“The women in the log cabin”

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Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019



My friend billy and I decided we would go camping during Labor Day weekend. We arrived at our log cabin around 5 pm on Friday night. We unpacked the car and brought in some suitcases. 

After that we decided to go hike around the cabin. A couple hours later we arrived back to our cabin. We slept but were awoken by a loud pounding sound coming from the front door. We heard a women’s voice from outside 


“Help help I know your in there...please”


I shook my head at billy who just watched in horror as the women kept knocking on the door. The knocking stopped. 

The next night again we were awaken by a loud pounding sound this time the pounding sounded louder like she was using some sort of weapon to brake the door. Me and Billy hid inside of the closet. 

We heard the door handle break and heard the door open. We were dead silent the cabin was pitch black all we could hear was the women humming as she got closer towards the closet. 

I could see through the cracks in the closet that it was a blonde women about 5.4 in height and she was carrying a sledgehammer. She stopped halfway inside and turned around. And left. We waited a few minutes and called the police. 

The police came and told us there have been reports of a young women who is known as “the Mountain’s Mistress” her husband cheated on her with a girl at this very cabin. She died of a Brocken heart and her spirit has yet to put to rest she haunts this forest sledgehammer in hand.

 waiting for her husband to return to this exact cabin so she can extract her revenge.

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