Little Red Wolf

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Handsome Stranger

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



Looking over his shoulder he saw Lucas and three of his lackeys walking toward him. (Run!) The voice again urged him (Run!). Jason bolted as fast as he could hoping to make it to the café before they caught him knowing he would be safe there. (Faster! Run!) The voice inside screamed at him (Don’t look back! Run!).

He could hear them behind him “where you going Jason we just want to have a little chat”. They were getting closer, Jason’s lungs felt like they were on fire.

Just as he was about to round the corner he slammed into what felt like a wall, but this wall had arms that were holding him keeping him from falling back.

“Are you alright?”. A deep voice that sent electricity down his back asked. Jason lifted his eyes to stare back into ice blue eyes and the most gorgeous man he has ever seen.

Before he could respond Lucas and his goons caught up to him they didn’t even look out of breath they would have caught him eventually anyway. Might as well get this beating over and done with.

“Hey pal I got business with that runt, so why don’t you hand him over and be on your way.” Lucas said as he reached for me. But before he could even lay a finger on him the stranger pulled Jason into his side, at the same time he grabbed Lucas’ arm twisting it behind his back painfully making him cry out in pain.

Jason could have sworn that he saw the stranger’s eyes glow and was growling.

Lucas’ goons looked like they were about to step in and help him, that is until the man twisted harder. “I wouldn’t try that if I were you, I might accidently break your friends arm here”. As if to prove his point he twisted again making Lucas cry out again. “Damnit, bastard let go”.

The man returned his attention back to Lucas “and you for one I am not your pal and two you better leave this guy alone or I’ll do worse than just break your arm, you understand me punk”.

“Who the hell do think you are asshole. Do you have any idea who…”? The man cut him off, “I don’t give a damn who you are and regarding me all you need to know is I’m the guy that’s going to break your arm if you don’t shut the fuck up and leave”. This time he twists Lucas’ arm so much it looked like it was about to snap.

“Alright! Alright! Let go man we will leave! Just please let go!” Lucas begged, he looked like he was about to cry.

The stranger release Lucas’ arm and shoved him towards his goons. Lucas started to stumble away clutching his arm close to his chest only stopping for a moment to give me a final glare that promised pain in the future.

Jason looked in amazement at the man who saved him from Lucas. It has been a long time since anyone has shown any care towards him. The man was keeping his eyes on Lucas and his gang to make sure they left, giving Jason a chance to look at him. He was tall maybe few inches taller than Lucas, pitch black hair that was shaved on the sides and slicked back on the top, he has sharp masculine features, and the most beautiful ice blues eyes he has ever seen, and with the way Jason was pressed against him (not that he minded by the way) he had a pretty nice build you could tell that he worked out.

Suddenly he realized the stranger was saying something to him and he hadn’t caught what he said and was now staring at him with an amused grin on his face. That’s when Jason realized that he was just caught checking this man out, not only that but Jason was still clinging tightly to his shirt.

Stepping back a bit “I’m so sorry I didn’t catch what you said” Jason could feel his cheeks warm in embarrassment at being caught.

“No worries, I was checking to see if you were ok”. He slightly laughed at Jason’s awkwardness.

“Oh yes I’m fine thank you and I’m really sorry to have involved you in my problems”. Jason just couldn’t get his heart to stop beating so fast and that deep voice inside once again speaking to him (safe).

“Again no worries I’m happy to help, my name is Damien by the way and you Red”.

“Jason it’s nice to meet you Damien”. Usually Jason might have mad at the nickname, he grew to hate his red hair since it was another reason he was picked on so much, but for some reason he really like when Damien called him that.

“Well Jason how bout I escort you to where ever you need to go” He offered with smile.

“Oh no I’ll be fine I can take care of myself thank you for the offer though”.

Damien looked a bit disappointed at that (but why). Jason didn’t understand why he would be sad about that.

“To be honest with ya Red I’m kinda knew around here and was hoping that you could show me around a bit”. He said as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

Jason just couldn’t help but laugh a little at that before he replied “In that case I can take you as far as my job that’s a block from here if you’d like.”

Damien seemed to perk up at that, he reminded Jason of a big puppy. “Really, that’s awesome lead the way Little Red” he said with a big grin on his face.

So while they walked side by side Jason would point out different shops and tell Damien a little about the owners. In between telling him about the shops they would talk about other things about Jason’s love of books and Damien’s interest in art and Damien would joke about how terrible an artist he was making Jason laugh.

Jason could not remember when was the last time he actually laughed with another person. He felt so comfortable around Damien, he was easy to talk to and forget about the any worries he might usually have.

When they finally arrived in front of the Black Forest café Jason was feeling sad that this would be the end of their time together so he decided to try to get him stay even just a little bit longer.

“Would you like to come inside I’ll treat to a sweet treat as thanks for walking me here and defending me from Lucas.”

Damien smiled down at him “That…” Before he could answer though his phone started to ring. “Give me sec Red” as he answered the phone his whole demeanor seemed to change, the gentleness in his eyes turned cold, his voice and face turning stern. “What! I’m busy!” Damien sounded so irritated “can’t you handle it on your own” after a few minutes of listening to whoever was on the other line Damien let out a frustrated sigh “fine I’ll be there in 15”. While hanging up rubbed at his temple as if trying to chase away an oncoming head ach.

As Damien turned his attention back to Jason the gentleness once again was back on his face as he smiled. “Sorry Red I’ll have to take a rain check, but you will be sure that I will be back sometime for that sweet treat you promised me”. He winked at Jason on that last part and of course that made Jason’s face heat up again (he probably is as red as his hair now).

“Until next time Red!” he waved as he walked away.

Jason could feel his heart beating so fast it felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest and of course as Damien walked away his eyes somehow traveled to down to Damien’s perfect round… (well I guess that solves the mystery of whether I’m gay or not) Jason thought and blushed as he quickly turned around to entered the café, smiling as he thought of Damien for the rest of the day.

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