Watch The Sky - Part 2

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After the mysterious disappearances of several planes throughout the world, the world waits for answers, in the meantime the search and rescue teams have the task of finding wreckages, whilst the family and friends of victims demand answers.

Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019



Watch The Sky


Part 2


A week had passed since the first plane had went missing.

Frank Dobson had been amongst the first of the search and rescue teams dispatched. Nothing had prepared him or his colleagues for the week they had endured. Never had they ever experienced such a mission as this. They had practically nothing to go on, no idea where or when the plane had went down. They had spent more hours than they cared to estimate in their helicopter retracing the planes intended flight path, searching for any wreckage, or clues that could lead to a recovery.

With each passing day hope diminished, however, nobody wanted to be the one to vocalise their dread that they were now fighting a losing battle.


All major airlines had now resumed flights, naturally through the number of people booking had taken an enormous drop, some of the airlines had reported decreases of passengers as large as 83%. It was going to take a long, long time to regain any trust, or to assure people that this would never happen again.


One person who would never fly again was Sophie Bryant. Sophie’s son Marcus had been on the flight to Seattle. The build up of grief and anger had really begun to take over now. Her life had been flipped upside down by this bizarre tragedy.

She had rarely left her house for fear that she missed a call with news of her son, or better still, a call from her son himself. She hadn’t spoken to friends or colleagues since it happened.

Despite her near constant phone calls and emails to the police, politicians and even the Aviation Investigation Authorities, no answers were forthcoming.

She knew she had to keep going, otherwise the horrible thought would catch up to her, Marcus was gone, and would never be found.



Thousands of miles away above and beyond them was the planet Negros.

The Negrosi had been at War with their neighbouring planet Ashkor for nearly five years, a war that was not going well, and destined to get worse.

The Ashkarians were militarily superior than the Negrosi, however the Negrosi had the better technology, accompanied by an elite team of scientists who could create and develop more advanced weaponry and armour.


It was a small group of these scientists, who thanks to the planet known as Earth, had potentially created something that could turn the war in their favour.


End of Part 2

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