This is one of my original poems. It is also featured on my blog.

Even though I am hurting,
It is helping with the healing,
I feel the world is turning,
Whether I'm ready or not.

The eyes, they gaze upon me,
I open up my soul and try,
To connect to those around me,
Every so often, I am caught

Between the upside and the downside,
The before and the after,
How far I've come, what I've sacrificed
And the time that I have bought.

I invite you in to know me,
Share my pains so we can both see,
That this life is not meant solely,
To move past hurt that we forgot.

Instead the vulnerability fuels us
To see the light that we did not.
It helps us focus on opportunities
That otherwise we cannot

We share our truths when they are both ours,
Confide in others and count on both stars,
Leave our fears and embrace our deep scars
And let our hearts guide all our thoughts.

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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