Alex the Robot

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Jack, Matthew, and Dr. Martin are trying to find proof to close the robot program down

Chapter 6 (v.3) - The Plan

Submitted: September 07, 2019

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



Chapter 6


“Why don’t you just tell Willow’s boyfriend you are on to him?! I saw Willow’s boyfriend listening from the backyard!” Jack replied. “Who are you?” Jimmy asks My name is Jack Deveraux,” Jack replied. “You are the guy that have been telling Matthew these crazy stories,” Jimmy replied. “What I am telling Matthew is the truth. I am not making this up. You can choose to believe me or not. I do not care if you do not believe me!” Jack replied angrily. Jimmy knew right then this guy was not crazy and he was telling the truth. “I do believe you now,” Jimmy replied.

“Is making super soldiers against the law?” Jimmy asks. “No, it is not. Also, the public does not know about the super soldiers’ program. The army has been keeping it a secret. Do not tell anyone else what I have been telling you. You can put many people’s lives in danger if the army learns that you know about them,” Jack replied. “Do not worry Jack we are not going tell anyone,” Matthew replied. “You cannot tell your ex-girlfriend,” Jack replied. “We have to warn Willow,” Matthew replied. “You will put Willow in more danger if you did,” Jack replied.


“The only way we can get Willow away from that psycho is to prove that the robot program is corrupted,” Jack replied. “How do we do that?” Matthew asks. “I have been investigative Alex Edwards’ accident,” Jack replied. “You do not think Alex Edwards’ death was an accident?” Matthew asks. “No, I do not. I heard rumors that Alex Edwards was having an affair with a married woman name Alice Wilson. I also believe Alice broke up with Alex and he starts stalking her. The police found her car and they believe she was in an accident. The police could not find her and she was missing for a week,” Jack replied.

“When the police did find Alice Wilson, she told them that she was in a hospital for a week. Alex Edwards had his accident at the same time that Alice was found. I think Alex kidnap Alice and she killed him in self-defense. Alex’s parents pay Alice not to say anything. I know Alice and her husband were about to lose their house to the bank and they pay the house off. They still live in that house. They were broke so where did they get the money to pay the house off?” Jack asks. "So, the police are not investigative Alex Edwards’ accident?” Jimmy asks. “No, they are not,” Jack replied.



“The first thing we need to do is find out what Alex is planning. Jimmy, are you still in good terms with Willow?” Jack asks. “Yes, I am,” Jimmy answer. “You need to visit Willow as much as you can to find out what is going on with her. I am going to be gone for a while. I am going to investigate the Edwards’ family some more and talk to Alice Wilson,” Jack replied. “Do you think Alice Wilson will talk to you?” Matthew asks. “I hope she will. I am going to tell Alice if she did kill Alex I will not be going to the police because it was self-defense,” Jack replied.

Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin was working in his office when Jack came in. Dr. Martin and Jack Deveraux have been working together to close the super-soldiers’ program down. “Dr. Martin, did you hear that Dr. Edwards made a robot that looks just like his brother Alex Edwards?” Jack asks. “No, but I know Steve Blade's daughter Willow has a boyfriend that looks like Alex Edwards,” Dr. Martin replied. “Willow’s boyfriend is the robot Dr. Edwards have made,” Jack replied.  “I think Steve suspect that, but kept his suspicions to himself because he does not want to upset Willow,” Dr. Martin replied.

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