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seraphim: book four. the messiah files

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
a seven part short novella, featuring an early adventure of the seraphim, shani tarath.
shani tarath is one of the seven celestial guardians of the earth. she has been tasked by her lord and master, yahweh to find a vessel to spread the word of her god on earth.
a work of fiction featuring religious conspiracy theories.

Table of Contents

And One Shall Rise

Submitted: September 03, 2019

Shani returns to the high place in the valley of Kadesh to find a vessel for Yahweh's teachings.
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The Sanhedrin

Submitted: September 04, 2019

The Sanhedrin invite Yeshua to preach at the temple in Jerusalem.
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The Lord of Lies

Submitted: September 05, 2019

Shani Tarath gives chase through the streets of Jerusalem to the demon, Yeqon
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Pontius Pilate

Submitted: September 06, 2019

The Sanhedrin demand that Jerusalem's Roman Prefect, Pontius Pilate should step in and help them with the heretic, Yeshua.
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Judas Ishkeriyyoth

Submitted: September 07, 2019

Judas gets into trouble in the gambling houses of Jerusalem.
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The Last Supper

Submitted: September 10, 2019

Yeshua gathers his Disciples to his house to tell them of his fate.
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The Crucifixion

Submitted: September 15, 2019

Yeshua faces his fate and fulfils his destiny.
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