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A quick bit about my dream last night

Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019



Last night, or maybe early this morning as I was being woken up by my alarm at the crack of dawn, I had a vivid dream where I soon realized I was pregnant. As I woke up, I was eager to find out the meaning. I'm one of those rare creatures who has never really had baby fever, so I knew it didn't mean I suddenly wanted to be. 

According to this site: https://cafeausoul.com/dreams/dreamdictionary/Pregnant

"You can be ‘fertile’ for a new way of interacting and understanding yourself. When you become pregnant, your rebirth has begun its gestation. "

I've tried the video youtube thing, and not only are the lack of views uninspiring, but I also find it so boring to just talk to myself to a camera. I like story-telling but usually have little patience for following punctuation rules. I like to write what I have in mind as quickly as possible and hate proofreaders that tell me I lack commas or have gone comma crazy-I know punctuation is important but tell me if the story is entertaining-not that I missed a comma or added one too many. I often prefer to write poems, I can get my ideas written down quickly as usually I'm not in character-I'm just me.

Fuchsia is one of my only stories I've completed-and I don't even remember it at this point-I wrote it so long ago. I honestly don't even know where I'd begin with a new story, and not sure that this dream means go in that direction. I'll have to see if the words flow out once more. 

I do take dreams seriously. Someone very close to me was going through a divorce, and they were taking it pretty hard, I didn't know how hard until I had a dream of a funeral. All the people close to me and myself included were crying and dressed in black over this person's sudden departure. I reached out to the individual and they confessed-I was actually able to help prevent a tragedy. 

So now I'll have to see, I have been thinking lately of writing, and get discouraged by the lack of love for literature in these modern times. I visit the library and I'm one of the few non silvered persons perusing the aisles and aisles of books. 

I just have no idea what new way of 'interacting' there is-there are so many ways: in person, on phone, on video, through text-what new way is there? Any ideas? . 




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