Her mother cares only for money, her dad is no where to be seen, and she has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic features. Will she let her struggles get the best of her or will she take matters into her own hands?

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She has her lips on me and pushes me against the wall, taking my clothes off with each movement. Her breath is heavy, she has goosebumps ... Read Chapter


“Mommy!” I yelled frantically pointing at the TV, “I want to be like that girl! Please? Pretty please?” A beautiful figure s... Read Chapter


Four years old, tears run down my face as I hug my dad. Our flight is announced on the intercom. “Come on girls, we have to go.” I sa... Read Chapter

the problem with men

“Girls! Don’t trust men! Men are evil and only want you for one thing. If there’s anything you take away from this, just remember t... Read Chapter


“You have depression,” says the psychologist. “Actually, you also have generalized anxiety disorder…”   I look at ... Read Chapter

The Love of My Life

Then I met him. The one who would change everything – my views, my thoughts, my needs; he changed them all.   We met at tw... Read Chapter


I sat there nervous. The psychiatrist’s office was cold. They had ambient noise that only made me more anxious. You know that white noi... Read Chapter

Open Relationship

“I want to have an open relationship.” Said my boyfriend. “I think I really need it.”   “What?” I said, shocked.... Read Chapter

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