The hardest: Love Her

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: dreamscape

Till death do us part.
A 4 page story how a man can't lie to a lady even at risk of death.

Aboard a civilian looking chopper, a seated civilian is object of a military officer brewing small talk, ‘What she sees in you? Ordinary looking you. A ladies man you’re not and nowhere in her power league.’


The passenger wore a resigned face. The man pushed for an answer. ‘When I try with girls it’s a restraining order!’


To push him off the passenger smiled half-heartedly. The speaker’s social need satiated.


It’s daytime over idyllic orchards, all under grey cloud, the craft’s whirring announced its presence louder and louder.


The machine touched down, the passenger alights, but a number of army troops disgorge in it’s wake after. Before anything goes down and rotors spinning. The female in question, Pharah, notes troops from a non-army chopper was to sneak up.


The civilian, a guy, walked to within a few feet. Is unable to bring themselves to run the script and say what she wants to hear, I love you.


Pharah’s face glowed for joy. ‘Gurdieu!’

‘Doing well?’

‘Of people I knew you out of them all never abandons their soul mate.’

His face solemn, ‘If only it were true.’

‘Back and fourth, day and night my heart traced a path for you.’


‘Wish to my deepest heart I can say “I love you evermore” but it’s my admiration for you that makes me true and not breathe a lie.’


The troops are perturbed. The aforementioned officer, LeMichael, had coached him in what to say and now…


The mission at a corporation’s behest that basically owns government and by extension military. Mission was to secure corporate property.


Being honest, her love shows the injector, his arm in a sling to hide it. Without words its clear trickery afoot. ‘This drug was to disable your powers and take you back.’ Deliberately maintained a distance between them to deny himself using it.


His silence next was telling here onward hers to pilot.

Tears well up from heartbroken eyes. Pharah couldn’t look at what’s to come, turning her head sideways. If only it could turn till her neck broke before her heart had.


They’d nurtured a bond, he’d tried to explain their togetherness in the past before today, back then she’d cut him off and said she knew what love was. This man was there when others weren’t physically yes, importantly ran deeper as well.


Her psychic powers burst forth. The soldiers could feel the effect building – blood ran from collective noses. In desperation or last gasp LeMichael commands, ‘Knowingly screwed us all. Drop her!’ Guns raised but their bodies drop right after.


Her love was different. His body only had mild spasms, no blood. She wished something. As his body began falling, took a few hurried steps to catch the fall. In her arms is he, her frame stooped holding up his upper body. He held a reserve of consciousness left to eye her face. ‘Pha…rah.’ His trembling hand rises slowly and stroked her face once.


‘When I’m just a subject in someone’s mind, you opened your heart to me. Don’t call me selfish. I remember back then anything about love absent from your lips.’


Moments from life leaving him, locks her lips to his.


Author’s note – The unrequited love takes me back to For Want Of A Man. Less than two hours ago before typing this note the idea suddenly struck and I quickly typed down the notes and pasted to a Word document. And in the middle of making extra notes for what I can’t finish, Portrait of Perdition. Gurdieu a spelling variant of actor Gérard Depardieu and the sling from an Israeli assassination attempt in Jordan. 24 August 2019.

Submitted: August 24, 2019

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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A real conflict between necessity and the heart, dreamscriber. I'm glad she was that bit gentler with him.

Sun, August 25th, 2019 6:21pm


A treasure when you read 'em Hulla. God my endings are grim.

Sun, August 25th, 2019 1:38pm

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