Gaia, Last of the Immortals

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Blood and Guts

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



Chapter 6

New Comers

And the first Date

Himawari, Akari, Eiko look at Gaia; Eiko is the first one to speak, “This is all real, you are not human and our people are experimenting on other humans?”

Takami says, “Yes, yes this is all happening. Like she said if we do not stop what is going on, we as a people are done for.”

Himawari asks, “Why do you not use your powers and make us stop this insanity.”

Mia answers the question, “Forcing her wills, do you think that will work? If you try to force someone to stop doing drugs, they will gust fight back to keep doing them unless they want to stop. It is the same for us as a people we need to do this, she is here to help.”

Gaia tells them, “We need to get as many people on board with change; also we need to keep this kind of horrific acts from going on.”

Then the room goes quiet for a long time while everyone ponders over what we have said. Gaia hopes that none are hurt in all this, or at least not killed. As she looks at all the club members, she sees a glimpse of hope, with people like them Earth has a chance.

“You now have a decision to make stay and help or go back to the lives you had and hope we can do the job.”

Akari, “I know if I do nothing and all this fails, I will feel it was partly my fault for not taking part. Things have been bad for a long time; my friend died in a riot two years ago. She herself was not a magic-user so nothing was for her.”

Himawari looks at Akari and Eiko and says, “I am tired of being afraid that one person I care about will be hurt or killed, something needed to be done for a long time. I’m in.”

Eiko tells everyone, “I get to help stop the end of the world, and we will gain new abilities, hell ya I’m in.”

Gaia tells everyone to talk to their parents about the training camp this weekend for the club. Ozu will take everyone home and they will get together tomorrow; She needs to go to the people rescued discover as much from them as possible.

After some light training, everyone went home all but Takami. It transports Gaia to the ship when she enters the room, “You think you are leaving without me?” the young Empress looks at here with surprise, “Are you not supposed to be going home, not that I mind.”

“I told my family that I was staying over at a friend’s home to study and that we will go to a club camp this weekend. Since that starts after school tomorrow we will be together for 4 days.”

Gaia walks over to Takami gives her a big hug as it transports them to the ship. Takami so enjoys the warm feeling she gets when Gaia holds her but wonders how she will tell her parents about this. Her mom will not be mad but not agree with it, but for the dad, she is not sure. He has an open mind, discovering Gaia is not human and the creator of all humanity.

Takami looks at Gaia and says. “Well, you ready to find out what was going on; the rescued humans should have one of their own, or at least someone was like them to be there.”

Gaia puts her arm around Tamaki’s shoulder and says, “Transport.”

When the two of them materialize aboard the ship, waiting there are Uzo, Maco, and Ruuha. Maco looks at Takami bows and lets her know who she is, then tells them they did get a lot of information from the primitive computers. The humans they saved are in medical ward B101; all need some help, but they are alive. They are also terrified of having all this happens to them and now an alien ship.

“Well now, let us go talk to them; if you wish to take the lead on this, here is your chance. Uzo, Maco. I am assigning you as her personal guard; make sure nothing happens to her.”

The ship is five kilometers long and the med lab they need to get to is in the aft of the ship, so all four of them ride the shuttle car to the medical center. They disembark the transport, three Kathar in red uniforms stand there waiting for them.

One of them walks up and puts her hand out to Takami bows. “My name is Hatheri, and I am the lead medical officer in this center. It is an honor to meet the new empress.”

Takami surprised turns red like on apple, people treating her, as a princess is new to her. Gaia looks at Takami and thinks to herself how cute she is when the love of her life gets embarrassed. She takes Takami by the hand and starts walking toward Hatheri, “Take us to humans.” They all head to the main ward were the six men and seven females lying in their medical beds.

Most of them are unconscious and the others are to week to do anything but lie there, Takami walks over to one woman and tells her who she is.

The woman in the bed looks at her. “So you are human?”

Takami knowing she is no longer human tells her, “Like you, I was born on Earth and so was this beautiful young women Gaia.” Not wanting to lie to her, she kept out the change she had undergone.

“Hello, my name is Gaia, and we are here to help our people rescued you from the prison you were in.”

Takami asks questions about what was going on, but before she could get too far, the young women say, “so you are with these aliens, are we being abducted or are we going to be there dinner.”

“You are much safer here than on Earth no one on this ship will do you any harm. You are a special guest of the royal family of the Galactic Federation.”

The other humans that are awake look at them and start listening to the conversation.

“My name is Mikato, who are the royal family members that we are the guest of?”

Takami looks at Gaia. “Gaia here is the empress of the Federation and I am her pair so that means I am also an empress of the federation. She was born on Earth but long before humans existed, I was born on Earth 17 years ago but when Gaia came here to help us I became her pair.”

Gaia explains everything to them about herself, who her people are, and what she is trying to do. She leaves nothing out; also lets them know they will be with them for a while, and if they would like to join the fight to free Earth from the ones that will cause their destruction.

A young woman looks at them and asks, “What will happen if you cannot change our world?”

“I will take some people are worth saving, destroy all life on earth and start over. This is the humans from Earths last chance. I will also make any males not able to have children and teach women how to have kids with other females.”

“My name is Siachi; you will stop men from being able to produce kids even the ones born later?”

“No, male children will no longer be born; it takes a male to produce males. This will end up happening within ten generations anyway, men die off you are already seeing a decline in male births now.”

Mikato asks, “So what about the rest of the women, you will kill them too?”

“I do not want to kill anyone. I want you to grow up, and get rid of your prejudicial attitude. Yes, most of the people are tainted with this hate and will bring it with them, not only the magic users but the non-ones.”

Siachi tells them, “They were hooking us up to machines, and when they stopped that people started disappearing. Over the last five days, they started to bring new ones in.”

Maco says, “From the evidence, we accumulated it looks as they are trying to amplify their power range by using other humans. Some bodies in the room were headless.”

“Thank you for the information, sorry you cannot go home right now. But I will allow you to contact your families to let them know you are alive, one thing does not tell them about us or where you are.”

“Takami please come with me, Mako and Uzo to the battle bridge we need to inspect the Governors compound.”

On the bridge, Gaia has them move several surveillance units to the compound; she tells Taka they have a cloaking system. She also has the Kathar send two units to her estate for extra security (two units is 20 Ishimu solders Gaia’s Special Forces) tells them to use non-lethal force if possible.

“We have done all we can do for now, so what do you want to do?”

“What do you do for fun or relaxation?”

Gaia looks at Takami and sighs. “I have never taken time for myself, or spent time with someone I love. It has never accrued to me that I can just sit back and take a break, which was the reason I came here. Nevertheless, you see how that went.”

“Do you have a place to watch a movie, and can you get a movie from Earth?”

“Well, we can turn one of the hollow chambers to a theater; just let Uzo know what you need.”

Takami kisses Gaia on the cheek tells her to wait here and walks over whispers into Uzo’s ear, “Please get Destiny of the White Snake, popcorn, and drinks. Make the seat a loveseat, and a blanket that we can cuddle together under.”

After about 20 minutes Uzo comes back and lets them know, everything is ready. “The view screen is the same size as a large Earth TV, love seat and sustenance just for two.”

Takami and Gaia thank Uzo and head to the hollow chamber, when they get there, you can see the awkwardness of both of them. Neither of them has any idea what to do next, Gaia and Taka try to talk, but all that comes out is a lot of stuttering. They look at each other and suddenly burst out laughing, this goes on for about three minutes.

Gaia says, “We are both clueless about relationships aren’t we, let's go sit down and see where things go.”

As the movie started up Takami scoots up next to Gaia and slowly lies down in her lap. The young empress strokes the cheek of Taka with her pinky and then runs her fingers through the one she loves hair. The two of them cuddle and embrace each other through the movie, after the movie they go to bed. Gaia gives Taka a kiss and then they go to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Gaia opens her eyes; turns her head toward Takami, then reaches over and strokes the side of her face with the back of her hand, “time to get up my love, we need to get ready for school.”

“Just ten more minutes, Mom.”

“Mom hum, I hope not, this would be awkward if I was.”

Takami opens her eyes looks at Gaia peering down at her, reaches her arm around Gaia’s neck and tells her, “So it was not a dream, thank goodness, this makes me happy.”

Gaia leans down and kisses Taka right on the lips, then tells her, “I would love to stay like this forever but we need to get up, also if you like to join me for some morning training, I will teach you how to deploy a barrier around you for defense.”

“I know. I know we need to get ready, and yes, I will join you. I am not happy we cannot just lay here and cuddle more.” With that, Taka pouts a little and then squeezes Gaia with a strong hug.

She teaches Takami how to deploy an energy field around her; she could pick it up fast. Gaia also shows her how to pick someone offs the ground and throws someone.

She asks, “Now do you think you can teach someone else these new abilities?”

“I believe I can if they will do it that is another question.”

“Take you know you’re beautiful when you are all sweaty.”

“Gaia, that is gross. I need a shower and so do you.”

After they clean up, they both heads to school were the meat up with the others. At lunchtime, they get together and Gaia tells them what has transpired.

“Ladies and one gent, today starts our weekend of hell, I mean training. Taka here will be our first trainer for the females and Hitora gets Maco.”

Mia asks, “Takami, what are you going to teach us?”

“Well two things, the first one how to put up a shield around yourself and the second one how to pick someone up and throw them.”

“Then everyone will join Maco for weapon training, and before you say anything; just because you have abilities to use, being trained in weapon combat is a big plus.”

Suzuka says, “With all that is going on we need to train, and train hard and fast.”

“Yes, the situation is getting out of hand, trying to use human brains to increase your power. All the humans involved in this horrific act will pay a high price. I promise you that.”

They all eat the rest of their lunches, clean up the area and go back to class. The rest of the day goes by uneventful. When the school day is over the group meets up at the front gate, there they see two large limos. All of them get in and given a ride to their homes, so they can pick up what they need for the weekend.

Gaia, Takami, Mia, and Suzuka go to Takami’s home. After dropping the two off, the rest, go on to the estate.

“Gaia, I am scared. I know we need to talk to my parents before the find out what has happened to me.”

“We need to tell your mom and dad everything, so after we tell them about me I will transport them to the Avalon’s observation dome.”

“You had better have a medical team there just in case they die of shock.”

“That is probably a good idea, but this is the best way to get it through to them that all this is real.”

Gaia and Takami walk into her parents’ home, Taka’s mom greats her with a smile and dad comes over and give his child a big hug.

Dad says, “Who is your friend”

“Mom, Dad, this is Gaia she is my pair; she is also an extraterrestrial.”

Her parents say something as they begin the transport to the ship.


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