Mona Lisa

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Bird's Eye View

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



2:01 am

Xavierre slowly awakens, letting out soft groans. The lightest movement caused pain in some areas of his abdomen, causing him to hesitate with each attempt to sit up. He looks around the unfamiliar, dim-lit guest room of Viscera's home. His shirt was off and his stomach was covered with bandages. He finally sits up, followed by brief pain.

Xavierre: (Groans). Fuck {French}.

Zaliki: You look uncomfortable (sarcastically).

He looks over at the dark corner where Zaliki sat. Eventually, she got up and walked over to Xavierre who was startled, but mostly anxious.

Zaliki: Wasn't expecting ta see me here right? Even though a few hours ago I was holdin ya bloody ass. Yea, Victoria told us everything.

Xavierre: (Sighs).

Zaliki: So is true? (Laughs under breath). My fiance, knew who killed my son…and knew about my whole life history, just playin along with the shenanigans. (Holds back tears and smiles). Lied to me and said Raven was okay, but what really happened is that I killed him when I blacked out. You was in the Sans Coeur the whole time. (Laughs sadly). And I couldn’t see it….

Xavierre: (Looks at ceiling in disappointment). (Takes deep breath). You are Sans Coeur too, Swan. You've been involved in a conspiracy set by your father.

Zaliki grew frustrated at the thought and attacked Xavierre by pressing on his wound, causing him to let out a brief scream. She lets and began breathing heavily.

Xavierre: (Grimaces). I know it sounds absurd. I don’t expect you to take it lightly. But if you want to know the truth then this is it (slightly yelling). (Breaths heavily while holding wound).

A stream of tears came pouring down Zaliki's face, mixed with emotions of sadness and anger. Xavierre couldn't help but to feel for her as he genuinely grew a connection with her. A small amount of tears fell down his face as he attempted to hold them back.

Xavierre: Sit down, I will tell you everything. But after this, no matter what happens, promise me that you'll take care of Peyson. She has nothing to do with this (softly).

Zaliki: (Sits down next to Xavierre). I promise (whispering sadly).

Xavierre: (Takes deep breath). There's this union called the Shadow Union that has been linked to organizations around the world, from China to Africa to Russia, you name it. The Sans Coeur is only a fraction of it. There's more groups like the Sans Coeur within this union, from all over the world. These people run the underground world, making trillions. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, prostitution, organ trafficking, you name it, it's done throughout the union. Each group has it's Don or leaders, who are known as the elites, which has a hierarchy of its own. Your father is one of them. A multi billionaire behind the scenes. Ice is just one of the faces of the Sans Coeur, your father is mastermind of it.

Zaliki: That makes no sense (confused).

Xavierre: It's a concept to grasp, but in order to get you ready for the elites, your father needed family that can withstand the bizarre nature of the elites. He needed to scar and break you from the inside, causing you to persevere and grow resilient. Now look at you, tough as nails and brutal when needed, that's what's required. He couldn’t do it any other way. It required pain and perseverance through the most critical way. (Coughs).

Zaliki: (Stares into space). My son, who killed my son (sternly)?

Xavierre: It was an accident. He wasn’t the target. A rival of Rio's was. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eventually we found her, but Victoria said she was pregnant. We knew who it was for. He kept her alive for the baby.

Zaliki: Rio was the one who drove the semi truck (sternly)?

Xavierre: No, he gave the order.

Zaliki: So who…..was it (quavering)?

Xavierre: (Hesitates).

Zaliki: Who was it (shrieking)?

Xavierre: Me (yelling). Me damn it (yelling). (Yells in air).

Zaliki: (Sobbing).

Xavierre: Rio made the wrong call. We fucked up (remorsefully). (Looks up at ceiling). His death wasn’t part of the agenda. He was one of us… We took care of him in prison. And when he got out, Rio was supposed to get him on board. Unfortunately, things took the wrong turn (genuinely).

Zaliki: (Whimpers).

Rio met Xavierre years ago by making a name for himself during a major drug trade along the Gulf Coast. The deal made a few million which caught the attention of Xavierre, wondering if he can get the drugs implemented throughout his businesses. Rio went from selling in the streets, to selling overseas to small buyer, all the way to selling in the big markets to city venues and clubs. As time progressed, Xavierre introduced Rio to Ice, which only added to the succession. Ice learned about Rio's influence under the Sons of Emeute, abandoned by Crow and Nine. Rio's mother was also killed by Nine in a cage fight, fueling his fire to find her one day. Rio tried using Gemini to get close to Nine, but Gemini wouldn’t allow it. Ice held all of his cards for the right moment, either letting everyone kill each other off or taking in the one subsists in the end.

Xavierre: If it means anything, I do love you… I wasn’t supposed too, but I fell in love (genuinely). (Looks at ceiling in remorse).

Zaliki: What about me made you fall in love (quavering)?

Xavierre: Your voice and heavenly fingers on instruments. There's no smoke and mirrors in that (genuinely).

Zaliki: (Laughs sadly).

There was a long moment of silence. Zaliki had her head down, staring into space and thinking over her life. Xavierre laid and looked at the ceiling, regretting falling in love with her. 

Xavierre: No matter what happens after this, I just want you to know that what we had was real. (Holds back tears). I wanted to take you away from all of this. Marry you and buy an island where we could stay forever. Like those fairytales you always talked about (smiling sadly). I was a good person set under a bad agenda. In a cruel world like this it's eat or be eaten. (Takes deep breath).

Zaliki: You was gone take my granbaby until Victoria cut you up. First you take my sons life, then you try to take my granchil'. I'm gone kill you, then I’m gone kill Rio, then I'm gonna take Ice heart out his chest to see how heartless he really is. I don’ know much of this shit about my daddy bein alive, but I don’ really care no more. I got ma sista back in ma life, my daughta, and a granson to raise. Don' worry, I'll make sure Peyson gets through it. (Pulls out handgun).

Zaliki gets up and slowly aims the Sig Sauer p226 at Xavierre from a distance. He gave Zaliki a look as if he understood what she had to do. Her hands trembled slightly and eyes began to water again. She closed her eyes and began whimpering as her finger was seconds from pulling the trigger. Meanwhile, Mona Lisa, Viscera, and Quail was in the living room. Mona Lisa stood with her arms crossed, surveying her surroundings. Viscera was leaning against the wall, looking down at the floor with faint eyes. Quail sat on the sofa, rocking Gemini to sleep. Suddenly 3 gunshots were heard. They all knew what it meant and tried to take in the moment. The noise woke up Gemini and Quail tried her best to calm him. Viscera closed her eyes, wondering how hard the moment was for Zaliki. Mona Lisa didn’t seem to be bothered at all, but did show some concern towards Zaliki. A few moments later, Zaliki came walking in the living room with an empty, lost look. She sets Quail's gun on the table and flops on the couch, staring into space. The room grew quiet, with the only noise being a tired cry from Gemini that’s growing softer with each rock from Quail.

Zaliki: My whole life……..was a lie (softly). (Swallows).

Quail: (Hesitates). Not all of it (genuinely). (Kisses Gemini). (Takes deep breath). (Looks around).

Mariah: (Looks at Quail). (Looks at Zaliki).

Viscera: (Looks at Mona Lisa).

Zaliki: (Looks at Quail). 

Viscera: What do you want mine to do with your friend's body Mona (softly)?

Mariah: (Hesitates). I don’t want her family to have to witness her like this. It's better that she stays missing…. Besides, the child stays with us and within the Moreau family. I don’t need any disputes with the Kanaan's. I want her in a sacred urn. A beautiful urn, and don’t forget….to bless her ashes (genuinely). As for Xavierre, cut him up into pieces. We're going to feed him to Ice, as a…gift from me.

Viscera: You got it. Give mine two days.

Mariah: (Nods).

Zaliki: You know where Rio is (sternly)?

Viscera: Yeah, he should be by the chop shop at Baytown, about thirty minutes from here.

Zaliki: Call and tell him to be expecting someone soon (sternly).

Viscera: Okay, what name?

Zaliki: (Hesitates). Nine.






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