hotel's restaurant even though the service didn't start for another hour.

It looked truly beautiful with gorgeous hanging chandeliers and iced carved swans which appeared on every table.

The room was deserted as they looked for their table which they presumed would have a nameplate.

Eventually they found their table situated by a window where they could view the nearby mountain Eiserhorn which was lit up by neon lights although most of it was impossible to see.

There were small little red dots at the summit which were to alert aircrafts high might be flowing at a low altitude and so preventing an accident.

Shortly Tom and Jan would enjoy the delights of Scandinavian cuisine and their unique lights show but for now the two love birds were just indulging themselves in this dream landscape.

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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