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The Ohio Cemetery isn't the kind of place where vampires dwell in the darkness. Unless visitors see Madeline Carson's rotten grave. When Frank Moore enters the cemetery, he meets the daughter of most famous vampire in the city.

The eighth sequel to "Feed".

Submitted: August 30, 2019

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Submitted: August 30, 2019



Frank Moore started to regain his lost footing.

He fell onto the soft ground, and sighed with frustration.

He sprained his right ankle.

It became swollen.

Damn it!, he thought to himself.

And he sensed movement.

He turned around, and saw several teenagers drinking beer. The black ravens' eyes homed in on him. He saw the wrought-iron gates which was drenched in old blood. The gate was open. According to legend, anyone who saw Madeline Carson, or her daughters, would suffer as they would feed on their blood. He didn't want to be turned. He forced himself to seek help. A girl walked towards him. "Are you okay? I'm Caroline".

"Frank Moore. Look, I'm kind of accident prone".

"My friends like to get drunk, and see the vampires".

"Do you believe in vampires, Caroline?", Frank asked her.

"Yes, real ones. Some of my friends don't believe", she answered.

"And you do?".



Frank was about to say something when they saw a pale looking woman in a long, black gown. "Feed! I need to feed! I want your blood", Madeline Carson stated. She was barefoot on the cobbled ground. Caroline screamed, and grabbed a stake from the boot of her van. She raised it high in the cold, frosty, Ohio air, and brought it downward towards the vampire's chest. Madeline backed away, and flew away just as the stake caused her death. She'd had forgotten the hammer. The other teenagers screamed in horror, and ran to the van. 

"Take me home!", Caroline yelled.

It was too late.

The six teenagers had fled the Ohio cemetery in fright, and never returned.


"What can I do, Frank?", Caroline asked him.

"You can sleep in my bedroom in my house. You'll be safe with me", he answered. She nodded. He took out his cell phone, and called his mother. It was eight minutes before Beth Moore arrived to save her sixteen year old son, and his girlfriend, from the feeding vampires.


In the cemetery, the daughters of Madeline Carson glided down the cobbled path. They were deathly pale, and were dressed in black gowns, like their three hundred mother. The ravens stared at them with antagonstic stares, as they waited for Midnight to feed on visitor's blood, as the other vampires would get out of their mahoghany coffins that were covered in spider's webs, and feed on the Ohio populace, in the early hours of the morning.

To be continued...

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