Salis' Story

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Salis finally gets her first magic lesson

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Unpredictable Power, Burst of Light

Submitted: August 24, 2019

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Submitted: August 24, 2019



I awoke to a knock on the door. It was Iguana coming to get me for my early morning chats. I dressed as quickly as I could and opened the door. We didn't say anything to each other until we were in the library. None of what was said was small talk as he simply started asking me questions about what we had talked about the day before, which was a lot. He said nothing about my pay which was the one thing I was looking forward to in our meeting.

When our hour was finished I went back to my room for the morning meal. As I had skipped the evening meal yesterday I was very hungry and found myself wanting more. Arty did offer me a little of hers, which I did take. Nothing much happened until it was time to leave.

I quickly made my way to the fields. As I looked over the field I realized that it had been days since I had not had sore muscles. My combat training the day before had not been terribly bad and had not made me much any more sore than I had been before. It was the two or so hours of archery that had worn me out, especially my arms.

When it was time to start my training I found out, to my relief, that me were mainly going to work on endurance exercises today. It also looked like that for the first few weeks we were going to be switching between strenght type training and endurance type training until our bodies toughened up. Only then would we start the real training and use practice weapons.

The training today had been much worse than yesterday. While we had not done much require strength, the amount of running we did was enough to make a few of the children in my group vomit. One even passed out. The other groups of children looked at our group with some pity, but mostly relief that they were not being driven as hard as we were.

By the time it was time to leave all but the toughest of the boys were sitting or laying on the ground breathing heavily. Even the ones still standing didn't were too tired to take pride in this fact. Sadly, I was one of the ones laying down and I almost didn't leave the field in time to make it to my next class on time.


When I entered the Temple of Magic I saw that I was not the only one rushing to not be late to class. If it were not for the fact that I had been looking forward, no, excited to go my magic class I would have had no problem being late.

I quickly entered Pie Can's room. I had been expecting it to be filled up just the same as my knowledge class but I saw that there were only a little more than half as many children as had the other class. I wondered how many of them weren't Melche born. Since Pie Can was a Candrar and not a Melche I imagine it was quite a few.

I soon found myself sitting on the end of a row a few rows back from the front. I had also lucked out by finding a seat with no one sitting immediately next to me.

Pie Can started the class. “Children,” He said with an air of importance he had probably perfected over the years. “Today will be the start of a very important journey. Not only will your knowledge of magic help with the safety of all those in Flaern but will also bring great opportunities to you. I implore you to take your studies seriously and work your hardest to become great mages.”

Pie Can paused, looked over the entire class, and then continued. “Before we start, can anyone tell me what the different types of magic are?"

A child in front of me responded fist. “Summoning!” Pie Can nodded, and then pointed to another child, who said, “Fire!” Various students answered with things like the elements, heat transfer, and light magic, among other things.

After he was satisfied with the children's answers Pie Can walked to a large box sitting just left of his desk and brought it to a table that had been placed in front of the students.

“What I am about to show and teach you is very important.” He opened the box and pulled out a small crystal orb. It was identical to the crystals over the doors in the girl's dorm and in Helnion's lamp.

“Can anyone tell me what this is?” He asked holding it out to the class. After a moment of silence of Pie Can pointed to someone behind me. I didn't look.

He called out the students name. “It is a magic crystal.” said a voice that I was sure was the student he had called on.

“Correct.” Said Pie Can. “Now, can someone else tell me what it does?”

I had no idea what the thing was or what it did.

Pie Can pointed to a child on my row and called their name. “It eats your magic power?” The child said uncertainly.

“In a sense, but what does it do after it has taken your power?” Pie Can didn't call on anyone and continued, “There are many kinds of Magic crystals. For now we will focus on this kind. It is impossible to tell what kind of crystal it is until you release your magical power into it.” The orb in Pie Can's hand lit up with a bright blue light.

“This particular one is, as you can see, is a light crystal. Since it is safe we will be using this to teach you how to control your magical energy. Specifically, how to turn it on and off when you will it and how much you put into it.”

Pie Can motioned to the box again and said, “I want each child to come down and get an orb. We will start with the back row first.”

There were four rows in the room, each with enough room to hold five children. I was on the third row but there were only three children on the back row so I'd only have to wait a little before I could get mine and thankfully the line to the box moved quickly as most of the children eagerly grabbed one of the small crystal orbs.

I soon found myself in the front of the line looking into the box, but before I reached into it Pie Can spoke. “Tell me children. Have you noticed that the color of each person gives from their orbs is different?” He motioned to the few children that had managed to already light their orbs, albeit unsteadily, and indeed they were all different. One of the children made the orb glow a deep red and another a pale green.

“I will now use this time to explain this.” Pie Can continued. “While it is not known if the colors have any meaning many people believe it to be linked to their deity. This is not true.” He looked at me. “For example take Salis here. Since she is a Terran and not linked to any deity one would think that she would not have any color connected to a Deity. As the color of her magic is purple one would think to connect her to Dugin or maybe Sorris.”

Dugin's color being blue and Sorris' color Red.

“Also my color is blue but I am associated with Candrar as my Deity. If we were to go by the color of my Deity my magic color would be gray, if that is even possible.”

I noticed that he said my color was going to be purple. How did he know? I hadn't even picked up an orb yet.

So I asked, “How do you know what my color is?”

Pie Can smiled and reached for my hair. I stepped away from him when he did. Seeing that he had reached for my hair I realized something. The end of my hair was purple.

Before I said anything I heard a child say, “Her hair is purple on the end!”

I heard another child say, “Is her hair like the crystal?”

Pie Can cleared his throat to get our attention and said, “I see some of you are observant. It is true that her hair is showing the color of her magic power. Since her hair does not have any color in it the color of her magic power is not covered up as would be with someone with brown or black hair. What is also interesting is that the magic power only shows at the tips of the hair, so if Salis here cut her hair the tips would still be purple even though it was white in that spot before it was cut.”

I looked at my hair. I had grown so used to its color that I had thought nothing of it. But to think that the purple wasn't the color of my hair but the color of my magic. I wondered if it was possible to change your magic color.

Now that Pie Can seemed to have finished talking for the moment I picked up my crystal orb. I looked at it as I walked back to my desk. To me it just seemed like a normal piece of crystal or even glass, but as I looked at it I thought I saw something. I looked harder at it but I soon decided it must be my imagination.

When all the children had retrieved their crystal and had sat down at their desks Pie Can spoke up again. “I see that only a few of you have managed to light up your crystal. For those of you that have I would like you to keep practicing as I can see you still are having trouble keeping a constant flow of your magical power. As for the rest of you I will now give you all the advice can, though it is different for every person.”

Pie Can picked up his crystal again and held it up. When it radiated the bright blue light again he said, “For me I imagine the power leaving my body, going up my arm, through my hand, and into the orb. You do not have to worry about putting any form to your power as the crystal will do this for you. Later you will learn to do it without the crystal, but for now this is the best way to learn control.”

When Pie Can stopped speaking I noticed that a few more students had lit up their orbs. All of them were different colors. Seeing this made me turn to my crystal. I wish Pie Can hadn't told me what mine would be as it took away from the surprise, but there was still the hope that he was wrong.

I looked at my orb for a moment longer wondering what I should do to try and light it up. I decided to start easy and imagined some power coming from me to the orb glowing in front of me. It worked. In front of me sat a glowing crystal orb. It had been that easy, but as soon as I stopped thinking about it glowing it stopped. How annoying. I didn't want to have to keep thinking about keeping something glowing. I wanted to get it to glow and then be able to keep it glowing while doing something else.

Pie Can spoke again. This time he told about the different techniques that he said he found others had used when they were first learning. I didn't really listen to him and instead stared at my orb and tried to think of ways to keep it lit without me having to keep my attention on it.


A few minutes passed before Pie Can spoke again. “Now that most of you have managed to light your orbs I will go over how to control how much power you put into the light.” He held up his orb and lit it up again. This time he changed the brightness of the light.

“As you can see by adjusting the amount of power I put into the orb I can increase or decrease the brightness. You may be thinking that this will be hard, but it is not. While how you do it varies as much as how you focus your magical power it is actually easier. For example, imagine a river. When you are using your full ability your river is full and raging. While when you are using less power it is like a gentle stream, flowing peacefully.”

Over the next few minutes Pie Can went around the room helping students. As he went around the amount of students that could control the intensity of their light increased. I on the other hand couldn't. No matter what I did the light never changed its brightness, although I did get pretty good at turning it on and off.

At one point I had gotten so tired of trying to control the intensity of my magical power I just started turning the orb on and off as fast as I could. By the time Pie Can came to me I had gotten good enough at it I figured I could act as a strobe light and open a dance club.

“What are you doing over here child?” Pie Can asked me when he stopped behind me.

I simply shrugged.

“Light up you orb.” Pie Can told me. I did. “Good, now I want you to try and change its brightness.”

“I can't.” I told him.

“Nonsense child. I have noticed that you have been changing its brightness, albeit slowly.”

When Pie Can said this and I realized that the lighted orb I was looking at now was a little brighter.

“Do you need any help?” Pie Can asked.

I didn't really like asking for help but I wanted to improve so I shoved my pride and said yes. For a few minutes Pie Can asked me questions about how I lit the orb and then asked about what I had tried to do to control it. He soon told me to try his suggestions and then went on to the next student.

I had been staring at the orb for a while when the brightness suddenly dropped. I had actually been trying to make it brighter at that moment but thought that maybe I had the process reversed. So I tried to lower the brightness but nothing happened. So I then tried what I was doing when it had dimmed to see if I could repeat it again. Nothing still happened.

By this time most of the other children were easily turning their orbs on and off and lowering and raising the brightness. I saw some of them glance at me and point while giving me looks of ridicule. This didn't bother me because I wasn't the only one still having problems. One child still hadn't even managed to light up his orb. He sat in his seat crying.

Suddenly my orb flashed. It was so bright that I had to look away. My mind had been wandering so I wasn't sure what had happened exactly, but I actually didn't care what had happened since none of the other children had been this bright so it showed that I probably had more power than they did. While I could not look directly at the orb I still willed it to get brighter. I wanted to see how bright I could get it.

This thought was short lived however as the brightness suddenly died to almost nothing. Now that I could see, I saw that everyone in the room was looking at me. Some had their mouths open. Pie Can was smiling. I don't know how or what I did, and it irritated me. What was I doing that was making it go so bright and then go dim?

“You finally did it child.” said Pie Can as he stood behind me again. “You finally found out your control. And what power at that. I have never had a student with that much power although this is to be expected of a Terran.” I had never expected that Pie Can could get excited. He had seemed to me to be one of those teachers that didn't care about much. “Will you do it again child?”

I shook my head and said, “I don't know what I did.” Then the thought occurred to me. Was it one of those things where I have to get angry or happy or whatever to increase my power? I certainly hoped not. Not only would that be annoying but also possibly extremely cliche.

Pie Can frowned a little at hearing me say I didn't know and said, “You will eventually find your way, child.” He pointed to the child that had yet to turn on his orb. “It is often the ones that have the hardest time that shine brightly.”

Or not shine at all. I thought as Pie Can left.

When I looked back at my orb I saw that it was now barely glowing. In an instant I realized two things. One was that I had been able to look away from the orb and kept it shining. The second was that since it was so dim now I could see through the crystal better. I saw tiny cracks throughout the crystal where there had been none before.

For the next few minutes I tried adjusting my emotions to see if that was what I had to do. As I was one not to show any emotions I knew it would not be easy, except for either boredom or irritation. Since I was already pretty irritated at myself for not being able to figure this out I already had a start.

Getting irritated didn't work so I tried thinking happy thoughts. Not only did that not work I also found that I couldn't fly either. I guess I wasn't going to Never Land.

Actually, did tying Pali up while he was sleeping count as a happy thought? Or even leaving Porra-kel? Sadly, I didn't have many happy thoughts of Calorin and my memories of Earth had been put into storage and covered in dust since I didn't like to touch them.

While I was thinking about what emotion to trigger next I felt a burning sensation in my arm. I had had my eyes closed but I could still tell that there was a very bright light coming from my orb. Because of this I didn't open my eyes. I didn't want to blind myself afterall.

The burning in my arm grew worse the longer I held the bright light in my hand. I had also begun to feel the orb heat up and then start to vibrate. I suddenly felt that I should cut off my flow of magical power before I hurt myself.

I didn't have time. The light suddenly grew brighter and then exploded. I felt stings all over my face and arms as the pieces of the orb flew all over the room. I was happy now that I had kept my eyes closed even though I felt no stings on my eyelids.

After a moment I opened my eyes and looked around. I had several small cuts up and down both of my arms, all of which had crystal shards sticking out. My right hand, the one I had been holding the orb with, had several larger cuts and pieces of crystal sticking out but didn't look as bad as I thought it was going to. There wasn't a mirror in the room so I couldn't see my face but I imagine there were probably a few cuts there as well.

All around me I noticed crying. Since there hadn't been anyone next to me the collateral damage from the crystal shattering probably wasn't as bad as it could have been. I could see little spots of blood forming on the back of the child in front of me as well as along the arm and side of the face of the child to my left. The rest of the children near me didn't look bad with maybe one or two others with cuts.

“What happened child?” said a flustered Pie Can, whom had come running as quickly as he could. “Are you hurt badly?” Pie Can then looked at me closely. “Your face isn't too bad but your arms and especially your hand will need attention."

I had gotten the pain in my hand under control when I started doing it. I had been looking at the crystal shards in my hand. I wondered if they would still light up. I tried. They did. The shards stuck in my hand shone brightly, I even managed to light all of them up at once to my surprise. I even tried lighting them up in different patterns.

“What are you doing child.” said Pie Can, whom had moved to the child to my left.

“Practicing.” I said simply.

Before Pie Can replied the door to the room opened. In walked a woman carrying a large box.

“What happened Professor Pae? I could hear the explosion all the way in the advanced magic class.”

“This child,” he pointed to me, “managed to shatter an orb.”

The woman gasped, “I might expect something from the advanced students, but…” she paused and looked at me again. “The Terran child? Now it makes sense. I guess this means they are as strong as I have heard.”

When the woman, probably the school nurse, reached me she gave me a quick look over. When she was done she picked up my right hand. I stopped lighting the crystal shards so she could have a better look.

When the nurse had thoroughly looked at my hand she looked at me and said, “Your hand is not as bad as it looks, although it will hurt to use it for a while. The rest of the cuts are all minor though I will have to remove the shards.” She then reached into her box and pulled out some tweezers.

I wondered if they had healing magic. I hadn't heard of any and no one had mentioned it earlier when Pie Can was going over the different types of magic. It would explain why they had gotten so excited when I told them I would sell them my medical knowledge.

“It looks like you have everything under control.” Pie Can said to the nurse. “So if you do not mind I am going to resume class.” The nurse nodded and he walked to the front of the room. “Children, I know not all of you have recovered from the event earlier but we will be moving on with class regardless.” He paused, “How many of you have heard of mind manipulation magic?”

Only a few children raised their hands.

“I know now may seem a strange time to bring this up, but rest assured that some of you will be thankful for it.” He paused again, “How many of you are still have trouble lighting your orb or controlling your magic output?” A few students, including me with my left uninjured hand, raised their hands. I didn't like where this was going. “It has been found that if a child is having trouble learning these things then it is helpful for someone more experienced to help. Unfortunately verbal help only goes so far. When verbal instructions fail mind manipulation is the only other way”

Pie Can pointed to one of the children on the first row that had raised their hand. “Come child.” The child, a girl, stood up and walked timidly to Pie Can. “This will not take long. Do not be afraid. I will not do anything to hurt or embarrass you.” The girl nodded.

Pie Can and the girl just stood there. Surprisingly in what seemed like less than a minute the orb the girl was holding lit. What's more, it only took a few more seconds for the orb to smoothly go brighter and then dim before going out.

“Did you feel what happened child?” said Pie Can to the now smiling girl. She nodded and then lit the orb again and adjusted its brightness. “Good.” said Pie Can and then motion for her to sit back down.

For the next few minutes Pie Can called the children down who had been having trouble. Each time it only took a minute or less to give results and have the children reproduce them. Despite seeing how well this worked I hoped that I wouldn't end up doing it. Maybe he would skip me because of my injuries? Too bad the nurse had already moved to one of the other children, that would've been a good excuse.

While I was sitting there, praying for class to break for noon meal before he got to me, I was called down. Even though I hated the thought of someone going into my head I walked to Pie Can. I stood in front of him and the staring students. I decided then that I would do all I could to keep him out of my mind until it was time to leave. I knew it was stupid to refuse help like this, but I would rather not learn magic than to let someone into my head.

Soon I felt it. Like fingers touching my head, searching. I pushed them away. Pie Can spoke, “Child, do not resist. I will only do what is needed to help you and nothing else.” As soon as he had finished speaking I felt the fingers again. I pushed them away. Pie Can's eyes furrowed a little and then I felt the fingers again, only stronger. I pushed them away again, albeit with more difficulty.

For the next while, I don't know how long, Pie Can and I fought. Each time he attacked harder and I pushed back harder. I was actually surprised at how well I was doing against him, though he probably wasn't trying as hard as he could. Almost confirming this was the slight smile that had formed on his lips, as if showing he was playing with me and enjoying it.

We had fought for a little longer when I could no longer push him away. It had come to the point where I could only block, and I was slowly losing ground. The further back I got pushed the more I could feel him probe my mind.

When I had first given some ground to him he began speaking to me. I am impressed child. Your mental strength is great. I have never had the privilege of doing this with a Terran before, but I have read that their mental abilities, unlike their magical abilities, are very much the same as we people of Calorin.

I soon saw the smile disappear from Pie Can's face and knew it probably meant he was about to get serious. As soon as the thought passed through my mind my mental barrier was pushed back savagely. Thankfully it hadn't collapsed, but I also felt that he hadn't tried to collapse it and had only pushed enough to get to where he wanted.

Now that Pie Can was where he wanted to be I felt him giving my mind suggestions. What surprised my was that he was not going through my memories but something that I though was what controlled magical power. Sure enough I soon saw the orb in my hand light up though the brightness didn't change. Whatever he had done had put a frown on his face.

I am sorry child. I cannot help you. Pie can said sadly. I have only read about things like this, but it appears that you will never being to control your magical power.

I was stunned. I wouldn't be able to control my magic power? I guess the thing they said about all Terrans having some sort of defect was true. While most had obvious physical defects, mine must be the inability to control my magical power. I guess on the bright side I could still use magic, just with less freedom than others.

I dropped my mental barrier. Does this mean I won't be learning magic? I thought, hoping Pie Can heard.

No, child. Pie Can replied. You will still be taught everything that does not rely on magic control, but that will limit what can be taught to you.

I looked at my bandaged hand and thought, I guess this also means I will not be training with orbs anymore.

Not necessarily. There are more expensive higher grades of crystal that should be able to withstand your power. Unfortunately you will have to buy those yourself, but I hear you will not be in wont of money.

When I felt Pie Can's presence in my mind disappear I went back to my seat. I sat there until it was time to leave for noon meal, thinking about what I would do now that I knew my magic abilities were severely limitedI guess I would be investing in some orbs.




I quickly left the room as I didn't want to deal with any children that would want revenge or whatever for me exploding a crystal orb on them or their friends. None of the children made any move to follow me.

I was on my way back to my room when an ugly scene came my way. A group of boys, some of which were in the group I met with Ferret including Dorito and Caldren, walked out of the nearby boy's dorm. Behind them came two small boys. They were carrying more bags than normal, a lot more, and it soon became apparent that the two small boys were being bossed around by the older boys.

At first I decided to ignore the scene, but when the older boys started insulting the small boys and pushing them around even harder when they couldn't keep up with them or do what they demanded my chest tightened. I hated people who used and abused others like this. I hadn't seen situations this bad in my village so I was actually surprised at my anger.

I had thought I had discarded all my feelings for other people and I usually saw it as normal for children to bully and such. While such things are still bad I usually left it for the adults to handle, but when one of the boys got pushed to the ground it was going too far for me.

I had to do something. I couldn't let those two boys be put through something so horrible. So I approached the group. When they saw me they all stopped talking, apparently waiting to see what I wanted. I thought for a moment. I couldn't let the anger that crept into my heart show.

"Stop it." I said to them.

Dorito replied. "Stop what, Child?"

"What you were just doing."

"What we were just doing? You mean what we were doing to those two?" He pointed to the two boys with his chin. "They asked for it by asking to join our group. All new recruits are treated this way. If they cannot handle it then they are not good enough to join."

So it was like some initiation? Why did they have to be so violent? I never would understand why males liked to punish each other so much.

"How stupid." I said and turned to leave.

"What happened to you? You look like you got into a fight with a cat." He said.

I ignored him and kept on walking.


The rest of my break for meal was uneventful. Arty had asked me about my cuts and I told her what happened. She looked surprised but didn't say anything about it. She left as soon as she finished her meal. I stayed in the room until it was time to return to my magic class.

"For the rest of the day we will continue using the crystals to get everyone used to using their magic." Pie Can said, starting class again. "Those who I think are ready enough will be given a wind crystal and taught more advanced skills. By the end of the week I will be separating you into groups based upon your ability with magic so do not slack off if you want to be in an advanced group."

All of the children picked up their light crystals and turned them on.

"Salis." Pie Can said after he had come up to me. "With regard to the incident earlier I have gotten permission for you to use one of the more expensive light crystals in posession by the school, however; the school will not be providing you with any other crystals so you will have to purchase them yourself as we go along. When you have the money just ask me and I will procure whichever crystals you require.

"As for your lessons. I will be teaching you differently from the other students considering your unfortunate condition. For now I would like you to focus on the light crystal and learn everything you can. I will also be giving you hints on how to make magic light without the use of a crystal."

In the next hour I did everything I could think of to manipulate the light coming from the crystal. I also tried to feel what the crystal did to my magic power to turn it into light.

I eventually felt some "fingers" reach at my mind. It was the same feeling I had gotten earlier when Pie Can. I fought the best I could but once again was crushed behind his power.

So, you call me Pai Can in your mind do you? Do you always shorten the names of Deity like that? Pie Can said inside my head.

So your way of giving hints is by invading my mind? I thought, revealing my displeasure.

Interesting. You do not show emotion on the outside but there is plenty of it on the inside.

I pushed at the presence in my head, hoping to get it out.

You have much training before you have any chance against me Salis, but we will leave that to another time.

Pie Can talked to me like this off and on for the rest of the day. It was this way that he gave me hints and advice on how to improve my magic. It worked so well that by the time class ended I was able to somehow "purify" my magic and make the light glow white instead of purple.

While I was happy at my improvements it was nothing compared to some of the other children. Several had already progressed to wind orbs and one could even make miniature vortexes with it. Another had already learned to project light without the use of a light crystal.

By the time class ended I felt drained. My head also felt light because of all the concentration I had put into the class. I wasn't the only one that looked tired either. It made me wonder if it was going to be this mentally exhausting every day.


I was making my way to the archery range when I met Helnion. She was standing about half way between the Temple of Magic and the range looking into a tree. I didn't see what she thought was so interesting so I just kept walking and didn't make any attemp to get her attention.

"Ah." Helnion said when she saw me.

Instead of saying anything to me she just started following me. I still didn't understand why she was following me around. I understood why she was curious about me and considering she was an Usui born I could see why she had been more interested than most. What I didn't understand was why someone with an attention span as short as hers would still have an interest in me after this long.

I felt Helnion tug at my hair.

"Messy messy." She said to no one and then pulled out her comb and started combing it.

I wanted to sigh but didn't. I just couldn't understand why people would want to waste more time than they needed to on something like hair.

By the time we reached the archery range most of the other children had already formed into their groups. Sadly Ferret was waiting there too.

"Salis! Helnion!" Ferret said, waving us over.

Both Helnion and I ignored her, both for different reasons.

"I see Helnion loves your hair as much as she did last night." Ferret said after she walked over to us. "I might want to help her with that sometime."

Helnion actually looked up and gave Ferret a look that said she wasn't sharing.

Ferret laughed. "When did you get so posessive of Salis' hair?" Ferret then looked uncertain for a second. "Would either of you want to come visit my room tonight? Some of my friends and I are going to play some games and make more music after evening meal."

"You made me miss it last night." I told her.

Ferret looked embarresed. "My friends and I do that a lot."

From what I remembered from the night before most of Ferret's friends were either Vellis or Usui born. These two groups did tend to be the most forgetful people. Well, either forgetful or just unconcerned about time, especially when they were doing something fun or interesting. It wasn't until last night that I realized how bad they could be. I bet the Vellis born might have even stayed in the bath house all night singing and dancing if they hadn't gotten kicked out and the Usui born would have just fallen asleep.

As I was thinking Ferret gasped and bent over to look at me. "What happened to you Salis? You have cuts all over and your hand is bandage up."

"Magic class."

"Oh…" She said with understanding. "Things like that do happen a lot in beginner classes. What happened?"

"Crystal exploded."

"Did you make it explode?"

I nodded.

"How did you do that? The only time I have seen one explode was when two of my classmates tried to see how bright they could make the crystal glow if they both put their magic power into it at the same time."

"Don't know."

"It must be something about being a Terran. I did hear they were a lot more powerful than…"

"Ferra." Medic said cutting Ferret off, approaching us from the storage building. "I would appreciate it if you did not bother my students during practice."

"Did the bells already ring? I did not hear them. I am sorry Instructor Meric." Ferret replied, running her sentences together.

"That is fine, just pay more attention from now on." When Ferret left Medic turned to me. "I heard about the injury you recieved in you magic class. I was told you should still be able to participate in your training today but I will be letting you go at the same time as the normal students."

I nodded.

"If your wound becomes worse let me know. We do not want to let your wound take longer to heal than necessary." Medic walked to the rest of the group and started our training. She had ignored Helnion.

For the next hour I did my best to keep up with what I was told to do. It was harder and more painful than I thought it would be but I managed to make it until Medic told me I could go.



"Does that noisy girl know where your room is?" I asked Helnion as we were leaving the archery range.

"Hmm?" Helnion looked confused. I don't think she had gotten a good look at Ferret except when she gave her a momentary look.

"The girl that wanted to take my hair away from you." I still couldn't believe my hair was such an item…

"No. Never met her before."

"Let's hurry and go there before she comes looking for us." I said and then rushed towards the girl's dorm.

Inside Helnion's room I sat down and waited for her to catch up. While I was waiting I took hold of her lamp. Thanks to my class today I now knew what the lamp was, as well as the crystals above the doors. My only question was how did they glow without someone there to feed them magic power.

I turned to the second crystal that had been holding the light crystal. I wasn't sure what the crystal did exactly but if I had to guess it was that it stored magical energy. I picked it up and decided to find out.

Just as I was about to start my expirement Helnion walked into the room.

"Did anyone follow you?" I asked her.

"I do not know." She said, unconcerned.

I turned back to the crystal and tried to put some magic power into it. Nothing noticable happened. I guess the only way to find out if I did anything was to put the two crystals back together.

When I did the light crystal glowed briefly and the went out. It had worked. When I tried it again for longer I got better results.

"Do you have any more crystals?" I asked Helnion now that I was satisfied with my results.

Helnion walked over to her dresser and opened a drawer.

"They took away my fire and levitation crystals." She said and handed me a crystal.

They had taken away some of her crystals? I could understand the fire crystal being taken away from any child, especially one like Helnion, but why the levitation crystal? Were they worried she would hurt herself?

"Why did they take them away?" I asked her, hoping there was an amusing story or two involved.

"Hmm. I forgot we are not allowed to have fire crystals outside the Temple and they found it. The levitation crystal flew through some windows and a wall. Almost hit someone."

How did she manage to get a crystal to do so much damage?

When I returned my focus back to the crystal Helnion laid down on her bed. I had been expecting her to do something with my hair but was glad she hadn't. For now I was curious as to what kind of crystal she had given me. I imagine it wasn't too dangerous or they wouldn't have let her have it.

It turned out to be a wind crystal. As soon as I put some magical energy into it the air around it began to move. It wasn't as strong as I had thought it was going to be, but with my power output having a mind of its own I imagined that it would eventually get to crystal breaking intensity.

By the time evening meal had arrived Helnion awoke to a now messier room and a me with very wind blown hair. At one point my arm had begun to burn again and I had to put down the orb.

"I guess I should go and eat." I told Helnion.

"I will get it. Your hair is too bad to go out." She said and stood up. Helion hadn't had enough time to rebraid my hair earlier so it was loose, and after all that wind…

Instead of going out the door Helnion opened the window. She then jumped out. I walked to the window and looked out only to see that she was already out of sight. I just wondered if she knew which room I was in. At least it looked like she knew it was on the other side of the building or she had just gone inside the closest entrance. I just hoped Ferret didn't find her.

A few minutes later she returned to the place under the window. She was holding my food.

Just as I was beginning to wonder how she planned to get back into the room, being on the second floor, I saw her jump. Her jump was impossibly high but she did it. Unfortunately she also spilled my water.

"How?" I asked her.

"Levitation." She said as if it was no big deal and handed me my now wet food.

We ate in silence. Neither of us seemed to find it awkward either. It was a nice peaceful meal just how I liked it. The only thing I would have changed was to have a drink of water and food that wasn't soggy.

As soon as we finished eating Helion took over. In no time she had me sitting on her chair in front of her as she sat on her bed. I wished I hadn't promised to let her do whatever with my hair just for good behavior in math.

Not much later I heard a knock on the door. Helnion didn't seem to give it any mind and I ignored it. It was too soon for the maids to come to pick up the dishes so a knock meant only one of two things: Someone was here to visit Helnion or it was Ferret.

I heard another knock. "Salis! Helnion! Are you in there?" It was Ferret. "I came to pick you up since you might not know where my room is."

I stood up and walked towards the window. Helnion looked a little annoyed because I had interrupted whatever she had been doing to my hair but followed me. I then jumped out the window and kept going.

It was going to be a long year if this kept up.

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