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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


oh, light skinned Latin girl

with long black hair and wearing a jean mini skirt

how do I get you out my head?

I'll never send another text

to you or anyone else that holds me back

"depression is a choice" 

I remember when you told me that

you were smoking a cigarette

told me about someone that died in front of you

they died of AIDS

and I just wanted to put my hands between your legs

sorry, but I'm writing truths before I go

in case my plane doesn't reach Japan

these are a sample of memories that I hold

would you cry if I was at the bottom of the sea?

when I can't sleep, I think about you and me

"if Gods real I think he hates us" you said

"cause I'm empty and as cold as Alaska"

sometimes I wish that I wasn't in love with you

blood on your mouth and hands, with me helpless on the floor

smile baby, cause' you got me wanting more

please know, when you're underneath me 

my insides turn neon, you look so pretty

I'm guilty of loving you too much

and you're content with not giving a fuck

but it goes both ways

there are plenty of times that I act like an asshole

it’s hard to explain but I know we’ll be alright

tonight let’s sit on the roof of my car

we’ll listen to Camping in Alaska

and yearn to shine like stars


Submitted: September 04, 2019

© Copyright 2021 All rights reserved.

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A Breath of Fresh Poetic Air!
Thank You!

Wed, September 4th, 2019 7:02am


thank you for the read and compliment. I can't fully express my gratitude.

Wed, September 4th, 2019 7:28am

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