Bud of Hope

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Submitted: August 29, 2019

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Submitted: August 29, 2019



“Report log 6978. Status: secure. No signs of life in Sector B9. Samples secured in travel bags.” A series of beeps and flashes indicated that Andy’s message had been successfully transmitted to the Motherboard.

“Prepare for extraction.” Announced a monotone, computer generated voice. Several seconds later, the snakelike vehicle lurched into motion, nearly knocking Andy off his feet. A memory file from decades ago had called the vehicle a train. It seemed to be used only for cyclical transportation back when the humans were still around.

Now, it was just the Life Corporation’s scout base. “Day 6978 global report: sector G6, L4, N1, O9 secured. All remaining sectors quarantined. Android E, J, R, Y online. Opportunity remains on course to Mars.”

Looking out the window, Andy could only see dilapidated buildings lay in site, crumbling from disrepair, an alien world to the clean and brightly lit extraction point. Just as he was about to turn away, a strange color caught his eye: crimson in a sea of grey.

Moments later, the image scan was complete: a single flower had grown through the cracked asphalt.  

“Emergency update: life form identified as chrysanthemum discovered in Sector B9. Activate protocol H.O.P.E.”

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