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Yeshua gathers his Disciples to his house to tell them of his fate.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Last Supper

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



Chapter Five

The Last Supper


The disciples had gathered in the house of the water carrier. Yeshua sat at a table laid out with bread and wine. Mary Magdalene sat at Yeshua’s side, her belly was swollen with their as yet to be born child.

The disciples took their seats and smiled and shook each other’s hands, for they had been gathered together to tell of how they were spreading the word of Yeshua amongst the people, or that is what they thought!


Yeshua turned to Mary and smiled, for standing behind her was the Seraphim, her wings were curled protectively around his wife, their feathery tips resting on Mary’s pregnant belly.

‘My time draws to an end!’ Yeshua’s voice was soft and calm.’

The disciples fell silent and stared in shock at Yeshua.

‘How do you mean, my brother?’ John was the first to speak.

‘Like the ever changing constellations in the night sky, they all have their time to shine during their ascendancy. Yesterday to the East, the house of the Ram shone brightest, its Messier was Moses. Today the house of the two fish shine the brightest, for this is my house. Tomorrow a new constellation will shine, and my time as Messier will have been done.’

 ‘Pray tell us, brother? Who will come after you?’ John asked.

Yeshua smiled knowingly, ‘From the West my successor will rise in prominence, and their light will shine brightest in the heavens for an age, guiding the lost to its loving house, the house in which we sit now,  in their honour, in the house of the water bearer.’


The disciples’ voices buzzed with perplexity and confusion, and then John asked, ‘Who shall this water bearer be, brother? and shall we follow them?’

Yeshua shook his head, ‘They shall be the blood of mine blood,’ Yeshua said as he lifted a cup of wine and sipped from it.

‘They shall be the flesh of mine flesh,’ he said as he broke a piece from the loaf and ate it.

And then he turned to Mary and smiled and leaned down and kissed her lovingly on the lips as he rested a hand on her pregnant belly.


Looking at each other, the disciples then copied Yeshua and broke the bread and sipped the wine and proclaimed,

‘Blood of mine blood, flesh of mine flesh.’ and ate their humble offerings in praise to their brother.



The garden of olives was peaceful. The warm night air caressed Yeshua’s face and his disciples, who had accompanied him.

Yeshua stood alone in quiete contemplation. His disciples formed a wide circle around him, some of them leant against the trees, and others made them self’s comfortable and sat beneath the olive branches, in their own silent prayers.

‘Must I die?’ Yeshua asked the seraphim as she stood beside him.

‘Yes, if the trinity is to be completed,’ she replied, her voice was like the sweetest honey, ‘they are coming, prepare yourself.’ She turned, looking into the shadows of the trees.

The disciples heard them approaching, crunching leaves under their studded sandalled feet. they quickly ran to Yeshua’s side forming a tight circle around him, and as they did, their zodiacal tattoos pulsed with a silver light and vapours rose from them, forming a misty shield about their most precious Lord.

Judas appeared from the shadows, his eyes were red as if he had been crying, his face was flushed and damp with sweat.

John relaxed, ‘Judas! Where have you been brother?’

Judas lowered his eyes and he entered the circle, his scorpio tattoo burned at his wrist like a firebrand as he approached Yeshua.

Yeshua stepped forward and held his arms wide.

Judas stopped as tears ran down his cheeks.

‘It is alright, brother,’ Yeshua smiled as he embraced Judas.

Holding him tightly, Yeshua whispered in Judas ear, ‘it is alright, brother.’

Judas looked Yeshua in the eye; he felt his soul burning away inside of him turning to ash with guilt. The purse bulging with its thirty pieces of silver weighed heavy at his waist, pulling him down.

Judas kissed Yeshua on the cheek.

‘My Rabbi!’ he said and fell to his knees and began to sob, his guilt, his betrayal had become too much to bear.

From out of the shadows they came, three priests in their white flowing gowns and turbans leading their Roman escort.


Malchus the priest Elder was a plump faced man with a long wiry beard and a scowl of pure hate on his face; his squinty brown eyes however glinted with a hint of fear for Yeshua and his followers, as they stood defiant before him.

Malchus, stepped forward and pointed a bony finger at Yeshua and screeched,

‘By the power of the Sanhedrin, arrest him, arrest the heretic, Yeshua.’

A Roman soldier stepped forward, his hand rested on his sword pommel. He looked at the misty cloud which swirled around the disciples’ feet, and licked his lips nervously.

As his sandaled feet touched the ground mist, he jumped back and cried out as a crackling spark like lightning danced across his foot.

 ‘What sorcery is this?’ the priest shouted, and then drawing some mystical symbols in the air before him, he stepped forward to enter the hermetic circle around Yeshua, and raised his staff as if he were going to strike Yeshua down with it.

Peter drew his sword and lunged at the priest, his blade sliced him across the side of his face cutting off his ear lobe.

The priest fell back covering his mutilated ear with his hand. Blood ran down his face into his long beard.

The Roman soldiers quickly drew their short swords and raised their shields.


Yeshua stepped forward and raised his hands, ‘enough! There shall be no more bloodshed here tonight’ his voice was calm and measured.

Yeshua stepped toward the priest and placed his hand over the priest’s bleeding ear.

The seraphim standing behind Yeshua spread her wings, Yeshua seemed to be engulfed in a shining halo of light.

Malchus gasped in shock as the pain vanished and the bleeding was stemmed.

Yeshua turned to peter, ‘Put your weapon away, my brother, violence is not the answer here, for he who shall live by the sword shall die by the sword! It is not your time yet, brother.’

Peter sheathed his sword and bowed his head.

Yeshua turned to his brothers, ‘Do not grieve for me, my brothers, for we shall meet again in my father’s kingdom.’

And then Yeshua turned away and was led off by the priests with their Roman escort.


The Passover

Pontius Pilate stood at the top of the marble steps leading to his office. It seemed as if all of the Jews of Jerusalem had gathered, for they had heard of the arrest of the rebel prophet, Yeshua, who the Sanhedrin claimed was a heretic.

 It was Passover and Rome, in all of its merciful glory, would let the mob decide who would live and who would die on this, their holy day.

Pilate looked troubled, sweat poured down his face, as he stood before the crowd in his fine white toga with its vermillion stripe running down its hem.

His hair was sandy and short cropped, his face was cleanly scraped of any beard hair, his forehead was wide and wrinkled, he took a sip of wine from a silver goblet and then addressed the crowd, as they jostled and pushed one another to get a better look at the two prisoners standing either side of him.


‘Today, Rome in all of its might gives you, its subjects the power of life and death! For Rome is all powerful and merciful, long, live the Emperor.’

The Roman legionaries stamped their feet and stood to attention.

The crowd mumbled and jostled one another.

Pilate cleared his throat, ‘To my left we have a thief, a convicted murderer, a privateer, Barabbas.’

The crowd waved their fists in the air and shouted out insults.

Pilate turned to his right, ‘And here stands a Rabbi, a man who preaches the word of your god, a man who, for the life of me, I can find no fault! Yet your holy leaders have branded him a heretic, Yeshua.’

The crowd fell silent.

‘Choose!’ Pilate shouted and then took a spear and raised it above his head.

The crowd erupted, shouting out the name of who they wanted to save.

Yeshua’s disciples moved amongst the crowd shouting out his name and frantically trying to get the crowd around them to join in.

Pilate cupped a hand to his ear and began to tip the spear toward Yeshua.

The spear tip was only inches from Yeshua’s head and his freedom. Pilate felt a sense of relief, for he had questioned this man and had found him, peaceful and no threat to Rome. In fact he had liked him and felt a sense of pity for him.

It would be a pleasure to free him, if not only to irk the Sandhedrin and their bunch of pontificating self serving zealots.


And then a voice rang out inside of his head buzzing like a swarm of insects... Barabbas!

Pilate visibly jumped as he heard Barabbas’ name being shouted out from the crowd.

Pilate looked confused at this sudden turn of events. With reluctance he began to tip the spear toward Barabbas’ head.

The thief looked distinctly relieved as it seemed his fate was sealed. Barabbas face broke out into an oily smile; his men were working their charms moving amongst the crowd slipping silver coins into the hands of the crowd to shout out his name.


But, what Barabbas did not see, was that his men were not handing out the coins, for they had decided that a change of leadership had been long overdue in their den of thieves.


A fly buzzed amongst the crowd passing close by their ears, and the people heard the name clearly ringing in their heads and they knew not why, but they began to chant Barabbas’ name.


Pilate slowly moved the spear to his right until it touched Barabbas’ turban wrapped head.

The shouting stopped, the crowd became silent.

Pilate lowered the spear, ‘You the people have spoken, Rome in her benevolence has listened to its loyal subjects and has decreed that Barabbas is expunged of all charges and is a free man.’

Pilate turned to the thief, ‘Go! You are free!’

Barabbas grinned broadly and ran down the steps into the crowd.

Pilate then turned to Yeshua, who stood calmly without a worry on his face,

‘Yeshua, Rabbi, you have been found guilty of heresy and spreading words of sedition amongst the people, you have been found to be an enemy of Rome. You will be taken from this place and crucified.’

Yeshua simply bowed his head in silence.


Shani Tarath stood in the crowd, a hood hid her angelic face, and she let out a sigh and then whipped up a hand as a fly buzzed past her.

The fly was scooped up into a glass jar. Shani pushed a cork stopper into it and held it up to her face, her eyes burned orange with divine fire.

‘So Yeqon, you have played your part in this drama well!’ Shani smiled.

Yeqon looked out from the glass jar he head butted it, but could not break out, for it had been hermetically sealed with divine power.

‘You thought you and your dark lord had orchestrated all of this?’ Shani scoffed.

‘That is why you will lose the fight for this world! For you and your Lord and his followers are far too short sighted to see past your own selfish desires. You are blinkered by your own avarice and greed and selfishness, that all else around you goes unseen. That is why Yahweh and my brethren will prevail to the end of time. Thank you for playing your part so well Yeqon, but now your part in this story has come to its end.’

Yeqon buzzed around in the jar frantically trying to escape his glass prison, but it was hopeless, and then the divine fire came, swirling through the jar like a tornado of cleansing flame. Yeqon was consumed by the celestial fire turning him into a puff of black ash.

 Shani spread her wings and floated up above the crowd and came to rest at Yeshua’s side.

And then she spread her six wings wide and began to flap them. A halo of bright light engulfed Yeshua, he stood tall and proud as he looked up into the sky. A halo of divine light shone through him as a wave of love and peace swept over the crowd.

As the dark influence from the Lord of Lies was blown from their eyes, they began to weep and cry out at what they had done.

Yeshua turned to Shani, ‘Will you stay with me, Seraphim?’

Shani nodded and smiled and rested her hands on his broad shoulders, ‘Yes, I will walk at your side until the very end,’

Yeshua smiled, ‘Then let this drama play to its end!’

End of Chapter

Final chapter coming soon


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