Chapter 8: Yesterday is the same as today and tomorrow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Solentville chapter 8 - Yesterday is the same as today and tomorrow.

The visit to the hospital had been a long drawn out saga with Tom and Kate not really getting any closer to finding out how Leo had been readmitted to the hospital and his current condition.

From what information they could gather there was no evidence in his Surgeon's report of any brain damage after his Mri scan.

Although a consultant had indicated that he may require further surgery but he could be ready for convalescing at home within a couple of weeks if all went well and there were no further complications.

A rather frosty Kate quizzed this man further but he wouldn't oblige her with any further dialogue and she was left to ponder with Tom what their next move should be.

Meanwhile Jan had just arrived at Polly's and was looking forward to a candid and honest discussion in the company of her best friend.

The subject of redundancies and new possible financial investment were at the top of the agenda for Jan.

However it was fairly obvious that her business interests were finished and that she would have to make the best of a bad deal.

The most pressing and important priority was to hold on to the house at all costs and to challenge the legality of the court order made against her whilst she had been absent.

Meanwhile Tom had arrived back from the hospital and Kate had made her way back to her own cottage.

On arriving she was surprised to meet an unexpected and unannounced visitor namely Jack.
What on earth was he doing there?.

He was a glutton for punishment,perhaps he had come to his senses at last and just wanted an honest discussion with Kate the no nonsense straight talker.
Jack- Hello Kate what are you doing here?,I thought you and Tom were still up at the hospital

Kate- I might ask you the same question,I live here remember and it's nice to see that you have sobered up long enough to put one foot in front of the other,you are on the right track I trust.

Jack- Oh nice to see you too I'm sure,well aren't you going to invite me inside for a cuppa?.

Kate- No Jack for once I've had my fill of suffering fool's gladly for one day now I'll bid you good evening.

Meanwhile Tom had decided to phone Jan to let her know of the results from Leo's Mri scan and to enquire whether Gerald had left the DuPont house as he was expecting to see him fairly soon.
He was still patiently waiting for him at the Yacht club.

Jan was deliberating over the idea of organising a Halloween party which should lift the mood in her household.

Polly was such a great organiser of these kind of events and both women would enjoy creating the guest lists as it would present an opportunity to meet new potential wealthy clients they hoped.

It wasn't what you know but who you know in Solentville.
Jan- Hello darling it's me I know it's rather dank and dark out but you seemed miles away can I come in?.

Polly- Yes of course you can Jan do come through and fix us both a drink whilst I quickly sort the guest list for the Halloween party,it's tomorrow isn't it?.

Jan- Yes I thought we might call upon the local clientele tonight what do you think of that idea Polly?.

Polly- That's all well and good Jan but you're not paying the phone bill.I tell you what I'll email them and then see if anyone bothers to acknowledge the invites.

Jan- Yes that sounds a top idea how many shall we invite and where are we going to hold the event?.

Polly- I thought of an ideal location,there's this old Manor House called "Plas Te" just up the road ,it's been derelict and disused for a number of years.

The previous owner left no will and died quite recently so it has remained empty as he didn't have any immediate family.

I know the former caretaker who still works on the land surrounding the Manor House and we should be able to gain access for a small fee what do you think?.

Jan- Yes that sounds great is there running water and heating in the old building?,we don't want our guests freezing to death do we?.

Polly- Well honestly darling I would of course take the provision of offering our guests the extra thermals but I'll arrange some small heaters to be provided powered by a generator then we can slowly allow the guests to build up by appointment time.

Jan- That sounds fine and then there is the matter of costumes,catering to think of and a deejay Perhaps.

Polly- I'm on to it honey I've just arranged all of those things before you came and I'll do most of the catering myself.

So now we need to talk about the business and where we go from here but before we do that I'll just send these invites off with my iPad,I took the liberty of writing a few out before you came over.

Jan- Wow !!!! I am impressed with you Polly you're certainly tip top with your organisational skills tonight,I'll just fix us both another Gin and Tonic and then I simply must phone Tom to see how he is getting on with Gerald.

Polly- Don't fuss so Jan he will point Tom in the right direction,I'm sure we can begin our campaign of having that little court order quashed within the next few days.He knows some pretty influential people t'old Gerald.

Jan- Ok Polly thanks for that,oh the signal to my phone isn't great here maybe I should go outside.Yes is that you Tom sorry to interrupt your conversation is there any news?.

Tom-Oh hi Jan yes Gerald has only been with me for about 10 minutes but he's offered me some pretty sound advice.We should take out a civil law suit against the bank on the grounds of offering poor advice in view of the recent developments.

If we can pressurise them with a fresh lawsuit of our own then maybe we would stand a chance of them dropping their own and we might be able to salvage something from this mess.

Jan- That sounds like a great idea Tom,I'm going to be here for another hour then I'll head back home,what time do you think you will finish with Gerald?.

Tom- Oh maybe another half an hour or so,how's the guest list coming along with the Halloween party?,I do hope I'm top of the list,ha ha.

The conversation ended at that point and the two couples decided to call it a day and going their separate ways back to their respective spouses.

There was just time for a little pillow talk in the Devereaux household before their lights went out for another day.Tomorrow would bring much hope and optimism but for now all they wanted to do was sleep and await the next unfolding saga.

Submitted: August 30, 2019

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