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in love with someone who can never come back

Submitted: September 02, 2019

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Submitted: September 02, 2019



She was frozen. Trapped in a photo that left me breathless. When I was younger I used to stare at her pale lips and look at how the smallest breath seemed to leave her. It wasn’t like she was dead, but an angel living in between heaven and hell. She was a goddess of Earth and something that seemed too pure and too beautiful for reality. Every day I gazed at that picture that hung on the wall. It was almost like she was right there on the wall, drowning and if I hit the wall hard enough she would come pouring at. I could imagine her hair and how long and soft it would be, tangled from the water but even knotted it would look desirable.


I remember when she was here. How charming and carefree she was. Every day she lived was her own little storybook. She loved sitting in the grass at night, however itchy it was and watching the stars and moon. 


“Everything here is so pretty. I just want to touch everything and know how it feels in my hands. How the leaves are soft and how the lake feels in my palm. It’s like a different world.” She would say. It was later that it would get dark and the grass would start to itch and night took over.


“All these stars are like little diamonds in the sky. And then there’s the moon, of course, the crown jewel. All rotating around the Earth. And then there’s you,” I would gaze into her eyes, “making me rotate around you. You are my diamond in the sky. You are my crown jewel, my moon.” I would kiss her then under the stars and we would vow to each other, 


“I love you.”


“I love you.”


Everything was so perfect then. Our love was like gravity, it was always there and nothing else made any other sense. It was so beautiful what we were, what we used to be.


We went to that spot often right next to the lake. It would be a hot summer day and it seemed all we could do was sit in the grass next to the lake with bathing suits on and lay in each other's arms. Laying in the sun for so long would give me headaches that lasted weeks, but it was worth it to touch her hot skin and feel how soft it was. She melted into me and it was like we were sculpted for each other. 


Every day seemed so summery that when winter came it took us by surprise. She still tried to love it though. We would go by the icy lake and make snow angels or sip hot chocolate. Instead of sleeping on the grass like we would do in the summer, we would make a fire at night and cuddle up with blankets. We would try to cook food over the fire, but there were only a few things you could efficiently cook and hot dogs and smores got boring.


Sleeping with her next to the fire made my whole body feel warm. Living away from the city made life feel so much more genuine. It felt like we were living how humans were supposed to live, in nature and eco-friendly. 


I guess she got tired of that life though. She lived with such a fire in her body that I never knew what she was really feeling. I walked to the lake one day and there she was, floating on her stomach. The tears that dripped knew what happened, but that didn’t stop me from flipping her body over to see if she was still alive. 


Every day since I’ve stared at that picture in my hallway and wondered, why?


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