Island In The Sand

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Star Black and her band of orphans wander a future world seeking survival and safe haven but find something that defies any kind of description in meeting their needs.
Star Black Grew up in an orphanage which had been an exercise in brutal tolerance and crowded loneliness. The sand and the land were her real friends. She took to them as a tree leaf took to the sun. They quickly learn about evil and Artificial Intelligence
Star Black, Jameson, Ninety-One and the band of young nomads continue to seek the truth about artificial intelligence, aliens and the Distants.

Table of Contents

Island In The Sand, Part I

The band was headed West toward a place none of them had any good reason to believe existed. The State of Home. The more Star had learned, the more she had become skeptical of the place’s
existence. “What state would call itself home?” she said aloud, to herself. “Home to whom?”
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Island In The Sand, Part II

There was no place on earth. The remnants of humanity so decreed, each tribe following in suit, as the proposition in favor of admitting outsider children, no matter their age, fell into unanimous
opposition. No orphan, wandering, or strange children of any sort would be allowed entry to any tribe.
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Island In The Sand, Part III

Star awoke in complete darkness. Opening her eyes was exactly the same as keeping them closed. She felt the embers of a still-warm fire nearby, but no light came from them. Star realized that when
they had eaten jar after jar of the shelved supplies total fatigue had come over all of them.
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Island In The Sand, Part IV

ISLAND IN THE SAND Part IV The tunnel was like nothing Star had ever experienced before, not even close. None of the children ... Read Chapter

Island In The Sand, Part V

Star motioned behind her to keep the children back. The chamber they’d discovered was stunning, not so much for its huge size but even more than that because it had obviously been built by the men
and women who’d preceded the impact of the giant asteroid. And it was also a fearful thing. If they could not, for some reason, go back through the narrow and seemingly inescapable tunnel through
which they’d come so far, then they were at the end of their travels.
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Island In The Sand, Chapter VI

ISLAND IN THE SAND Part VI   Star continued to move ever downward, feeling more secure with each order of “one st... Read Chapter

Island In The Sand Part VII

  ISLAND IN THE SAND Part VII  Star’s eyes popped open and with a start, she sat up. Something had awakened ... Read Chapter

Island In The Sand, Part VIII

  Island In The Sand Part VIII Star stared at the complex design of the underground railroad and power station. She... Read Chapter

Island In The Sand, Part IX

“What do you want now, machine? And if, as you say, I’m the administrator then the administrator is instructing you to stop calling me ‘Only Star Black’. My name is Star Black, period!” Star’s
brain finally came fully back online and she quickly caught herself before Jordan had time to respond.
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Island In The Sand, Part X

Star and Jameson stepped carefully away from the end of the plank, slightly distancing themselves from one another. Slowly, they circled the power plant until they could see the tunnel entrance in
the distance. They moved together toward the entrance without saying anything. The two boys, crouched down about twenty yards away, were stationed on each side of the tunnel entrance. The boys had
arrows nocked into place, with bows drawn partially back. As Star and Jameson approached, the boys adjusted their weapons, drawing their strings fully back, letting the tips of the arrows track the
pair’s progress
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Island In The Sand, Part XI

Star pulled the remains of the arrow shaft from Val’s wound gently, but steadily. There was little blood, which surprised her. The boy grimaced with pain but only after she used the alcohol and
Kleenex to swab the area clean of congealed blood. She looked at the two wounds, which didn’t look that bad.
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Island In The Sand, Part XII

The draw of the storage room was so magnetic and great that Star could not stop herself from surging forward, down the extended steps and into the near end of the giant cavern. “Wren, go and get
the kids,” Star ordered, the idea of having left in the care of a machine having bothered her since she’d done it. “You and I’ll wait here,” she then said to Jameson
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Island In The Sand, Part XIII

  Island In The Sand Part XIII  Star flipped in mid-air, brought her body around in a twist to land face dow... Read Chapter

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Robert Helliger

The book reminded me of Frank Herbert's "Dune" science fiction novels. The first chapter is action packed, and dramatic. The story line is gripping to read.

Mon, September 16th, 2019 6:33am


Great compliment and I thank you most sincerely Robert....

Mon, September 16th, 2019 6:02am

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