The Nor'Easter

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When a neighbour fails to make it home in a Nor'easter snowstorm a worried guy goes to find her

All the radio was saying all the way home was how the big Nor’easter was due to stick us shortly after four this afternoon. Didn’t matter to me, my last class was at 2 so I’m home safe and sound. A little after four thirty I walk past a window and and all I saw was a sheet of white. Grabbing a good book I took up my usual position off the right side of the fireplace

A little after five fifteen the phone ring and mom answers it beside her. Don’t know why but I listen to the one sided conversation. “Hello…, Oh hi Jane!... No Graham is home, You mean she isn’t home yet?... You last heard from her on highway two just north of  Truro Road!”

There can only be one person they’re could be talking about- Siane, the girl of my dreams who won’t give me the time of day.  That old clunker of her’s must have broken down on the way home from Halifax once more! Bolting out of the chair, dropping my book onto the floor, I rush to the door grabbing my coat and the keys hanging beside the mirror

Rushing out and into the barn, I grab the tarp off the covered Arctic Cat tracked vehicle that Dad bought off the army base at Delbert. Doing a fast check, full tank of gas, the headlights super bright, full winter kit including thermal blanket and a canister of extra gas. Everything I need to go find Siane.

Just north of Truro Road on highway two was the last thing I heard, man I know the area, all open land awaiting development, until you get up to the Indian reservation. Starting the engine after getting back in from opening the barn doors, I off when the CB radio crackles into life “Graham what do you think your doing?”

“Going to Find and bring Siane home!”

“Well then you be careful Graham, call me when you find her so I can call her mom!”

As the snow falls visibility shrinks from a kilometer to less than 200 meters. But the Cat’s headlights were made for the Canadian Arctic conditions, so I wasn’t worried about not being able to see in the snow. Going down Lower Truro Road to Highway Two as my GPS system alerts me to where i am all i can concentrate on is what could have happened to Siane.

It’s not like she a tomboy type, she knows next to nothing about what runs a car. No she was growing more into the Proper Lady written about in the books mom loves to read. She not what some consider a starlet type but in my eyes she was perfect, five foot six, not more than one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet, blue eyes, wavy dirty blonde hair and what’s turning into a figure that can stop a man’s heart. Sure she a little on the fleshy side but it’s mainly baby fat in my yes!

Don’t get me wrong Siane stills loves to watch all the big sporting games, but she’s more into the fashion segments and trend topics on The Social. Lord knows she’s gone from the loose baggy sweats to a little more figure flattering style of clothing.

Even though she has never given me any hints, I always envisioned us dating, in my mind. Even through high school when the other guys would comment “Hey there goes Loosie!” I would turn and look the other way, secretly tell them off under my breath. Now that we’re both in Dalhousie studying, I feel more like a brother to her rather than a possible boyfriend.

Down Highway Two I drive, nothing preventing the Cat from plowing through the snow piling up. Just south of Vintage Stove and Fireplace i see the shape of a car in the Northbound lane  just off the road. Pulling off I get out to check praying that it was Siane, approaching the front windshield, seeing a for sale sign in front of the steering column. Relief and dread warred in me as I returned to The Cat. Getting back in, firing it up again I proceed south Praying that soon I find at least a sign of Siane.

Passing nine homes seeing nothing on either side of the road. Then It happened,two blocks north from Terry’s Place, I see the shape of her old clunker barely on the shoulder of the road. As The headlights of the Cat cuts through the snow I spot LMP 884- Siane’s license plate.As the beam penetrates the interior of the car, I see Siane shaking, sitting wrapped in a blanket.

Parking right in front of it, I jump out rushing as fast as I could in the snow that was up to the bottom of her car’s door. “Dear god please just this once don’t let her lock the door!” Reaching out Jacking the door handle, it opens to a stone cold interior, not even the interior light came on. “Siane?” oh god! please don’t let her be in any sort of medical trouble!

A shivering “G-g-g-r-r-ra-a-h-h-a-a-m-m!’  Yes she recognizes me! “My carr-r-r died again-n-n!”

Then why didn’t you call for help?”

“Phone dead-d-d-d to-o-o-o!”

Rubbing her left arm “Can you feel what I’m doing?” yes is my reply “Great when your a little warmer I want you to leave this hunk of junk and come to the Cat with me!” Moving my hand from her arm to the left side of her chest, gently rubbing it through her clothes after opening her jacket.

“Siane I apologize if I touch your breasts!” Trying to look her in the eyes and not on what I was doing. “ But it will be faster if I transfer some of my body heat to you before we get to the Cat!”  Down her torso, and legs I continue to gently rub some heat into her chilled flesh. “Siane do you think you can get out of the car.” A little calmer yes came her reply.

As she slides out and stands I scoop her up in my arms and carry her to The Cat. Once i have her inside the warm interior, I return to her car and make sure it locked, leaving a note for the provincial police as to ownership and how to contact her or me. With that done I return to the Cat and get inside

Grabbing the mike “Graham to mom! You copy?” a few seconds pass then “Graham do you have her

“Yeah we’re on the way home!” Firing the engine to life, looking at Siane “See right after i take Siane home!”. Seeing her still shivering i turn the heat up high and direct it towards her. Reaching into the back, my hand coming in contact with the thermal blanket, yanking it forwards. “Here Siane wrap this around you!”

Less shivering as the heat encompassed her “Thank you Graham!” then the other thing I’ve been dreading  “Why are you doing this?” Wrapping the blanket completely around herself. “I’ve barely speak to you, hell i ignore you at Dalhousie, why risk exposure for me?”

The look on her face and in her eyes breaks my heart and I know I have to hide it. Then as if nothing mattered to me “What your are human being aren’t you?” pausing hoping she couldn’t tell that inside I was shaking “You would help a human wouldn’t you?” With that the rest of the fifty minute trip was done in silence

Pulling into her home I help her right inside before leaving her in the car of her mom and dad. Both thank me for what I did for their Siane before i got away to get myself home!


Four Days Later

I’m in the barn when I hear “Graham are you busy?, if so I can come back later!” Siane? I must be imagining her voice so I continue doing the wiring I was working on. Then a head pops into the open doorway of the Cat. “Graham can you hear me?”

Looking up seeing her there a smile covering her lips “Oh sorry Siane! Just installing a radio in here!

“Wanted to return your blanket and to properly thank you for coming to my rescue!” In her hand the shiny material which she places in the doorway. “Can we talk a bit?”

Wiping my greasy hands on a towel, “Sure!”

Before I could do anything else, “I want to thank you for being a true gentleman, most guys would have felt me up and thought nothing of it but you apologized for having to do it!” her eyes getting moist. “Why haven’t I ever saw what was right in front of me before?”

I wanted to scream “Well it’s about time you open your eyes!’ but all I did was shake my head. Siane started to turn to walk away when I surprised myself

“Siane would you like to maybe go for a coffee sometime after class?” really summoning up some courage “Or maybe a movie in Halifax some night?”

Siane stops and turn back to face me “You know what with a gentleman like you, I would actually!” Then more surprises she moves closer to me as I get out of the Cat and hugs me and asks.

“Maybe we could go to the film Perspective on the campus this Saturday night!”

“But this Saturday the Leafs play the Canadiens on Hockey Night In Canada!”

“I could maybe sweeten the invitation, say I might let you warm me up once more?”

Well then…..!


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