Purple Drako: An Extraterrestrial Comedy

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Episode XI: End

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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Submitted: August 27, 2019



“Surely you don't think we'd want them staying here?!” Makon exclaimed to Drake after the Captain, Sun, and the Servants had boarded their medium-sized, black space vessel onto the Purple Drako.

“Relax, relax,” Drake said to Makon, then again to Vermae in an attempt for her to lower her blaster. “They're cool.”

“You said they were killers,” Vermae said with fierceness, her blaster still ready.

“Isn't everybody a killer at some point or time?” Drake said to her, kind of lazily, in an attempt to reason with her. “We definitely are, though.”

“Don't worry,” Cara said as the group exited from the hangar and began into the inner corridors just past the airlock. “We do not plan on being a burden on you after all that we've done.”

Drake hid a sigh of relief. He hadn't thought of a plan to integrate them with his crew.

“We will...” Cara began again before her words drifted off. She looked back towards Turmon, Jasker, and Lie, who all began to look between each other as well. The unsurety of their future sat on their faces.

Eventually, Turmon brought up his idea: “We will go to the College on Lul. Serve penance for our actions taken.”

He looked at the others who all seemed to agree with this suggestion if only a little.

“Right, sounds like a plan,” Makon said as they all reached the bridge of the ship.

He walked to a cooler under a station, off to the side, and picked out a Corona from it. He popped the bottle open and began to chug it down. After a few gulps, he stopped and let out a sound of relief. Drake stopped doing everything that he was previously to watch this action with a look of astonishment. He then sighed and said: “Fuck it, toss me one.”

Makon did so; Drake popped the bottle open and began to chug with his 'brother' in celebration.

“Idiots,” Vermae said as she shook her head, a smile on her face. Drake came and wrapped his free arm around her, steering her towards the large, bay window windshield of the Purple Drako.

“Describe it to me,” Drake said to her. She stared out into the stars.

“Clouds of vibrant color,” Vermae spoke. “The strongest I see is purple...fitting.” She smiled before continuing: “The stars have bright plasma auras this day. One shines brighter than the rest though it's distance makes it seem the same as all others. But I can see it shine...the bright sun.”

“You hear that, kid?” Drake started, before turning to face Sun. “She says you're shining bright toni-”

Drake stopped upon witnessing Sun's condition. The young human man's eyes were low, sweat-drenched him everywhere, he was breathing heavily, and he was swaying from side to side trying to stay on his feet. He failed and hit though floor when he ultimately fainted.


Sun was back in his dreamscape. Still dark, foggy, and filled with black sand. He jumped up from his bed of obsidian sand, not intending to wait to see what was to come.

“I'm here!” he shouted, provoking whatever he thought was preying on him.

He kicked sand, admittedly looking somewhat foolish though his intent made it no laughing matter. He dropped to his knees, punching the sand with foolhardiness. A cackle sounded off from the foggy clouds in one direction, before echoing in another direction, and then another. Sounds of a familiar voice began to echo all around the boy before one final voice clip of Psulaiman seemed to take physical form and push the boy into the ground with great intensity.

The ground beneath the black sand shattered like weak glass. Sun fell through, landing in a well-known setting; the Necromancer's laboratory, still with all the bloodstains to accompany it. Sun peered at himself on one of the Necromancer's medical tables, before becoming himself on the medical table.

The boy looked at where he stood to see he was no longer there, just him on this table. Above him, the machination of a medical drill turned itself on, then continued to lower itself closer towards Sun's head. Inside a few seconds, it was drilling into his forehead. This caused his head to violently twitch as the device drilled into his brain. He screamed out in pain and used his bionic arm to rip the thing from where it was situated. In his struggle, the table was flipped over and threw Sun away with a strange but tremendously strong force. He collided with the wall of the laboratory, which he realized was made of black sand-glass, and crashed through it.

The next scene took a moment to register in his mind. He picked himself up from the floor to find himself in an average apartment on Earth. He realized...before hearing the sounds of a baby's cries from another room. He exited the bedroom he was in, through the tiny hall, into a living room. In the room, a baby's crib sat on the side of a blue couch.

Sun stepped up to the crib, slowly and cautiously. Upon reaching it he peered down, tears welling up in his eyes as he looked into his son's face. He picked the small, delicate, beautiful boy up and proceeded to hold him closely, rocking him ever so gently. After a few seconds of this, Sun held his son back out to get another look at him...his final look, maybe. He was met with terror; in however short of time, the baby had turned into baby Psulaiman. Or to be even more correct, Psulaiman's face had corrupted the baby's body. Instantly, Sun dropped the baby and it crashed into the sand-glass floor, causing the young man to fall through.

He fell back onto regular obsidian sand.

“I'm back where I started, at least,” he said to himself. Looking up into the distance, though, he would find this to be an error. It was yet again another memory.

Down the hill of obsidian sand, Sun could see himself talking to Ridak beneath the sakura tree. Before he knew it, it was him talking and sipping tea with the Elder Scholar. He peered back and saw that the he who he was previously was no longer there. He turned back to face Ridak, who was silent. He turned his attention to the table between them and saw that Ridak had placed his Gauntlet onto the table. Still, the Scholar was silent.

Sun looked back-and-forth between the device and the scholar several times before silently coming to an understanding with Ridak. He slowly retrieved the Gauntlet and put it on his right hand; his bionic nerve-endings allowed him to feel the interiors of the power-glove. It was more comfortable than it looked and flowed with humongous power.

He stood up and looked around, before gazing back at the scholar.

“But I still can't find out how to get back to where I began.”

“You fell down twice by my count.”

Sun nodded in response and gazed above him. Using the power of the Gauntlet, he summoned a gust of wind to help push him towards the black sand-glass ceiling above. He was there in seconds, quickly using the physical prowess of the device to smash through the sand-glass. His speed did not slow as he continued to soar upward, giving the same fate to the next ceiling of sand-glass as the one previous. As he soared into free air, he knew he was back onto the top level of the dreamscape.

He floated in the ascension for a bit before curving into a graceful descent, landing onto the soft sand with no strain or effort. He looked around with a new determination. He raised the Gauntlet in the air and activated a light of purple plasma-aura. All the darkness around him faded: the black sands turned to gold, the foggy clouds dispersed, the skies and sun shone brightly. Away from him, down the hill, the sakura tree sat.

He approached it. The military chest from before sat closed and unharmed. A few of the flower petals from the tree had fallen about everywhere.

“This world is so gorgeous,” a female's voice said behind him. Sun turned to see his new guest and saw that she was gorgeous as well. She had a mocha skin-tone, emerald eyes, and dark, curly hair. If he had to guess, she was a Hurranean-human mix.

“Yeah, it is,” Sun found himself saying, instead of asking who she was like he knew he should have. Though, he argued with himself that it didn't matter in this realm that was so iffy.

“This world is so gorgeous,” she said again, in the exact same way as before.

“Yeah...it is,” Sun said again, though this time it with a bit of caution.

“What are you going to do with yours now that you've fucked it up?” she whispered.

Sun's head jerked back up to view her fully again. Her emerald eyes had turned into amber ones. She raised her hand, revealing her Gauntlet, and he raised his hand, his Gauntlet being used to ward off any potential attack. A light burst from the woman's Gauntlet and collided with Sun's...


…who awoke in a bout of confusion. He rubbed his eyes and when his vision returned he matched the feeling of comfort with the sight of himself in a bed. He was back at Rita's house. He could hear plenty of noise coming from the other parts of the house, his door being wide open. He kicked his legs out of the bed and exited the room out into the hallway. He was met with the sight of Makon in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, carrying what seemed to be decorations.

“Sleepy-sleepy!” Makon said upon seeing Sun awake. “Hold on!”

He set the decorations on a chair in the hallway and ran into a room, returning with folded up clothes that he threw at the boy. The clothes collided with Sun's chest, which he then unfolded to see was also a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

“The fuck?”

“Not today, ass-hole. It's the celebration of Rita day. Everyone's here, everyone's helping out, everyone's gonna have a good time...cause we can. I mean, not your friends, they left. Fasho, they left. But everybody else is here. Maverok, Rudy, Twon, Commander Col...uh...others!”

“But why the Hawaiian shirt and shorts, though?”

Makon shrugged in response before grabbing the decorations and heading off somewhere downstairs. Slowly, Sun followed him slowly while still clutching the clothes given to him. With curiosity, yet caution, he descended the steps to see a bunch of people, some he recognized and some he didn't, all gathered with the same outfit worn by Makon, albeit different variations. When the boy reached the bottom of the stairs he was met by a passing pirate captain.

“You're awake!” Drake said relief. “I did not think you'd make it...which is perfect! Cause today is the celebration of life! Rita's life, your life, my life, everyone's life in this now saved universe!”

“You didn't think I'd...” Sun began before drifting off. “Wait, how long was I out?”

“Like three days or something like that. Lost count after the first day.” Upon seeing the look on Sun's face, Drake added in: “Don't worry! Vermae was keeping an eye and making sure you don't croak, you angry bum.”

“Whatever. But why all the Hawaiian shirts, though?”

Drake shrugged in response. “Seemed like something Rita would do.”

“I guess. You knew her the best.”

“No, I knew her the best,” Rudy said as she cutely cut in. “I told Daddy we should wear these shirts today. But you did know her good too, Daddy.”

“Yeah, I did,” Drake said as he picked his daughter up.

“What are you guys doing?” Vermae said, appearing. “We're almost ready to start.”

“Yeah, Sun,” Rudy agreed. “We're almost ready to start. Get dressed.”

“That's right, tinkerbug,” Vermae said as she grabbed Rudy from Drake and made off somewhere else with her.

As the two men watched the women head off, Drake broke their silence.

“So...we won.”

Sun wasn't sure if he fully agreed. If his dream, and what he saw on the dead star, were true, then the Necromancer could still be around to see his plans through one day. Yet...Sun would not be bothering anyone with that information on a day like this.

“Yeah,” Sun feigned in agreement. “We won.”

“Alright then, fucker,” Drake said, full of cheer. “Get those fucking clothes on and let's have ourselves a party.

He made off to help the party begin. Sun watched him and everyone else in their cheer. Smiles, laughs, social gracefulness, and all surrounded him, but he could not match it with any honesty. He stood there, at the bottom of the flight of stairs, solemn and stone-like at the thought that they one day might encounter Psulaiman again.

While in a cheery conversation with Vermae, Drake's laugh and smile deceased when he caught the somber eye of Sun.

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