Mona Lisa

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Goosebumps

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



10:37 pm

The group is within a few miles of Viscera's home. Quail occasionally let on the siren to bypass deep traffic. It began to rain so she eventually slowed down. The car was quiet, except for the sound of rain drops hitting the car and the windshield wiper. Lyriq was plotting on what to say to Viscera once they encounter once more. She knew that there was a slim chance that Kawaii might be there, but it was hope nonetheless. Guardian patiently walked from Lyriq's leg to her arm. Quail's eyes were on the road with a somewhat frantic look, eyes glossy with mouth slightly open. The moment was still probably a bit hard for her to grasp that Zaliki found out that she's a hedonistic serial killer. Zaliki’s twin intuition seemed to kick in.

Zaliki: It's okay….. I killed alotta people too Quail. It was on command, but still. (Hesitates). You don’t needa feel bad about it… Maybe is just what you had ta do.

Zaliki's comment struck Lyriq as well, being that Mariah killed Javen under the influence of Mona Lisa.

Quail: My husband and daughter…..

Zaliki: They’ll have ta find out eventually…. Had to tell Mona….it wasn’t easy, but…we all we got left. Secrets will only separate us right (softly)?

The car got quiet again. Part of Quail accepted the possibly Zaliki was right. 

Mariah: I think that this is more than a coincidence. Don’t you guys think? What are the odds we all survive these tragic outcomes, just to be brought together in such fashion?

The car was silent yet again, except this time in mutual brainstorming. A few moments later the car stops in front of the address Viscera gave them, a nice medium sized mansion. All three get out of the car along with Guardian who flies away near rooftop. The rain subsided and the three make their way to the front door. Lyriq rings the bell and they all wait for a response, which hadn’t arrived. She rings the bell once more and still no answer.

Mariah: I suggest calling her once more, perhaps she'll pick up a phone.

Quail: Okay, I’ll dial it (softly). (Calls Viscera).

Zaliki: (Crosses arms and rolls eyes).

As Quail waited for an answer, something caught Lyriq's eye. The door was slightly propped open, as if someone forgot to close the door all the way. Lyriq cautiously pushed the door open, seeing a trail of blood leading to the living room. Zaliki and Quail followed in response to Lyriq's entrance, oblivious to the unlocked, propped door. As Lyriq followed the trail, Viscera can be seen on the floor alongside Xavierre, both bloodied and severely wounded. Xavierre was leaning against the couch, holding his bleeding abdomen which has been stabbing several times. Blood was leaking from his mouth as he struggled to keep his head up. Viscera's face was bloodied and bruised along with blood pouring from the side of her neck, her exotic white dress drenched in blood. Lyriq's consciousness was overridden by Mariah's shift in anxiety, causing her to revert. Mariah stood their frozen, while Zaliki screamed and ran to Xavierre. Quail's detective instincts kicked in and quickly observed the scene, briskly walking to Viscera to check a pulse.

Zaliki: Xavierre, what happened? What the fuck happened to you (quavering)? (Hugs and kisses Xavierre's head). He needs help (yelling). Breathe baby, breathe (whispering). Ain’t nothin but a flesh wound (softly).

Xavierre: (Coughs blood in Zaliki's face).

Zaliki: What happened to you (whispering)? (Weeps).

Quail: (Checks Viscera's pulse). She has a faint pulse. She's lost a lot of blood and her wound isn’t closing. I'm going to have to call the paramedics if she wants to live (anxiously).

Mariah: No (shouting). They'll convict her (quavering).

Quail: We're going to lose her if we don’t Mona. She still has the whereabouts on the girl and the baby right? We have to act fast we might lose them all (anxiously).

Mariah: (Hesitates). Lyriq can heal them (anxiously).

Zaliki: Well where she at (anxiously)?

Mariah: I can’t channel her during panicking. I have to be calm. I’m nervous mommy (anxiously).

Zaliki: (Takes deep breath). I think we all are. Close your eyes (softly).

Mariah closed her eyes while attempting to stop trembling. Quail felt the gesture of Zaliki as she closes her eyes after hers. All of a sudden a room full of panic and distress turns into a quiet sanctuary. Mariah's heartrate gradually declines, Zaliki's doubt gradually shifts into hope, and Quail's presence started to feel reassuring. Zaliki's angelic vocals began singing Hallelujah. She sat next to Xavierre and held his dying body as her soft, passionate singing brought serenity into the aura of the room. Mariah began to feel tranquil as her singing touched her spine. About a minute in, Quail sung along her twin. The passionate singing grew stronger and louder. A few tears steamed down from Zaliki's closed eyes as she felt Xavierre's body grow limp. Quail stopped singing and let Zaliki finish the chorus quietly and softly. Zaliki opened her eyes to see Xavierre's blank expression, a sign of imminent death.

Zaliki: Stop looking me like that (quavering).

Quail looks at her heartbroken sister and couldn’t help but to feel for her woes. Her hands are still pressed onto Viscera's wound to prevent as much bleeding as possible. Lyriq has taken consciousness and observed the scene. 

Mariah: He seems to be inert, but it's a possibility that he'll persevere during surgery. Victoria is a former M.D. I'm certain she has the appropriate implements stashed somewhere here. I'll check around, you ladies attempt to keep their wounds suppressed until I return.

Zaliki and Quail responded with a look of surprise, confounded by Lyriq's sense of reassurance, although they followed her request. Meanwhile, Lyriq walks throughout the vast home, astonished by the architecture. 

Lyriq: Wow, this home was really well constructed. I wonder how long it took them. And the marble on this floor is really cold, where are my shoes (talking to self)?

Mariah must've left her shoes in the living room from her recent panic, usually kicking her shoes off and balling up. After many seconds of walking and venturing the mansion, Lyriq came across a familiar room, a medicine room in which she once showed Mariah various medications and utensils for when she did surgery for underground criminals. Lyriq opened the door and walked in after turning on the light. From a mere distance she sees a kit and note on the medical overbed table. She walked over to the table and examined the note which read the details of the birth of Kawaii. She learned that it was a boy and weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Reading the note further she also discovered that Kawaii died from maternal death. The note reads:

“ December 17, **** 

Today was both a blessing and a burden. It took courage from mine to do what they did, but for once in a long time, mine felt like they had purpose for the better. As a former cardiovascular surgeon and neurosurgeon, mine must say that there’s nothing like calming a hurting mother giving birth. How was the mother supposed to trust someone who had been a part of her torment these past months? To trust someone to deliver your child after being psychologically ruined? It was difficult, especially emotionally. The emotions of mine felt for her and her friend, Mona Lisa, who mine question is alive. She told mine that they are beautiful, like she truly meant it. After years of rejection, mine felt truly accepted for once. The cowardice of mine has probably cost her life, the only person that supported them. Throughout these past months she's actually been a bright spot in their darkness, checking up on mine with phone calls, helping them with errands, making mine feel like…like they weren't an outcast, like she can relate to mine. Mine call her crazy girl sometimes because it's like she has these different personalities. Almost as if she was a different person every time. Such a beautiful mind. They underestimated her when mine first met. Thought she was fragile and just Rio's decoy. But mine were wrong, she's a lot stronger than they could’ve ever imagined. There's something that mine want to confess to her, but that's if either of them are alive by then. Hence why mine wrote this letter, for the child and his future. The mother was held in captivity for 9 months. It was the job of mine to make sure that she stayed alive until the birth, then Rio keeps the child and sells the girl off to the shore. She was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, a specimen for any buyer. Her dreads were cut to take away her spirit. Unfortunately it took 4 weeks of torment and sexual imprisonment until she submitted fully. Today, mine broke the code and freed her and brought her to their home. She was a shell of herself, speaking in a language mine have yet to learn. Regardless, mine understood the fear she was in. Her blood pressure was way too high to give birth, but the water already broke. Calming her was impossible, which eventually led to her fainting. The baby made it out healthy at a recorded 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Mine tried resuscitating her after flat lining, but… mine failed to do so. Mine couldn’t save her and they regret everything ounce of it. Mine wrote this letter in document because someone will be after mine soon. The child must know who he is…..”.

The letter seemed like it was halted and interrupted by an occurrence. The incident in the living room must have been it. Lyriq's puzzled, but hopeful mind tried to process the note. It brought a series of emotions and wonder. There was another door inside the room which led to the operating room. Lyriq slowly walks to the door, expecting the worst. She slowly opens the door, leaving the main light off due to the lamps emitting just enough light to see Kawaii's insentient body. The newborn was in her folded arms, quietly crying. Tears began to uncontrollably stream down Lyriq's face as she got closer to the two. Kawaii's eyes were closed as well as her mouth, but algor mortis and rigor mortis was evident once Lyriq softly touched her body. The sight was strangely beautiful. Although Kawaii is dead and most likely didn’t get a chance to see her child, the newborn resting and softly crying in her folded arms brought a moment of life and spirit into the grave situation. Lyriq pulls a stool and sit next to them, kissing Kawaii's cold forehead.

Mariah: (Wipes tears). This is your mother dearest… I just want to let you know that she loves you…and that she will always be with you in heart (softly). (Wipes tears). (Smiles sadly).

The newborn's soft cries brought back so many memories and overwhelming emotions that Lyriq struggled to keep consciousness. Mariah regains consciousness and her schizophrenia erupts as a hallucination of Gemini standing next to Kawaii occurs. Kawaii is alive and breathing, while holding the baby, although she seems weak. Gemini pulls a stool and sits across the bed from Mariah. Tears are pouring down Mariah's eyes.

Kawaii: Look, isn’t he beautiful Rah Rah (smiling softly)?

Mariah: Y-y-yes (quavering/smiling sadly).

Gemini: Was thinking about having a junior. What you think Riah (genuinely)?

Mariah: (Hesitates deeply). Y-yes (quavering).

Kawaii: He doesn't even look like you (jokingly).

Gemini: What you mean (smiling)? Those my eyes right there (jokingly).

Kawaii: (Laughs softly).

Gemini: (Kisses Kawaii's hand).

Kawaii: (Yawns).

Gemini: It's crazy… you yawn just like Junior (jokingly).

Kawaii: No, Junior yawns just like me (smiling)? (Eyes closing).

Gemini: Baby you gotta stay up, Riah gotta take the pictures (smiling)?

Kawaii: I'm trying (yawning). But I feel so weak. Mariah (softly)?

Mariah: Yeah (quavering)?

Kawaii: Can you please bring me some water (slurring/smiling faintly)?

Mariah: Y-yeah L-london bridge (smiling/quavering)?

Kawaii: Thank you Lefty (slurring/smiling faintly). (Closes eyes).

Gemini: I'm gonna try to keep her awake…but if you can bring me some Tums or somethin please, I would really appreciate it (genuinely). Feels like my stomach is ripping out my body (jokingly). Maybe it’s the nerves, I dunno, but at least I have you here to support me, don’t know what I would do without you. (Groans slightly).

Mariah runs over to Gemini and gives him the biggest hug, feeling the warmth of his security as he hugged back.

Mariah: I love you Gemi (quavering/genuinely).

Gemini: I love you too (genuinely). (Hiccups).

Mariah closed her eyes and smiled, then proceeded to walk to the kitchen. Once there, she looks around checking the cabinets for a glass. She could still hear their voices along with the baby, even though she's a decent distance away. Nevertheless, she opens the fridge and pours purified water into the glass. She then puts the pitcher back inside and closed the refrigerator. She grabs the glass and gingerly paced to the operating room. When she gets there, Mariah only sees a faint Kawaii. She places the glass next to her.

Kawaii: (Yawns faintly). Thank you pretty girl (smiling faintly). 

Mariah: You're welcome {Arabic}. Where's Gemi (curiously)?

Kawaii: (Drinks water).

Gemini: I knew you was gonna forget the tums (smiling).

Mariah heard Gemini's voice a few feet behind her, but once she turned around she didn’t see anyone. She stared at the empty space for a while, wondering how he disappeared so briskly when he was just there literally a second ago. Mariah's curiosity was short lived as the sound of broken glass hitting the floor startled her. She quickly turned around, only to see the glass, still filled and untouched next to Kawaii's silent, dead body. Mariah's stomach turned and immediately vomited.  She fell to her knees over the fluid of half-digested food, crying uncontrollably. Mona Lisa stood over her.

Mona Lisa: Look at you…..coughing up the only meal you had today. (Crosses arms).

Mariah: (Whimpers).

Mona Lisa: You’re weak Mariah. Frail… (whispering). You can’t tell apart reality anymore. Stop pushing me away and let me take all your pain away (softly).

Mariah: (Breathes heavily). You made me kill daddy. You’re evil (quavering). (Whimpers).

Mona Lisa: You mean the man that molested you and halfway ended Gemini's life? I saved you. I saved us.

Mariah: You didn’t have to kill him (quavering).

Mona Lisa: Please, I'll fuck that bastard up a thousand more times if I could child. 

Mariah: He wanted to tell me something (quavering).

Mona Lisa: When or after he rubbed your pussy (sarcastically)?

The conversation was interrupted by Mona Lisa's shift of focus to baby's cry. Mona Lisa walked over to the baby and stared at him.

Mona Lisa: You’re what's last of my sibling (softly). I will take care of you my darling. (Kisses Gemini on the head).

Mona Lisa then walks back over towards Mariah, lending her hand. Mariah grabs it and pulls herself up. Mona Lisa and Mariah came to a consensus that Junior was the new priority and that protecting him was vital.

Mona Lisa: I know we haven’t always come to a mutual understanding, but I’m doing what’s best for all of us. It isn’t just you anymore Mariah. We have Hazel, who we need to let out more so she isn’t so afraid of the world, so that she can grow too and experience something other than pain. Lyriq who needs more room and opportunity to use those damned extraordinary abilities. And Misty, a free spirit that expresses your art in it's physical form. You’re letting your fears and insecurities hold you back…..hold us back. I am you in the form you’re most afraid of. The form that Gemini and Zaliki didn’t want. You all push me away, but I was the only thing keeping you going. I saved Gemini's life and ended corrupt bastard's. Sure he took the wrap, but he was alive wasn’t he? He was breathing. Gemini was involved in the life a long time ago. You were just afraid to see it, to admit. Maybe if he would’ve kept you in on things instead of keeping you out, things would’ve been different. And Zaliki, I know I put you in a hard spot by falling in love with her, but somebody had to have her back and…and her heart. We both know that she was already a heroin addict, then she ended up losing someone she thought she loved and needed while also witnessing her son go to prison. Admit it, she would’ve killed herself from overdose if I had not been there. Instead, we had her back and lifted her up, hustling to make sure the bills stayed paid, putting food on the table, and security in her heart. Now a bond that can never be broken was made. I didn’t expect to get that close to anyone, but it's too late. We're both in love with that beautiful woman and that’s just how it has to be. And lastly, I saved us…from being shot through the heart with a fucking harpoon (softly). (Shakes head). Now you can call me whatever you’d like, and even say I’m selfish, but at the end I seemed to have come out on top. So I ask you, let me have more freedom over consciousness. Someone has to resolve this, and afterwards take on the role of Yin’s Yang. I'm sorry for manipulating you, but whether you like it or not we both need each other. I need your consciousness, and you need my resilience. Together we can take care of the others and the one's we love (genuinely) What do you say Mariah (smiling softly)?

Mariah: (Smiles softly). (Nods head).

Mona Lisa: (Kisses Mariah's forehead).

Mariah conforms and removes the emotional barrier between her and Mona Lisa, eventually letting her take consciousness. Awakened, Mona Lisa walks over to baby Gemini and gently takes him out of Kawaii's stiffened arms.





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