Democracy and Brexit

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This is a pretty short piece but I just kind of wanted to touch up on this. Because seriously, if you manage to keep up with all the shit that is Brexit, good for you. Because I'm so confused and everyone seems to be tired of this mess

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019



I don’t even know what’s happening with Brexit. A few weeks ago it felt like okay, Boris Johnson is the PM now, they’ll get the fuck out of EU in two months. But now it’s all a fucking mess again and I want to cry because could the British Parliament maybe have some mercy on the rest of the Europe trying to figure out what they’re up to.

So, yesterday evening there was a vote that Johnson lost. Now it’s possible for the Brits to go to Brussels and wish they get more time in case they don’t get a deal. The Parliament just got back to work yesterday, because of summer, and hey, everyone wants a vacation for summer. Johnson tried stopping the people returning to work about a week ago, because the UK is leaving on October 31st, with or without a deal. Johnson is dead-set on that, but the not all agree with him, even in his own party.

In my opinion the whole mess that is Brexit, we’ve seen a very interesting view of democracy, because we have had to rethink the idea. It all starts with the vote in 2016. Brits voted for Brexit, and I will always remember the shock of that morning when I hear they had done that. It was a tight call, and it seems the country has become even more divided since then.

It took almost a year for the UK to get the preparations ready and announce that in two years, in 2019, we’ll get out of the EU. That’s when all shit hit the fan, and it’s been just getting more confusing each month. In late 2018, Theresa May manged to get her deal approved by other EU countries but after several votes in the UK Parliament, it didn’t get approved. The country didn’t end up leaving in spring, but is supposed to do so in less than two months. Whether or not they have a deal. And this whole mess makes me question what exactly democracy is.

People talked about another vote. Because no one probably had any idea in June of 2016 where we would be in three years. And because the vote was so tight back then, what would the people say now? Would the gap change? Would the Brits decide to stay now that they might know how bad it’s really going to be once they leave? Wouldn’t that be the democratic thing to do, because the first popular vote was held when people were less informed?

But then again, that’s the most undemocratic thing to do. Because you already decided. You can’t hold another referendum just because you don’t like the outcome. You don’t hold another election when you realize that the people you voted for aren’t maybe the best people to do the job. Although maybe you should, who knows. I personally have very mixed feelings about this, because I don’t want the UK to leave the EU. But then again, I don’t think it’s the right thing to hold another referendum, for the reason it’d ignore a democratically made decision. Even if I personally don’t like the outcome. But that’s how I see it and I’m not a UK citizen so I don’t have much affect in it even if there was another referendum.

Johnson’s idea to keep the parliament from doing their job is another great example of why democracy is a questionable thing. A prime minister is the top guy in a parliament, but there are hundreds of others in the UK’s as well. If Johnson decides that hey, we’re leaving in October and I don’t want you guys coming back to work to stop that, he’s being a dictator. Because even if he is elected to represent the people of UK, so are all the others in the parliament. And stopping elected officials from doing their job because one person is set on getting this done, is not very democratic. Which leads to the issue that yeah, members of the parliament are elected democratically, but the people also voted to leave. Johnson is just getting the job done. So which democratic elections matter more? Parliamentary, or referendum?

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