Calling For Help

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A newbie learns why it's good to call for help when needed!

Submitted: September 01, 2019

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Submitted: September 01, 2019



Great another ultra slow night here in Deadwood, South Dakota. What with the big rally up in Sturgis being on,  everyone is up there.Means another night where if one of the four in the bar flushes the toilet I’m paying more in sewer fees than pulling in. Maybe I should just call out last call and save myself the hassle.

Looking around Dave Barton was still in front of the jukebox, too stupid to know he needed a hearing aid. Willie his brother trying to play foosball by himself, according to the electronic scoreboard it a 0-0 tie. Sheriff Wilken was on the stool immediately to my right, still drinking the draft I pulled for him at seven, a check of the Budweiser Clock showing it’s now ten thirty pm. His partner Leroy beside him listening to something on his smartphone with headphones. Yeah that show why I got into the business to begin with-the money that rolls in every night!

Yeah Watkins your hitting the million mark tonight in earnings! 


588 Main Street outside the Deadwood Gulch Saloon my car decided the check engine light need to light up the interior like a Christmas tree. Pulling into the parking lot, seeing only three vehicles, one a sheriff car to boot. Looks like my making it to Sturgis is going to be further delayed!Ah 

Getting out my smartphone, great it’s equally as dead as the car is. Looking to the sky “What have I done now to piss you off!” oh well maybe there’s a phone in the saloon that I could call a mechanic on. Going in, almost hitting the sheriff with the door as he left with another man

“Sorry sheriff, deputy, No glass in the door!”

“Don’t worry the breeze coming in gave me a sense that the door was opening!” moving so I could get pass “Have a nice evening miss!” tipping his hat to me as he and the other guy left!

Going in I see one guy with his head about six inches away from the jukebox . one playing foosball, who looks up then swears when the one team score “Ah fuck just lost the game!” Looking to the long bar i see a single guy behind it wiping it’s surface with a bar rag.


I hear a commotion in the main doorway, someone must have been trying to come in while Wilkens and Leroy were leaving. Then I saw her five foot seven about one and thirty pounds if that. Even with the low light in the entrance I could tell she was a redhead with a classically chiseled face, you know, high cheekbones, round small chin below moderate lips small nose that separates two eyes that were too hard to see from this distance.

Before she made a move towards the bar I see Willie look up and then complain “Ah fuck just lost the game!” and his brother Dave no almost leaning on the jukebox speaker

“Something I can do for you Miss?”

“My car outside with the check engine light flashing!” coming closer to the bar. “And my phone is dead, wondering if there’s one here I could use?” 

Looking her right in her blue eyes “Sure come around there’s one in the office you can use. Larry’s number is speed dial number two, just press it and wait until it’s answered!” down four feet before she came around getting closer that I could make out a pair of shapely legs even through her slim blue jeans.


“Shut it Joe she friendly!” bring her to a dead stop “It’s okay miss Joe wouldn’t hurt you unless I tell em too!” Seeing her look past me to Josaphat my half husky half wolf. “Joe this is a friend!” turning back to the young lady “Let Joe sniff your hand then when he nudges it with his head pat him like any other dog!”

Joe get up coming closer a low growl in his throat. She does as I told her too and soon Jos is licking her hand and flopping down for a belly rub “Geez Josaphat you’re supposed to be a fierce guard dog not some big old teddy bear!” Nudging him with my foot “ Get out of the young lady’s way you big ole fool!”

Reluctantly Joe gets up and retakes his place behind the other end of the bar “Sorry about that miss! He’s more a giant flirt with ladies than a killer! Hell wouldn’t surprise me if he came when you called help!”

“Oh I think he sweet and please call me Ginger!” Noticing  me eyes brow raising “Mom was a Gilligan’s Island fan!”

“Well then Ginger, I’m Graeme and the phone is right in there!” pointing to the door beside her.


Meanwhile Willie went over to Dave, “Hey you see what just came in?”  Prying his brother’s head up from the jukebox. Placing his head close to Dave’s ear “Listen I want you to get Graeme in the back washroom long enough for me to get some of that!”

“Why can’t I get some too?”

You can right after I do but first you gotta get Graeme out of here!”

“Okay Willie!” Going towards the rear exit, slapping his pockets for his Zippo lighter. Using the ten pound weight as a doorstop Dave went out to the back garbage bins and flicked his zippo light to life before dropping it into the industrial bin. Within seconds it’s a flaming mass, greyish black smoke rising fast.

Rushing back in “Graeme, Graeme there’s fire out back!”

Graeme comes out from behind the bar “What are you on about!”

Dave grabs his arm and takes Graeme out the back door , watching it swing close thinking ‘there Willie that should give you time to get some!


When the door closes Willie makes his way behind the bar, making it to the office door bursting in on Ginny as she just hung up with the local mechanic.  Coming in blocking her path to get out “Oh yeah you and me are going to have a really good time red!”


Going out, hearing the back door slam shut I see the industrial bin totally engulfed in flames. “Jesus Christ help me get it away from the building. Putting my left foot against it and pushing. Dave joins in and between us we get it rolling away from the building into the bottom part of the empty parking lot.

Turning to Dave “How the fuck did that happen?”

“Don’t look at me, it wasn’t my zippo that started it!”

That the best part of Dave Barton, he’s not the brightest crayon in the box “So where is your Zippo Dave?”

“In the bottom of the bin, where do you think?”

Knowing the back door camera was on and recording all audio as well as video. “So you set this on fire deliberately why?”

“So Willie could get some from that girl!”


The foosball player advancing towards me undoing his belt with each step, his intentions in his eyes and on his face “Please why are you doing this!” beginning to tremble with each step he takes. As he unzipped his pants I see he not wearing underwear, his cock hanging limply over the half done zipper.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and say hello to me!”

“Please if you go I’ll tell no one what you did!”

“Oh the smile on your face will tell everyone who and what you were doing!” Moving close to me

“Graeme, anyone help!


Getting out my phone dialing the fire department and Sheriff Wilkens. I’m told that both will be right here in a matter of minutes. Just after hanging up with them I hear the sirens
“So I hope Willie isn’t stupid enough to try anything!” pausing so it sinks into Dave “Because Joe taken a liking to Ginny and you know what happens when he hears the word help?”

Going to the back door, yanking on the handle. Just as I thought locked solid “Well you stay here for the fire department while I go stop Willie!”


Just as his hands reach out for me I see a blur come through the door. Then I hear a throaty growl and the guy starts screaming in pain. I don’t hesitate I bolt for the door and  vault the bar to get away. 

Running for the front door, almost getting hit with it as Graeme enters with the sheriff just behind him!

“Ginny are you alright?” Rushing into Graeme’s arms trembling I try to tell him what just happened. The sheriff goes past me into the main area before disappearing.

“I just finished the call when I turned and the guy playing foosball tried to…

“I know what he tried!, how did you manage to get away?

“Something hit him from behind and I bolted out when it happened

“Shit Graeme calls out Joe let him go and come here!” A few seconds later the sheriff  comes out with the bloodied guy, his shirt missing a large section of his top. Behind then Josaphat with the cloth still stuck on his canine teeth.

“You mean I have Joe to thank for not being sexually assaulted or worse?”

“Well I told you he would probably come if you called out for help! Did you call help out?”

“Thinking back  I called for you then, anyone then I called out Help!”

“Bingo Joe heard and came to your rescue!”

Well looks like we got Dave for arson and Willie for attempted Sexual Assault. We’re going to need your security cameras footage as evidence!” Not waiting for Graeme’s reply, taking Willie out to be sewed up.


As Wilkens takes Willie out I lean down and pat Joe “Good boy Joe, earned you an extra steak tonight!” The fire chief comes in and tells me the fire been contained and that they will be charging Dave with Arson. As everything settles down

“So Ginny any luck with your car?”

“Larry says he can come check it out a little after midnight!” looking at the clock eleven twenty-three “I’ll go wait in my car so you can close up!

“No you won’t, after what happened I owe you an apology for it happening in my place!. Going to the bar getting out a bottle of twenty-five year old scotch, pouring a shot, placing it in front of Ginny “Here get this into you to soothe the nerves!”

Ginny downs it in one gulp, “Smooth!”  then “Are you trying to get me drunk Graeme?”

No!” going into the back to the kitchen putting two steaks into the grill along with two burgers. Ten minutes later I return to Ginny with three plates. Two with a burger, fries and salad, and one with two steaks just seared. Setting the steaks on the floor for Joe, one plate in front of Ginny “What would you like to drink with your burger?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have a beer would you?”

Spreading my hands “Beer? In a bar? Where the hell do you come from that they serve beer in a bar?” Bursting out laughing as I get up and get two bottles of Bud to drink “Lite or full?”

“Lite please, I’m watching my figure!” 

After what occurred I curb my tongue from saying “So am I and I must say it looks great to me!” As Joe gnaws away on his steak I eat my burger staring into Ginny’s eyes! As we finish Larry honks outside as he pulls into the parking lot

A half hour later the check engine light is off and Ginny is ready to continue her journey. After Larry leaves

“Graeme you wouldn’t know any inns or hotels nearby would you!”

“Well after what happened earlier I hesitate to say this but There three bedrooms on the second level of the saloon, your free to use one for free, if you want?”

“Does Joe stay here nightly?”

“Both him and me if that makes any difference!”

“I’ll stay here then!” Moving to Joe bending down to pat him “I know how to call out help!”


© Copyright 2020 gscmar. All rights reserved.

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