Kitten and The Mutt v2.0

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The Pit is where cybernetical enhanced fighters battle it out and death is a real possibility. It isn't someplace for an unenhanced fourteen-year-old girl, but that is exactly where Kitten is

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



She had thought it would have been hard to locate a single person in a colony, even one as small as this, but it turned out simple.  A search of the local net told her all she had hoped to learn and even the bonus of where he would be later that night.  She arrived hours before the event was to start, well in advance of any security so it was simple to slip inside and find somewhere out of the way to wait.

Watching from the shadows she saw the stands fill up around a large sandpit.  She had seen this was supposed to be a pit fight, but she had no idea what that was, so she waited.  The crowd became a little restless as they waited for it to begin, but once it did she felt sick to her stomach.  This wasn’t a sport; it was just a reason to watch to people beat each other into bloody pulps.

The fights started as just short bouts but quickly progressed to total blood baths as the new fighters tried to outdo the brutality of the last pair.  She considered leaving and forgetting about her debt, but she owed Ksok so much and this would pay some of what he had done for her back.



From the shadows of the fighters’ entrance, Dra-go watched the two men pound on each other with utter disregard for themselves and felt sick.  Pit fighting wasn’t a real sport, but it should involve more then what was happening Dra-go thought.  The two fighters were both decent and could have been good, except they were owned by houses of rich party boys.  They were given the minimum training and shoot full of drugs before the fight.  They would punch themselves to death if one of the owners didn’t call the fight, but the owners were in the stands not even watching the fight.

Dra-go turned and walked back into the fighters’ locker room.  The game had changed the last few years as rich kids had decided to get into training pit fighters.  When he had been a fighter drugging a fighter was frowned on and would see a house ostracized, but now it was becoming commonplace.  The problem was the old owners were retiring or dying off and those that were taking the reins of power didn’t care about the fighters seeing them as replaceable.

In the locker room, Dra-go was confronted by the back of a seven-foot-tall dark green-skinned humanoid slowly running a straight razor over his head.  The back was covered by scars, some from the whip, but most for battles in the pit.  Muttzanger was a fighter and one of the best if not the very best.  His orcish heritage gave him size and strength that would have made him a formable opponent even without the cybernetic implants which he had the very best of.

Muttzanger turned as he ran a towel over his now cleanly shaved head.  His large k9s protruded up over his upper lip giving him the look of a dog baring its fangs.  He throws the towel away and stalks over to his locker to removing his hooded robe from it.

“The crowd sound wound-up tonight.”

“It is turning into a blood bath out there.  I want you to draw this match out.  Make it last.”

“I know what you want.”

“Do you?  You keep your berserker nature under control in the pit tonight and break him slowly and we can discuss your freedom.  You lose it and I’ll not be happy at all.”

Muttzanger nodded knowing that if Dra-go wasn’t happy it would be bad for him.

“Let’s go.”

Muttzanger pulled up his hood as he followed Dra-go out into the arena.  The two fighters were on the ground being checked out by their trainers.  It didn’t look like either would make it.  The bodies were removed and somewhere in the back, they would be cut up to remove the cybernetics before the rest of their remains were thrown out like so much trash.

Fast Eddie Hawkers moved into the center of the ring. Fast Eddie was the owner of the arena and promotor of the pit fights on Sanctuary.  If you wanted to put a fighter in the pit on this colony you needed to play nice with him, but he didn’t play favorites.  He was a businessman nothing more and this fight was going to be good for business.  With all the fees and cuts he got Fast Eddie was going to make a huge profit on this one fight, so he put on his promotor hat to play it up.

“That was a truly epic battle.  But if that was epical what you are about to witness is what legends are made of.  Rival houses facing off for the first time ever.  The champion of each will step into this pit and only one will be leaving.  I give you from House Dra-go the mad dog himself Muttzanger The Mutt!”

As Dra-go lead Muttzanger out onto the sand the crowd erupted with foot-stomping and shouts of ‘The Mutt’.  Mattzanger hated this and wanted to rush into the stands and rip the audience apart, but instead, he throws his head back and raised his arms letting his robe fall to the sand behind him.  He slowly turned looking over the crowd, he doesn’t see them as people just a mass of flesh until his eyes fall on her.  She was sitting high in the stands not shouting or stomping just staring at him.  He pulled his eyes away from her as he continues to turn, but he begins to wonder who she is.

Dra-go looked at Fast Eddie expecting him to have continued the introductions by now, but Eddie was looking at the fighters’ entrance that Honey Pyre was leading her fighter from.  It took only one look to tell Dra-go that the man following Honey wasn’t The Snake.

“Ladies and gentlemen I was just informed that the battle we had hoped for will not be happening.  The Snake suffered an injury and is unable to fight tonight.  In his place is an ex-champion of Pyre House, the undefeated Bob ‘The Basher’ Walsh.”

Walsh throws off his robe as the crowd began to boo.  They had come to see a battle of gods, not a slaughter.  Walsh was a second-rate fighter that had won his title in a match like this one over twenty years ago.  It had been a fluke of luck that he had won that match and tonight he stepped into the pit with a younger, stronger and better fighter hoping lightning would strike twice.

As the crowd continues to boo the owners and Eddie hurried out of the ring.  Dra-go slid close to Honey.

“What game are you playing?”

“No game, The Snake was injured, and Walsh agreed to step up.”

“How was The Snake injured?”

“He made a comment I didn’t like so I stabbed him.  He will be all healed up in a week or so.”

Dra-go clenched his fist as he took his seat.  He should have seen this coming.


Cybernetics had a built-in failsafe.  They amplify the user’s abilities by a factor of ten, beyond that and a body couldn’t handle it.  This fact had been learned long ago and so the corporations producing cybernetics had built-in the failsafe.  But like anything which had a limit on it somebody looked for a way to get around it.  Time and again somebody would find a way to get the cybernetics to bypass the factor of 10 amplification, but almost every time the test subject would die.  Most were quick as the body ripped itself apart, but a few allowed the user to survive for a short period.  A few were saved completely, but they were left crippled.  Like anything ever invented, there was a market for the bypass, in this case, it was found in the Pit Fighter houses.  The bypass or as the fighters called it the suicide rig wasn’t used often, but it was used.

Honey Pyre didn’t have Dra-go’s ability to recognize raw talent, but she had been raised around pit fighters and could tell when one was surely outmatched.  All it took was one-time seeing Mutt fight to know he would have killed The Snake.  If he had been any other fighter, she wouldn’t have cared, but he was the champion of her house and his defeat would have been bad.  Beyond that, The Snake was her lover and she would have been hard-pressed to find another that could do the things he could.  All this had motivated her to pull a trick that her father had once pulled.  She switched out her fighters and if Walsh somehow won that would be great but having him put up a fight is all she really cared about.  Given years to train him Walsh would never have gotten back into the shape he needed for this fight and since she only had a month Honey instead had his cybernetics upgraded and a bypass installed.  She had it on a remote that rested in her bag as she sat and watched the two combatants fight it out.


Bobby Walsh’s parents hadn’t been wealthy barely scraping by when Henry Pyre offered to buy Bobby.  It was common enough practice that they took it and Bobby became a pit fighter.  He showed a skill for the fighting, but an even greater skill for finding ways of slacking off.  He didn’t have the discipline to train enough to become a great fighter.  He was a good draw in The Pit because he enjoyed hurting his opponents, but he wasn’t ever going to draw the big money so when Henry Pyre decided to pull a switch, he put Bobby into the pit with a much better opponent.  Walsh wasn’t dumb just lazy, so he knew he was a dead man when he faced off in that fight.  He was determined to put on a good show and rushed in and delivered a powerful blow to the man’s head.  His opponent went down smacking his head on the edge of the pit.  It was a fluke, just plain dumb luck but the man cracked his skull and died.

Bobby ‘The Basher’ Walsh knew he didn’t deserve that win or the fact he was now considered a fighter to beat.  He was retired never given a chance to try and prove he could be the fighter he could be.  He tried to work at staying in shape and show that he should be able to still fight, but his nature won out and he spent his days sitting around drinking feeling sorry for himself.  He had grown fat and even more lazy, but still, the fact that he was considered a joke and loser by so many was in the back of his mind.  When Honey Pyre decided he would face Mutt he was determined to prove he wasn’t just lucky, but skilled also.  The little training, he could do before the fight had done nothing to get him into back into shape.  He went for the same attack that had done him so well in the past.

He charged the Mutt trying to land a right hook, but Mutt was ready and fast blocking the hook with his left then blocking the left jab.  Mutt’s left slammed into his shoulder and Walsh felt it through his body.  He was a dead man, but even a dead man can earn some respect he thought as he traded blows with the half-orc.


Mutt pulled his punches not to put on a show as Dra-go wanted, but to give this man a chance to earn a little respect from the crowd before the end.  He could have finished the fight fast but then Bobby Walsh would have gone down as just another loser and Mutt felt he deserved a little respect.  He didn’t push his attack when he could have, he held back when the old man became winded giving him a few seconds to catch his breath.  The crowd was not real happy about the clear lack of effort he was putting into this fight, but he never really cared for them anyway.


Walsh was bent over gasping for breath from a hard punch to the chest that had knocked the wind out of him when he suddenly felt better.  It was like he had gotten his second, third and fourth wind all at once.  He hadn’t felt this good for a very long time and he stood up smiling.  He knew that Honey had activated the bypass and he was on borrowed time, but he didn’t care.  He charged in throwing lefts and rights as fast as he could.  He was determined to do some damage to his opponent before the end.  He barely noticed that the half-orc easily blocked every one of his punches.

He got in close and wrapped his arms around Mutt.  He delivered a headbutt before the half-orc broke free and throw him back across the ring.  He was back on his feet moving forward again.  The crowd had finally come alive and they were cheering his name, but he barely heard them, his focus was on Mutt and making him bleed.


Mutt knew what was happening as soon as Walsh suddenly charged back at him.  He had seen bypasses used many times before.  He let Walsh continue for a bit hearing the crowd begin to cheer for the old man.  A glance at Dra-go told Mutt that his owner wasn’t happy about this turn of events and wanted it over.  Mutt almost laughed; he knew all it would take is him putting the old man down to win back the crowd.  Those that came to The Pit didn’t do it for the skill of the fighters but to watch someone beating into submission.  They came for the blood and a chance to possibly see someone dye.

As Basher rushed forward his right fist aimed for his head Mutt let loose with his big right fist, slamming it into the man’s jaw like a sledgehammer.  The sound of breaking bone could be heard over the crowd.  The arena fell silent as Basher’s head twisted to the side.  He stumbled as Mutt went in for the kill.  He delivered another a left into the man’s large potbelly and another hard right connected with Walsh’s head.  The old man tried to raise his arms to cover up, but the half-orc just knocked them aside and landed blow after blow.

The Basher was rocking back and forth his body only kept on its feet by the cybernetics as Mutt came in with a hard-left uppercut into his jaw.  The crowd gasped as Walsh was lifted off his feet and slammed hard into the sand.  He didn’t move as Mutt turned and walked to the edge of the ring.  He knew that Bobby ‘The Basher’ Walsh was dead but had to wait until it was confirmed.


Dra-go walked out on the sand as Mutt was confirmed the winner.  This situation had cost his house reputation and he needed a way to make it up.  He needed to give the crowd something tonight and he had an idea.  It was something he had been toying with for a while now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure you are disappointed in this match as much as I am.  My fighter showed up and put on a good show, but sadly his opponent wasn’t up to the challenge.  I wish I could offer you another bout a chance to see a true battle between equals, but I can’t.  What I can offer is a chance to step into The Pit and face The Mutt.  A small fee and if you survive for just four minutes, I will pay you a thousand credits.  I assure you that The Mutt will not kill any of you.  So, who wants to have the bragging rights that he or she faced off with The Mutt.”

The crowd hesitated; he could see some of the men thinking about it with encouragement from those on their arm.  He could feel it, the building of the excitement as many waited to see who would come forth.

“Think of your bragging rights if you could stand toe to toe with a trained pit fighter and last a short four minutes.  Imagine how much others will look up to you and praise your prowess for just stepping into The Pit and magnify that by a hundred if you can last those four trivial minutes!”

“What will be our prize if we beat him?”  A voice called from the crowd.It was a high voice that of a young child or a girl.

Dra-go played along knowing that even one of the local toughs were not a match for The Mutt.  “If you can put The Mutt down, I’ll pay you a million creds.”

She pushed her way out of the stands and walked to the edge of The Pit.  Just a slip of a girl with bright pink hair dressed in dark clothing with a satchel on her left hip, the strap on her right shoulder.  Dra-go altered his cybernetic eyes and saw she wasn’t even enhanced, she showed not even the slights of electromagnetic output the smallest of cybernetics would give off.

“I’ll take that bet.”

“This isn’t a game little girl.  This is a challenge for an adult, not a child.”

“You made the offer so allow it or pay up.”

“If you step into The Pit girl, he will kill you.”

“You said he wouldn’t so are you a cheater and liar?”

Dra-go felt his anger rising, “That was for an adult, not a smart mouth little girl.  If you want to go through with this then you have to take the risk little girl.”

“My name is Kithe not little girl and I’m about to teach your mutt to play dead.”

“I would watch your mouth girl.  This isn’t some game, he will rip you apart.”

“If you are so sure how about you up the offer, let’s say five million once I have beaten him.”

Dra-go suddenly felt something wasn’t right.  This girl had no chance against The Mutt, but she was pushing him to up the bet.  The only chance she could have was if she used magic, but magic wasn’t only against the rules, the arena was warded against it.  He felt he should call it off, but he would lose a lot of face if he did.  “If you face him and beat him, I’ll pay you five million creds.”

The crowd erupted into to shouts and cheers, they wanted more blood and didn’t care that this girl was about to be killed.  “Deal,” the girl said as she dropped her satchel and began to stretch out.

Fast Eddie moved quickly to make the fight official.  “Ladies and gentlemen, I again must apologize for the substitution in the last match, but accidents happen.  Now, this match is very unusual in the fact that the opponent a moment ago was sitting in the stands.  Young and fit looking Kitten is going to face off against a fully enhanced pit fighter.  To win she must knock the pit fighter out, which as we all know has never been done.  I advise you all to get your bets down quickly this one may be over as soon as it starts.”

The girl was laughing and smiling at the crowd like this was just a game.The crowd began to shout the nickname Fast Eddie had given her and she meowed for them playing it up.  Dra-go was impressed and a little disappointed that she was about to be beaten to a pulp.  She had the skill of a real showman to play to the crowd and she moved like somebody that knew how to fight.  He would have loved to see what she would have been capable of if trained and enhanced, but Mutt was going to put her down.

Dra-go walked over to Mutt.  “Carry her for a bit, but when the crowd starts losing interest, I want her put down bloody.”

“She is just a kid.”

“She thinks she can play with the big kids, so she pays the price and maybe stops others from pulling the same crap,” Dra-go said as he walked away.


Honey Pyre was going to leave as soon as The Basher’s body was removed, but this turn of events piqued her interest, so she took her seat to watch how this played out.  She liked how the girl played to the crowd, but she seemed too playful to be anything but a party girl.  That was the opinion Honey had until Kitten’s right foot hit the sand.  It was like a switch was thrown and the tiny girl was all business running forward and snapping off a perfect flying kick at Mutt’s chest.  Mutt grabbed the girl’s ankle letting the momentum spinning him completely around he added his own power to the girl’s, to fling her back across the pit.


Dra-go was impressed as the girl twisted in the air and landed on the balls of her feet.  Her right fist pounded into the sand and she looked up at Mutt.  The playful smile was gone replaced with something akin to the look a predator gives its prey.  She was moving back across the ring almost as soon as she had landed.  A right hook the Mutt blocked was followed by a left jab.


Mutt brought his right arm up deflecting the girl’s jab little stunned by the strength behind her punches.  She dropped to a crotch and tried a leg swipe, but he was ready and jumped over her legs.  As his feet left the sand, he realized his mistake her right fist was cocked and blasted him in the groin.

The crowd was on their feet as Mutt landed on his back.  He had never been knocked down before and they couldn’t believe it.  They started chanting ‘Kitten’ and stomping their feet.  They wanted more blood and one way, or another this fight was going to give it to them.

When the girl leaped into the air Mutt knew what she was attempting and rolled away from her and struggled to his feet.  The girl’s knees slammed down where his chest and had been and she quickly bent backward pulling off a backflip that ended with her on her feet.  This was no game, the girl was faster, stronger and more agile then an unenhanced human should have been.  Add to that the fact that she fought with the skills of a trained fighter and Mutt knew he had to end this quickly.

As Kitten came out of her backflip Mutt was on her.  His big right hand slammed down on her shoulder as he drove his left hand into her stomach.  Her feet left the ground and the crowd gasped from the sound of the impact.  Kitten gulped air as her eyes bugled as a second punch slammed into her.  The crowd cheered as Mutt delivered another two punches before drawing back and landing a devastating uppercut to Kitten’s chin.

Lifted off her feet and landing on her back Kitten tried to suck air into her lungs.  The crowd was on its feet some already counting their winnings.  Kitten rolled onto her stomach and pushed up as she spits up blood.  Mutt came in fast and slammed his foot into her side flipping her back onto her back.

“Stay down and I won’t kill you.”

Kitten looked up and with blood-flecked teeth smiled.  Kitten rolled her body back over her head then flipped forward to land on her feet facing Mutt.  She rolled her head before dropping into a martial art fighting stance.  She slowly curled the fingers of her extended left hand in and out calling Mutt on.

Mutt charged in his big right-hand swinging towards her head.  Kitten slid under the punch as she pivoted on her left foot to deliver a powerful back kick to Mutt’s gut.  He stumbled back, and Kitten continues her spin switching her feet to dispense a hard roundhouse kick to Mutt’s side.  Mutt tried to counter with a jab to her face, but Kitten grabbed his wrist and turned using his momentum to flip him.

As Mutt struggled to his feet the girl was on him firing off a quick right-left combo into his stomach before he could defend himself.  He swung at her, but she slid under his fist to try and swipe his legs.  Mutt dodged the leg swipe only to get caught with a spinning roundhouse kick to his right side.  Mutt’s arm swung down trapping the girl’s leg against his side.

Kitten used her trapped leg as a pivot and swung her free leg up to slam into the side of the big half-orc’s head.  The half-orc stumbled releasing Kitten’s leg allowing her to land on her feet.  Kitten didn’t allow Mutt a chance to recover but moved in firing off kick after kick.

Mutt charged seeing it as his only chance at stopping this blitz attack of kicks.  He grabbed the girl by her shoulders, but she fell backward as she grabbed his arms pulling him with her.  She somehow got her feet up as they fell and as she hit the sand kicked him in the guts.  He flipped over her landing on his back and she quickly rose back to her feet.

As the half-orc began to stand up Kitten swiftly moved in and slammed her foot into his right knee.  The reinforced bones saved it from a break but caused him to drop to a knee.  With him kneeling, Kitten leaped into the air and brought her fist down onto his forehead.  She stepped back, and the crowd waited breathlessly for Mutt to rise but he stayed kneeling for a second then toppled over.

Stunned silence filled the arena as the crowd tried to process what they had just witnessed.  Then like a damn bursting they started screaming and yelling none of them caring they had lost hundreds or even thousands of credits on the fight.  They had all come to witness an epic battle and even though this wasn’t the one they had hoped to see this was a battle that would be remembered for a long time.

Kitten spit out a wad of blood as she walked over to where Dra-go sat.

“I believe you owe me five million creds.”

“I will have to get it; I don’t have that much available at the moment.”

“I beat your fighter and you agreed if I did you would pay me five million, you didn’t say that I would have to wait for payment, so pay up or,” Kitten glanced over her shoulder at Mutt, “I’ll take him as payment.”

Dra-go opened his mouth to reply then snapped it shut.  Mutt was finished, he would recover, maybe even grow stronger from this loss but losing to a girl had ruined him.  No house would ever allow their fighter to face him.  He lacked the patience and skill to train others, so he was a total loss, but giving him to the girl would clear the debt and get rid of a stain on his house’s reputation.

“Take him.  I’ll even be so nice as to have my med team fix him up some for you.”

“Do it.”




Mutt stumbled into the small room behind the girl.  He was still a little groggy from the fight.  He looked around the room, there wasn’t much to see, just a bed and a dresser.  The girl dropped her bag in a corner.

“You get the bed; I’ll crash on the floor.”


“Because you are in a lot worse shape than me and I need you to recover quickly.”

“No why did you take me to cover Dra-go’s debt?”

“I came to the fights hoping to find a way to see you, I saw a chance to do more than that and it worked out.”

“Why did you want to see me?”

“I have my reasons, but they don’t matter right now.  Get some rest, I need some sleep myself.”  Kitten said as she curled up in the corner.

Mutt fell into the bed wondering what reason this girl could have to want him.

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