The Toils

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: English Literature

Table of Contents


THE TOILS This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

II ? ne day, as he sat sad and disconsolate in the house of his father, the youth Telemachus saw a stranger come to the outer gat... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  III ? hen Telemachus went back to the hall those who were feasting there had put the wine-cups from them and were c... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

  IV ? As soon as it was dawn Telemachus rose from his bed. He put on his raiment, bound his sandals on his feet, hun... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

  V ? elemachus went apart, and, going by himself, came to the shore of the sea. He dipped his hands into the sea-wat... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

  VI ? Troy, the minstrel sang, was the greatest of the Cities of men; it had been built when the demi-gods walked th... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

VII ? he sun rose and Telemachus and his fellow-voyagers drew near to the shore of Pylos and to the steep citadel built by Neleus... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

VIII ? hey came to Sparta, to a country lying low amongst the hills, and they stayed the chariot outside the gate of the King's d... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

IX ? aid Menelaus, 'Over against the river that flows out of Egypt there is an Island that men call Pharos, and to that island I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

X ? is ship and his fellow-voyagers waited at Pylos but for a while longer Telemachus bided in Sparta, for he would fain hear fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

XI ? chilles became the most renowned of all the heroes who strove against Troy in the years the fighting went on. Before the sig... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

XII ? uch was the quarrel, dear son, between Agamemnon, King of men, and great Achilles. Ah, because of that quarrel many brave m... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

XIII ? hen dawn came the King arrayed himself for the battle, putting on his great breast-plate and his helmet that had a high pl... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

XIV ? chilles, standing by the stern of his great ship, saw the battle as it went this way and that way, but his heart was not at... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

XV ? ho was the first of the great Trojan Champions to go down before the onset of Patroklos? The first was Sarpedon who had come... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

XVI ? ow Thetis, the mother of Achilles, went to Olympus where the gods have their dwellings and to the house of Hephaistos, the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

XVII ? hen Achilles put his shining armour upon him and it fitted him as though it were wings; he put the wonderful shield before... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

XVIII ? o much of the story of Achilles did Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, hear from the lips of King Menelaus as he sat with h... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

XIX ? ing Priam on his tower saw Achilles come raging across the plain and he cried out to Hector, "Hector, beloved son, do not a... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

XX ? ow that Hector was dead, King Priam, his father, had only one thought in his mind, and that was to get his body from Achille... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

XXI ? ow Hector's sister was the first to see her father coming in the dawn across the plain of Troy with the wagon upon which hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

XXII ? or many days Telemachus and his comrade Peisistratus stayed in the house of King Menelaus. On the evening before he depart... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

XXIII ? ow the goddess, Pallas Athene, had thought for Telemachus, and she came to him where he lay in the vestibule of Menelaus'... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 Part two


Chapter 2 Part two

II ? nd while he rested the goddess, Pallas Athene, went to the City of the Phæacians, to whose land Odysseus had now come. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 Part two

III ? bout the time that the maiden Nausicaa had come to her father's house, Odysseus rose up from where he sat by the spring in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 Part two

IV ? 'The wind bore my ships from the coast of Troy, and with our white sails hoisted we came to the cape that is called Malea. N... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 Part two

V ? e came to the Island where Æolus, the Lord of the Winds, he who can give mariners a good or a bad wind, has his dwelling. Wi... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Part two

VI ? hen the sun sank and darkness came on, my men went to lie by the hawsers of the ship. Then Circe the Enchantress took my han... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 Part two

VII ? dysseus finished, and the company in the hall sat silent, like men enchanted. Then King Alcinous spoke and said, 'Never, as... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 Part two

VIII ? ear the place where Odysseus had landed there lived an old man who was a faithful servant in his house. Eumæus was his na... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Part two

IX ? n the morning of his fourth day in Ithaka, as he and the swineherd were eating a meal together, Odysseus heard the sound of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 Part two

X ? t was time for Telemachus to go into the City. He put his sandals on his feet, and took his spear in his hand, and then speak... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 Part two

XI ? here was in Ithaka a common beggar; he was a most greedy fellow, and he was nicknamed Irus because he used to run errands fo... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 Part two

XII ? o Telemachus Odysseus said, 'My son, we must now get the weapons out of the hall. Take them down from the walls.' Telemachu... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 Part two

XIII ? ll night Odysseus lay awake, tossing this side and that, as he pondered on how he might slay the wooers, and save his hous... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 Part two

XIV ? n the treasure-chamber of the house Odysseus' great bow was kept. That bow had been given to him by a hero named Iphitus lo... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 Part two

  XV ? t is ended,' Odysseus said, 'My trial is ended. Now will I have another mark.' Saying this, he put the bronze-... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 Part two

  XVI ? urycleia, the old nurse, went to the upper chamber where Penelope lay in her bed. She bent over her and calle... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 Part two

  XVII ? nd still many dangers had to be faced. The wooers whom Odysseus had slain were the richest and the most p... Read Chapter

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