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Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019




This article is the first-person form of narration. The levels of information are narrated by one character at a time instead of complex twists. This character shares niceties about self or others in the narration. The writer may switch from character to character but still, use the first-person narrative.


I said in my last article “few universe particles are in every one of us and as well, every life form on earth is part of the Universe”. This article is a continuum.

I like to ask readers a warm-up question, “Why should we do things we love?”

I can sound bite it “we are Human.” But, I cannot explain in killer one-line. It needs space, time, matter and energy. Because the sum of every human being’s life, death and vastness of the mind is E=mc2. When I was a kid, I have a habit of nocturnal sky gazing.

Even at 67 years, frankly speaking, I have not understood or made anything out of this. But yet, I try to understand in every which way I can what is around me. When I look at a noticeable or perceptible existential part, my initial reaction is confusion, and then interest to know it, later I understand that to the best of my ability; eventually, explain what I understood to people in simple sentences. I virtually love this deed indeed. This means I am adding value to others.  By doing so, I have created a Life for me; always I am loved by my help-recipients and lastly I had also formed a beautiful Career.

Life and career never happened inadvertently; they should be created with great efforts in a “precious space, at the earliest possible time with relentless energy, while the matter is your knowledge”. Other than these, I do not know what else I can say or do. Particularly in this regard, I love to spend hours of my time pouring enthusiasm and sensitivities into efforts to tell or write different topics. Of course, People who like my works, writings, speeches, mentoring and consultancy pay me well.

So, where-ever I am, that work-place I work for is my living space, which is like no other place to make my home.

I said at the beginning of this article, the sum of every human being’s life and the vastness of the human mind is E=mc2.

Scientists have quantified the speed of light, the speed of sound, the speed at which the earth revolves around the sun, the speed at which hummingbirds beat their wings, the average speed of continental drift.

What about the speed of thought?

It’s an inspiring question that’s not easily answerable. Thoughts are imperceptible and unseen. To quantify the speed of anything, one needs to identify its beginning and end. It happens in “speed and light”.  If, the sun's light takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth, but our mind can think and visually animate that idea so fast even before that distant sunlight reaches. This happens only when we familiarize with universal physics, about the sun, interplanetary distance, light and earth etc.

Coming to back to our topic, A “thought” can be defined as the mental activities engaged from the moment sensory information is received to that corresponding moment an action is initiated. It relies on interactions across complex networks of neurons distributed throughout the peripheral and central nervous systems.

That is to say, our mind is faster than the speed of light only when we know the subject with an abundance of knowledge.

Life in the universe is in the different forms, but why Humans?

Human intelligence is connected with The Universal elements. In the Universal sense, to differentiate between space and matter, space is no matter. In space, there can be matter and in the matter, there can be space. Matter is made of space and has dimensions; therefore space is a measurable entity. The chemistry of cosmos differs with abundance existence of Hydrogen, Helium and low abundance of oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.

The most essential components of life form on the earth are Hydrogen, Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur. This is because carbon is chemically fertile for life on earth and earth can produce special indigenous carbon from earth-bound carbon dioxide cycle beneath the ozone layer. While many forms of human ancestors had been around for about six million years, the modern and intelligent form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago.

So, Life is everywhere in the Universe but does not evolve to the extreme evolutionary levels such as Human beings, who are equipped with language, intelligence and creativity for technology.

Human mind’s thoughtfulness and intelligence are linked-up with feldspar-group of the Universe. Now, let us link up scientifically, medicinally and therapeutically importance of the universal components to Human brain/mind.

The standing example is Nova Delphini 2013, star in the constellation Delphinus, astronomers detected a precursor to lithium and its presence in the universe is well established.

Lithium strengthens human nerve cell connections in brain regions that are involved in regulating mood, thinking and behaviour. Lithium is known for treating bipolar disorder. Lithium helps reduce the severity and frequency of mania. It may also help relieve or prevent bipolar depression.

Astrophysicists have also discovered the presence of tiniest floating microparticles of feldspar-group complex mixture of oxygen, silicon, aluminium and trace elements like zinc, copper, also sodium, potassium, calcium and more exotic elements like barium present in the universe.

These trace elements have involved in various healthy physiological and biochemical reactions only in carbon-rich medium.

Higher levels of Zinc are found in the hippocampus and middle temporal region and basal ganglia. Pons and medulla are the regions with lower levels of iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

In specific areas, Trace elements Cu and Zn levels seem to be age-related in middle temporal, caudate, putamen and cingulated gyrus etc.

We are entering into complex statistics, which is interconnected with ever-increasing “human intelligence”. This inspiring aspect is with the speed of our solar system and the Milk Way travelling into the expanding space fabric of the Universe.

In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there are at least 100 billion stars, in our brain, there are roughly 100 billion neurons. Like a star, each of my neurons shines. So, I think our brain and mind is the Milky Way, is my home galaxy.

Our galaxy, Milky Way, as a whole is moving at a velocity of approximately 600 km per second concerning extragalactic frames of reference. Our Solar System is travelling at an average speed of 230 km per second situated within our home galaxy, Milk Way. The Earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit at a speed of nearly 30 km per second, or 67,000 miles per hour with its axis rotation 460 meters per second.

Likewise, the Universe is expanding and the complete cosmic system is moving in one direction of expansion towards an unknown destiny. Likewise is our life. Our life is one-way direction with a one-way ticket.

In this process, we are coming incessantly close-encountering with high energy gravitational waves and forces, supernova’s microparticles mainly of newer complex trace elements. As we are part of the Universe, whatever is happening in the Universe is happening to our Human brain, if not immediately but in due course of tens of thousands of years.

Across nearly six million years, the human brain has tripled in size, with most of this growth occurring in the past two million years and the intelligence growth from 200,000 years.

Now, my question is, calculate how much distance had our Milky Way travelled during the last six million years? (From the evolution of human being). That much, Human being’s brain had been enriched. Forget about Solar system and Earth momentum.

Methinks, this is the reason every Human being loves night sky gazing into the Universe. Commenting on gazing into the night sky, it is not an involvement limited to one generation; it has been a perennial habit of every generation to tell stories on the Universe to pass on to next generations. By gazing out into the night sky, we stretch an invisible hypothetical line between our eyes and the dreamy object in the sky, thereby we apprehend not only us, that exists but also other things in the universe, too, exist. That is how we share the time and space with objects in the universe.

When I look into the universe, I am the Universe, all Galaxies are my RBCs, matter is here within me, space is there within me, time is within me, speed is there within me, light is there within me to beat my heart and mind, energy is there within me at every cellular mitochondrial level.  

Particularly with me, no sooner have I hypothesized this, then I started alchemizing myself into that Big Bang light-beam started way back 13.8 billion years ago and still travelling across expanding the Universe. By knowing this, I connect and become part of the Universe.

But Human beings are not as strongest as the Universe. They are weak.

So much so, I am weak and fragile. I have been broken down into thousands of pieces many times. As I am writer, speaker, mentor and consultant, these portfolios have given me chances to reconfigure those 1000 different parts of mine positively again back into one piece to tell facts of facet in terms of tales to folks. These acts of consultant, mentor, writer and speaker not only illuminated my life but also the lives of many clients, educated youngsters, readers and listeners. Human beings are easy to be broken psychologically, the strength is to recover from the tumbled state sooner and tell the world the failure and success stories.

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