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Tracey Harper is a sixteen year old girl from Ohio, who loses her boyfriend, David Pall, in an accident. But, to her, she can't let go of him, and causes her pain at losing him, resulting in her to feel sorrow when she visits his grave.

Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019



It seemed a lifetime ago since David Pall died. 

I wanted to believe that it was a mistake. 

No, it was wrong.

He became my first boyfriend.

He seemed to think I wouldn't cheat on him with anyone in Ohio. 

"Tracey. I love you", he said.

"Come back to me".

Nothing happened.


There was a large cross that was full of red roses. 

I knew David's mother loved them.

I backed away when I saw the caretaker, Mister Petersen. 

"It's a sad day".

He walked away from me.

And I walked to the grave, and cried.


There wasn't something ominous about the grave.

I couldn't discuss the reason why I shivered.

It was something which prickled my long, black hair.

My brown eyes focused on the visitors. 

They ignored David's grave.


I walked around the stone path, where the statues of dead people, looked on. I hated to stare at them.

"It's not your fault, Tracey", her Mother said.

"How do you know, Mom".

"He didn't want to tell you about the disease he had".

"What kind of disease, Mom?", I asked her.

"The plague", Mom answered.


It became something of a horror show.

The plague in Ohio.


I loved David.

We didn't make out at one of the parties we at Markham Street.

That was last year.


I focused on the grave, and the red roses.

I looked at it for the final time, and cried until there wasn't anymore tears to fall down my young face.



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