Don't Dis Me

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This is one of my original poems. It is also featured on my blog.

Discontinued were these thoughts
Of all that life was supposed to be.
Disassembled was my life
As I fell farther from the tree.

Disconfigured was my thinking
That was what I was led to feel.
Dismantled was my meaning
As I questioned what was real.

Disappointment trapped my world
As I tried to fight through every stage.
Disbelief was overwhelming
As they held my works inside a cage.

Diseases tried to kill me off
But immune to their toxins I've become.
Disgraceful words and plans to get me
Clung at first like shoe and gum.

Disloyal friends tried manipulation
They thought I'd be easy to control.
Dishonest people didn't trust me
They took parts of me so they could feel whole.

Distraction tried some overcoming.
Disorder claimed me for its category.
Dissipation is not my chosen path,
So don't even think you can dis me!

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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anonymous 1520

Greetings, your poem has me intrigued. It's short but full of sound & emotion.
It is almost as if there was a realization, an awakening, a sort of state of reflection & perhaps inception.

Sat, July 4th, 2020 12:09am

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