Eugene's Way

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Eugene has lived his life exactly as he has always wanted it to be. His family, his friends and everyone around him knows this too. Living life by listening to your gut can be difficult at times, especially now, at the end of his life. Eugene must make some big decisions now, he needs things to be done the way he wants, no guessing by anyone else. Can he do what he needs to in time, is yet to be seen. His only regret is not being able to see his children achieve what he knows they are capable of achieving. He will have to be satisfied with watching from afar, and learning to trust in an old friend to carry on with his wishes.

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Eugene's Way - a Novelette

Submitted: September 02, 2019

Today is like any other day, the ranch hands are working strong, keeping everything running smoothly, Kara is sleeping in and Eugene is o... Read Chapter

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