The Hospital Express

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this poem while currently being in hospital all about some of my adventures here, things i have done and things i have seen and i hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: August 25, 2019

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Submitted: August 25, 2019



The Hospital Express

I wake in the morning, 

And i hear the clunking

Coming in the ward. 

I take my eye mask away from my eyes, 

And i look up and see the light. 

I realise it's morning, It's time to get up. 

Can you smell the bread?

After our breakfast it's time for a wash, 

I've got to get ready, 

Theres things to do. 


I watch the time simply go by, 

Till it's close to half nine. 

I put on my trainers, 

And get the notebook out. 

It's time to talk about my past, 

About my feelings and about my life. 

It's not easy, I don't like to talk, 

I hide my feelings

And i'll act tough. 

But something unusual starts to begin, 

I  open my mouth and the truth comes out. 

A whole hour later i walk out the room, 

Feeling much better, much stronger.

Now what do i do?


I put my things back where they belong, 

And take a seat on the green chair. 

Here comes the doctor to help me out, 

To make me feel better, What a good shout. 

I trust this doctor, I don't know why,

But i'm open about my life. 


It's half eleven it's time for OT, 

I put on my trainers as i see them walk in. 

Off we go down to the gym, 

Where i make myself beans on toast. 

My beans exploded in the micro, 

While i forgot to plug in the toaster. 

It all ended pretty well.

Nothing broke, nothing got burnt, 

That is what i call success.


I make it back in time for lunch, 

I pull my lid off my dinner plate, 

And there i see my sausage casserole. 

I take a bite and i'm not quite keen, 

But i know i need to eat something. 


After my dinner off i pop, 

With physio out for a walk, 

Down the corridor we slowly go, 

Taking our time, this feels nice. 

I might pay for it later, 

But who cares?

Have some fun, It's time for exploring. 


Here we are at the roof garden, 

Admiring all the plotted plants, 

As we walk along the path. 

So much beauty all around, 

If only i felt that way about myself. 

Back to the ward i waddle along, 

I'm tired and in pain, that will have to do. 

Take a rest for a little while.

I watch the doctors and nurses walk past, 

Doing their job, i'm thankful for that. 


What a day it has been,

Time for obs, Lets see what they say. 

Blood pressure is low, 

Heart beat is high, 

Temperature is up and down. 

Oh the joys and what now?


All that's left is to have supper, 

I hear the trolly coming down the wards, 

Handing out our trays of foods, 

Thank god i'm hungry, that will have to do.

The favourite part about supper is when you have dessert. 

A spoonful at a time it slides down your throat, 

You can't help but smirk cause who doesn't love eating ice cream. 


Suppers over it's time to chill, 

I watch as visitors come and go, 

I try not listen to what they have to say, 

My ear phones are in as 13 reasons why plays. 


Comfy in bed time ticks away until ten o'clock, 

Here comes the nurses, It's time for meds. 

My pills are in a little cup, 

Pour some water out of the jug. 

Wash the tablets down your throat until they're gone

and don't forget to take your pumps. 


I slide myself off my bed, 

Grab the crtuch and walk around the bed, 

Taking my pjs out the cupboard. 

What shall i wear? 

Trousers or shorts?

I have no idea. 


To the bathroom i head where i get changed, 

And toddle back to get ready for bed. 

I wrap myself up like a burrito, 

Pull my eye mask down on my eyes, 

Looking forward to see what tomorrow may bring. 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.

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