My Diary- Chapter 2

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Hello readers , I am publishing the Chapter 2 of the Short story "My Diary"
In this chapter a new day starts where Rose will face her worst nightmare.

Chapter 2 


Rose, Rose,Rose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Get up already its 6.30 !!! You will be late !!!

I open my eyes and see the time from the corner of my eye, the time is 6.15 in the morning, its my grandmother calling out my name to wake me up. So she is one lady in our house who is always paranoid of getting late and will always wake me up much much earlier than what is needed to make sure that i am on time. 

She is now 85 years old and still gets up at 5 am in the morning everyday , god only knows why ? Even though my mom has been telling her to not wake up that early as she is not really doing anything in the morning. Also another reason is that she annoys my mother to her core so early in the morning. Now you might be thinking what would such an old person do to annoy someone but let me share with you me, my grandfather and all of us cousins we call our grandmother "The Hilter" of the house. 

As she is highly disciplined , and she believes everything need to be done at the right time and in the right way which is sometimes not so practical. Also in last two decades i have not seen her changing even 1 percent of the way she behaves or operates so we all have now accepted that this is not going to change. So to make sure that we are not annoyed by this behavior we all try to stay away from her path as much as we can. 

Well that was a detailed description of my grandmother , now let's move on to my mom the most important person of my life and for whom i am the most important person. She also wakes up early in the morning and she does her morning yoga everyday without a miss. This is the only thing that i have seen her to be absolutely particular about and so particular that even if the world would be coming to an end she would not miss doing her yoga. 

Here she comes down from the terrace and saw that my grandmother is trying to wake me up and she immediately stops her and says that there is still 15 more minutes to go , let her sleep she was working late in the night. 

That is something i believe only a mother can understand the importance of those 15 minutes. I was already awake with all this conversation but i just laid still in my bed for a few more minutes keeping my eyes closed. Then after a few minutes i feel a soft kiss on my forehead and my mom whisper's in my ear "get up rose its time to go to work". And i open my eyes to see my mom looking at me and smiling. I swear this was the most wonderful feeling in the world to get up to. She says that your breakfast is about to be ready go get up and get ready quickly. 

As i get up to get ready for work , i start thinking that here we go another day starts... I have a very important client meeting today and my brain starts working on now as to how i am going to close the deal today. A lot is riding on this meeting today , as there will be the executive team in the meeting who will be of course judging me on everything i do , how i dress up , how i talk to the client , how i will manage the questions etc etc etc...

I quickly finish my breakfast say bye to my mom , she wishes me all the best as she has seen me working very hard for this meeting over the last couple of weeks. Then i leave the house in my car and drive away straight to the client's office location so that i can reach little early than the meeting time and prepare myself for the meeting. As soon as i reach the highway i realize that there is a bike that has been following me. At first i didn't realize as there is crazy traffic during the peak office hours , as soon as i reach closer to the client's office location and i move away from the main street i could see and feel that i am being followed. 

My heart starts beating faster and faster , as i pick up pace to reach to my destination as soon as possible. I pick up the phone to call my boss who is going to meet me at the client office directly prior to the meeting time so that we have sometime to practice our presentation before the entire team arrives. I still have an eye on the bike which is still behind me, i cannot see who is driving as the person is wearing black helmet with a tinted glass. 

Hi Rose, i hear the voice of Christine on the other side of the phone, she says Rose i have already reached the client location and i am waiting for you in the car park. As soon i hear that i feel a little bit relaxed as i know that someone is already waiting for me so whoever this person is who is following me will hopefully no longer follow me as he/she will notice that there is someone else. 

I take a deep breath and i reply to Christine Ok boss i am reaching in two minutes see you there ! I disconnect the phone and quickly drive into the car park where i can see Christine waiting outside her car and waving at me. A soon as i wave back at her i see in my car's reverse mirror that the person on the bike has stopped at some distance and is looking in my direction. As i go ahead and park my car in the spot right behind Christine i can now see the bike has turned back and is driving away in the opposite direction. I take a sigh of relief. 

Before i could start analyzing the whole situation my brain reminds me of how important today's meeting is for us and specially for me that i cannot let myself be distracted by anything, so i just close my eyes for a second and took a deep breath and said to myself Rose this is the time to focus on your work and the meeting. You will have all the time to analyze what just happened later in the evening. 

I open my eyes and see that Christine is staring at me from the side glass, i quickly gather my handbag and my laptop and i step out of the car to greet Christine. Good morning Boss Let's show them how it is done, Christine smiled at me and we walk towards the reception from the car park. 

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