Solentville Tales

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Sexy,Sassy "Solentville Tales" is a story set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away.

It features a boat yard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe.

With different scenes and characters emerging throughout this story you will be left gripped to your seat,so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plots are as thick as a pea soup fog,ambiguous and full of imaginative scenes which will take your breath away.

It will take the reader to places like The Arctic Circle where two of the cast view and experience an unusual natural phenomenon called "The Aurora Borealis" aka "Northern Lights".

Then there are unexplained events which occur during a Halloween party and on Bonfire night when a body is discovered.

There are the usual power struggles at boardroom level and plenty of lusty,sexy scenes as affairs become as common as a night out on the tiles.

Look out for lusty Mylene Meyers who is the flame haired Femme Fatale,she will do anything to get her claws into the men who have all of the power.Like any sex goddess she uses her powers of
seduction and sex appeal to always get what she wants.

The characters in the story will really start to emerge once you get past the opening chapter and like any good yarn it will feed your imagination in glorious technicolour.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The northern lights experience

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 Solentville Tales Chapter 6 - The northern lights experience
As the time approached a quarter to seven in the evening both Tom and Jan were now eagerly awaiting their first meal at The Ice Hotel.Both had dressed smartly,Tom was wearing a white tuxedo jacket with a black bow tie and dark black trousers.Jan had chosen a bright emerald coloured ball gown which had a V shape displaying her voluptuous curves.
She was also wearing fishnet stockings which complimented her laced up sandals.

Both of them thought that the hotel might be a tad quiet at this time of year until they both noticed a huge party of American tourists announce their arrival in their usual brash noisy manner.

There were about 40 or so in their party and most of them seemed middle aged or older.One or two of them has brought their cameras with them to their tables positioned on their floppy belly's.

Jan looked at Tom and intimated to him that they might be over dressed for the occasion before she turned to the awaiting waitress who was by now about to take their order for starters and refreshments.

Waitress- Good evening Madame,Sir: have you decided what you would like for a starter from our menu?.I can recommend the smoked herring with grilled mushrooms in a seafood sauce perhaps or would you like to sample one of our freshly made home made soups?

Jan- I think I'll try the herring and a small glass of house red wine please.
Tom- For me I think the soup sounds good and a glass of Noorlands lager please.

Waitress- Ok thank very much I will return shortly with your drinks orders.

Jan- Oh waitress could you tell me at what time the Aurora Borealis tour starts and when we must be ready for our departure.

Waitress- Oh are you booked on the trip?,they are very popular,let me see the transport leaves here at midnight and you should arrive at the venue at just before 1 am.I think it's just under an hours drive from here.Fingers crossed you should see the lights tonight but it's impossible to say at what time exactly.

Jan- Ok thanks I think I had better nip to the reception area and verify it just In case and confirm that we have been booked on the trip Tom.

Tom- Yes that's a smart idea and whilst you are doing that I will give your Mum a quick call to see if she is ok with Leo.I expect she is wondering why he decided to discharge himself prematurely given his condition,hopefully he will be on the mend soon.

Jan- Ok I'll only be two ticks look here come our drinks.

The service proved very slow and both Tom and Jan were starting to wonder if their food order would ever come after waiting for over an hour and a half.

It was nearly 9pm by the time they had left the restaurant,both had enjoyed a rather enjoyable meal of a venison roast.They decided to take their coffee in the lounge area adding a small drop of Absolut vodka to keep the nip of the cool air out of their blood.

Tom had been unable to get in contact with Jan's mum as the signal was unavailable using the mobile phone.He decided to try the landline at restaurant once they had left the lounge area.

The night was dim as both of them decided to light up a cigarette and there was no evidence that the sky was becoming bright apart from a few twinkling stars.
One had hoped for a celestial encore but it was to no avail.

They decided to pass the rest of their time in their room by entertaining themselves after going for a short but brisk walk,it was far from an enjoyable one as the north wind made it feel very unpleasant.

They managed to book a husky sledge trip which would happen in a few days time time and were by now eagerly anticipating their imminent departure for the Lights.

It was still some 2 hours away and both of them decided to get some much needed rest as they would be denied a full nights sleep once their adventure got underway.

The compensation for this they hoped would be a glorious light show living long in the memories of both of them.

After managing an hours sleep they were awoken by a sharp knock to their door which disturbed both of the dreaming love birds.

A voice spoke instructing them to assemble downstairs with the rest of the party of guests.A mini van had been hired and it was now ready to take them to their destination.

Both sprang to their feet and hastily got themselves ready putting their thermals and leg warmers on.Both would be essential as temperatures were likely to dip well below freezing on those cold nights at the edge of the arctic circle.

Eventually all of the passengers got on board and were in their seats as the driver/courier began to address one and all with his commentary.He informed them of a few necessary health and safety issues and outlined the itinerary for the nights events.

Driver/Courier - Hello and welcome aboard "Viking Tours",my name is Magnus Carlson,I will be your host and driver on the trip to Grafitwegen which is a small provincial town.
It is reputed that more sightings of the Aurora Borealis have been seen seen here than UFO's at Roswell,just kidding.

We should reach our destination in about 45 minutes subject to few if any delays on the road so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I will be handing out small brochures which describe how this phenomenon came to be and what it is all about.

Our main stop will be in 45 minutes when we will break for refreshments/toilets etc before we arrive at our location.Ok here's a little light music to get you in the mood.

Our ears were delighted by the enchanting voice of one Agnetha Faltskog singing a song about The Northern Lights,a little corny or cheesy perhaps but the irony wasn't lost on our passengers.

Eventually the mini van stopped at a remote location,the light was very dim on this stretch of road as the passengers made their way to a small fishing barn.This would offer shelter from the biting cold wind,there was no conventional roof however because it was fitted with glass panels to allow the visitors to see the lights.

Tom began to read up on the details surrounding this natural phenomenon.Apparently the sun's high energy particles travel in to deep space travelling at speeds of between 200 and 1200 kilometres per second.

Cloud particles called plasma then enter in a solar wind,this then interacts with the edge of the Earth's magnetic field.

Some particles become trapped and follow the lines of the magnetic force in to the ionosphere.

The particles collide with these gases which then begin to glow creating this spectacular light show.

In a few minutes time they would witness the beginning of the nights light show,something that was truly awesome.

There was a deep hush around our small group as anticipation gave way to excitement and joy.There appeared at first a wave of green and yellow cloud which enveloped the night sky.This was followed by an orange glow which spread from east to west.

The bright colours were now developing and transforming the night sky in to a some sort of dazzling light show.


Jan- Oh my goodness this is awesome Tom !!!, look at the those lights it's like you have been transported in to another space and time.

Tom- Yes I know what you mean,I'm going to lay down and view it from this angle I think this is the best way of viewing it.

Jan- Oh Tom you saucy goose that was a tad ambiguous of you to say that,I think a little night music to compliment this display might be in order,did you bring your MP3 player with you?.

Tom- No I thought you did,oh well never mind,I did bring the cine camera though.

Jan- I'm going to take a few photos then send them to our friends by email,they won't believe these photos and we will have experienced this at first hand.

The party viewed this at this amazing natural phenomenon for what seemed an age until the driver announced that it was now time to depart for the hotel.

The passengers could still view the lights during their trip back for part of the journey before cloud cover arrived and enveloped the sky completely.

It wasn't too long before they arrived back at the hotel and all were in much need of rest as it had been an enjoyable but exhausting evening.

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