Devlin's Hit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jack Devlin has been out of the Army Rangers for three months and his efforts to rejoin society have so far not clicked. He has a unique skill set but those skills only have value in a certain marketplace.A marketplace that most normal people are not even aware of.
And then one day he answers an ad on the Dark Web.

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019



Jack Devlin had been out of the Army for three months but his efforts to rejoin society hadn’t clicked. He reluctantly returned to the life he thought he had left behind. The life he knew best. Twelve years as an Army Ranger had equipped him with a unique skill set. Those skills had value in a certain type of marketplace. It was a marketplace unknown to normal, civilized people.

He had answered an online ad on the Dark Net which would have been nonsensical to most people but he was familiar with the nomenclature. He was told to meet a certain man at a certain place at a certain time. He was here now, waiting on a certain man.

When he came in Devlin knew it was him. He could tell by the way he surveyed the scene; by the way he carried himself. He was special-ops. He came up to the table.

“You Devlin?”

“To the right man.”

The man laughed. “They’re right about you. You’re cautious.”

“That’s how I got to be so old,” Devlin said.

The man sat across from him and held two fingers up to the waitress. She blew by and set two beers on the table.

 “I heard you were looking for some work.”

“Depends on the work,” Devlin said.

The man took a long pull on the beer bottle. He reached inside his jacket, took out a photo and slid it across the table to Devlin. It was a picture of an attractive dark haired woman.

“Who is she?” Devlin said.

 “She’s CIA, gone rogue. She gave names. The Company wants her dead.”

“I don’t do hits on women,” Devlin said. “Especially one that looks as good as her.”

“Don’t let her looks fool you. This woman kills for a living.”

Devlin looked at the picture again. “She must have had a reason for disclosing names.”

 “Yea,” the man said, “The same reason I’m giving you.” He reached into his jacket again, this time pulling out a thick envelope. He laid it on the table between them. “One million. Half now, half on completion.”

“I’m going to have to think about it.”

“No time for conscience.” The man tapped the envelope. “Do I have the right man or not?”

Devlin picked it up and slid it inside his coat pocket.  “Where can I find her?”



The Marquesas are a group of picturesque islands in French Polynesia.  If you had to vanish do it on an island paradise.

Devlin knew there was more to the story. There always was. The girl’s name was Dominique. Of course it was. It didn’t help that she was drop dead gorgeous. 

The largest of the islands, Nuku Hiva, is 131 square miles which had made it pretty easy for him to find her

He followed her into a busy outdoor market, staying about 50 yards behind, easily blending with the tourists and locals. She turned unexpectedly and looked in his direction. He stopped, pretending to examine a vendor’s goods. When he looked back she was gone.

Devlin decided to call it a night, knowing that their paths would cross again, and went back to his hotel. As he opened the door to his room he heard a puff and a chunk of wall blew off next to his head.

“The next one won’t miss,” a woman’s voice said.

The room was dim, only the moonlight coming in through the window. Dominique was sitting in a chair facing the door, half in silhouette. She held a gun with a suppressor on the barrel pointed at his face. She gestured with the gun to a chair across from her. “Sit down. Sit on your hands.”

Devlin came in and closed the door. He went to the chair, her gun following him, and sat on his hands.

There was a bottle of Jose Cuervo on the table next to her. “Hope you don’t mind,” she said. “I helped myself to your liquor.”

“Help yourself. I hate to drink alone.”

“Who are you?” she said.

“Name’s Devlin.”

“Why are you following me Devlin?”

He smiled, “It’s a small town. It just looks like I’m following you.”

“Wrong answer, try again.” She took her eyes off him for a second to pick up the Jose Cuervo. He was on her in an instant, wrestling the gun from her hand. He backed off and kept the gun on her.

“I know why you’re here,” she said. “They didn’t tell you everything.”

“They never do,” Devlin said.

“The people that I named, they’re double agents.”

“How do I know that?”

“Think Devlin. If they weren’t doubles they would be dead by now. But they’re not, they’re still alive. Their handlers are protecting them.”

Devlin was silent, looking at her. He knew she was right. He had been set up.

 “There’s something else,” she said. “The man that gave you this assignment. He’s one of them.”

“Not for much longer,” Devlin said.

Dominique moved to the door and opened it. She turned. “Maybe we’ll run into each other again sometime.”

Devlin looked her up and down. “I’d like that.”





Devlin was already waiting when the man turned off the sidewalk and came into the alley.

“I trust the job is complete?” he said.

“You used me,” Devlin said. “I almost killed an innocent woman.”

The man smiled, “All of us get used don’t we, one way or another.”

“You wanted her dead before she could blow your cover.”

 “You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.” His arm went inside his jacket.

Devlin already had the SIG Sauer P229 out, hanging down limply by his leg. He hesitated, wanting to make sure that the man was going for his gun. He was. Devlin fired, taking the top of the man’s head off.

The man looked at Devlin with a blank stare, not knowing he was dead, and fell hard on the pavement.

Devlin searched the man’s pockets and pulled out an envelope, the other half of the million. He stashed it in his back pocket.

“Job complete,” he said.








© Copyright 2020 Travane. All rights reserved.

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