Solentville Tales

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sexy,Sassy "Solentville Tales" is a story set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away.

It features a boat yard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe.

With different scenes and characters emerging throughout this story you will be left gripped to your seat,so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plots are as thick as a pea soup fog,ambiguous and full of imaginative scenes which will take your breath away.

It will take the reader to places like The Arctic Circle where two of the cast view and experience an unusual natural phenomenon called "The Aurora Borealis" aka "Northern Lights".

Then there are unexplained events which occur during a Halloween party and on Bonfire night when a body is discovered.

There are the usual power struggles at boardroom level and plenty of lusty,sexy scenes as affairs become as common as a night out on the tiles.

Look out for lusty Mylene Meyers who is the flame haired Femme Fatale,she will do anything to get her claws into the men who have all of the power.Like any sex goddess she uses her powers of
seduction and sex appeal to always get what she wants.

The characters in the story will really start to emerge once you get past the opening chapter and like any good yarn it will feed your imagination in glorious technicolour.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - A sort of homecoming

Submitted: August 29, 2019

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Submitted: August 29, 2019



Solentville Tales chapter 7 - A sort of Homecoming 

Bright sunshine greeted the couple as they made their final plans for their departure,yes unfortunately their stay was cut short by the dramatic developments which had occurred back home in their absence.

A phone call had awoken Jan in the wee small hours of the morning,she had received a call from Polly whose voice sounded concerned and bewildered,it was not the news that Jan had hoped but feared.

She got up and went for a short walk before laying on the ice bed in silence throughout the remaining hours of the morning until the sunlight broke through and Tom had awoken.

Tom had been oblivious to this call or Jan's anxieties which were by now etched all over her face as he was now taking a shower.

However as he made his way back in to their room he remarked on her tense expression.
Tom- what is it love?,you look like you've just seen a ghost?.

Jan-Tom you know that I am having financial difficulties with my business,well it just got a heck of a lot worse last night.

Polly phoned me at about 3am to say that the bailiffs had been summoned to our house by a court order to collect debts owned by the business.

Tom- What !!! how can that be?,that's got nothing to do with our house,it's a separate financial concern.

Jan- Yes I know but last week I neglected to mention that when I saw my bank manager I had to verbally agreed to use the house as collateral to prevent my business from going under so to prevent me losing it.

The bank needed this financial assurance in order to keep paying the interest on the loans for the manufacturers who were threatening to take legal action against me for recovery of the monies owed to them.

Tom- You did what !!!!!,oh no what a bloody mess,is it legally binding I mean have you signed anything?.

Jan- No I haven't signed anything that's the mystery it was just done in good faith like a verbal agreement or word of honour.

Tom- Right let me get this straight,the bank has called in it's Ioan on your business and refuses to meet your financial obligations.They then turn seek the courts help in sequestrating your other assets namely the family home because you have no other liquid assets.

Jan- Yes that about covers it what shall we do about it?.

Tom- There's only one option for us we must return home immediately that's if we have a home to go back to.

Jan- ok I'll go to reception and settle up our bill and try to book us on a flight back home for this afternoon.I think there is a wi-if connection in the main reception area.

Tom- I'm on to it and Jan try not to worry too much these things will sort themselves out although you might not think so at present.We always get through these rough patches.

After a short while they managed to arrange their flight back home,they would leave for the local airport Umea in a couple of hours time.

Unfortunately they wouldn't have time for the booked husky ski run,however the hotel generously reimbursed them as they settled their bill and made their way by taxi to the airport.

Checking in seemed rather quiet for the time of day one would have expected a few more passengers either leaving or entering the airport as it was the peak of the ski season.

Jan was surprised to hear about the legal action so late from Polly,why hadn't she called earlier?,surely Bailiffs don't make home visits during the night she thought.

Eventually an announcement was made for passengers to board their plane on a rather noisy loud speaker system as they made their way to gangway 6.

It was their last look and farewell to this magical land and by now fixed on what would be awaiting them once they arrived back home in Southampton.

The flight went smoothly and they were by now only an hours flight from Stanstead Airport,from there they would connect with a flight to Eastleigh which was a small provincial airport west of the city centre.

The visibility was good and they were afforded good views throughout the journey back home until they finally arrived back in rain soaked England where the skies were grey and the people even greyer.

It would be at least another 3 hours before they would see the beautiful Hampshire countryside and their beloved Solentville home.

After what seemed an eternity they finally caught their feeder plane back to Eastleigh Airport and took a taxi from there which proved to be a short journey back home.

They gave the taxi driver a generous tip before running up the driveway with their luggage to avoid a frightful soaking.

Prior to opening the front door Tom noticed that there were other tracks which had disturbed the gravel driveway leaving a deep impression.Footprints were also evident from the lawn that someone had been at the Devereaux property quite recently.

Tom quickly checked around the back of the house to see if the shed in the garden had been disturbed.He had some very valuable equipment and some technical sea navigation satellite linking software which he used when sailing.

After careful inspection all was well,the padlock had not been broken but there were signs that the front door was splintered as if someone had tried to force it open.
Tom- Well it's good to be home I guess so let's check the post,only a few letters here,what's this?.

Ahh !!! You might want to take a look at this Jan,it's a letter from the courts instructing the bailiffs to recover a debt owed by your business with you being the respondent.

It goes on to say the petitioner will seek all monies which are by law forfeited by the respondent in view of the present case of The Solent Bank Versus Mrs Jan Devereaux.

Jan- What are we to do Tom should I get our solicitor to sort this out?.

Tom-I'm already on to it and will brief him now if I can get through to their office,they are usually quite busy at this time of day.
Tom tried in vain to get through and eventually he decided to call his good friend Gerald Du Pont who had worked as a merchant investment broker in the city until recent times.

He had a vast knowledge of citizen's rights having worked for the citizen's advice bureau in his formative years,surely he would be just the man for this delicate situation.

Tom had decided to set up a meeting with his friend at the Yacht club whilst Jan would spend an evening with Polly and try to find a way to keep her shops open and her staff paid.

The squabble was with the bank and Jan was Adamant that she would not accept defeat by having her business put in to administration or receivership.

Luckily for Tom he had managed to catch his old friend before he was about to leave his office and Gerald agreed to the meeting at such short notice.

Meanwhile Jan's mother Kate was on the warpath as she had discovered that Jack was back on the booze and womanising etc.

She would have to straighten him out even if they were only just good friends,she liked to keep him in shape and keep a beady eye on him constantly.

Tom was about to enter the boat yard when he was approached by Jack who had just passed Tom driving in his shiny red Rolls Royce.
Jack- Hey Tom nice to see that you are back,did you have a good time up there with all of those reindeers and huskies?.Thanks for leaving me in the brown stuff,oh I forgot my name's Jack and as they say I'm alright Jack thanks.

Tom- Are you indeed?,looks like you've been doing a spot of drink driving,what the hell are you playing at Jack,they'll throw the book at you this time if they catch you.

Jack- Doing what exactly?,oh right yes after the last little episode you mean,that was a little unfortunate but you're right a life's driving ban might be on the cards.

Tom- Have you seen Kate?,I need to find how Leo is doing,talk about juggling and multi tasking I should work in a bloody circus trying to be in more than one place at a time.

Jack- Yes you do like to prat about sometimes don't you?, whoops !!!!! here she comes now talk of the devil and she's looking in a pretty mean mood from where I am standing.

Kate- Jack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You come here this instance what the hell are you playing at?,I thought you gave me your word that you had given up all of that nonsense with the drinking and fraternising.

Tom- What appears to be the problem Kate how long has he been back on the bottle?.

Kate- You might scoff Tom swanning off to Lapland when your family needs you the most without a care in the world for poor Leo or that Lynn should arrive back home with her new fiancé to find that both her parents had eloped.

Tom- Alright you've made your point I'm just on my way to see how he is,do you need a lift?.

There was no answer from a rather frosty looking Kate but she got in to Tom's car nevertheless as he drove towards the hospital where Leo had been readmitted as night was drawing in.

The storm clouds were now gathering and forces were at work and gaining momentum against the Devereaux household.

What fate awaited them in the next few days,could their flight of fancy prove to be the final straw in their disastrous marriage.

Would Jan blame Tom for everything,would both of their offspring forgive their uncaring actions in disappearing during their hour of need,many issues remain unresolved?.

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