“Apartment Nightmare”

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Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019



I woke up to a loud thud sound coming from the downstairs apartment building. I thought I was the only person at the apartment this weekend since this was basically an apartment for college students and this was the Christmas weekend. 

Everyone was off with there parents but me. I had no interest in coming home for the weekend it was a three hour drive. A stayed awake for a few minutes seeing if I could hear anything. I heard the stories that this apartment was haunted but I didn’t believe in ghosts. I decided to shit my eyes again when a loud bang went off that sounded like a Gun shot. 

I jumped out of bed and put on a pair of pants. I grabbed my lighter and opened up the hallway door. Pitch darkness I crept my way down the hallway. Abandoned rooms were all around. I froze as I heard a whisper coming from the hallway down the room. I slowly made my way down towards the room. 

I got inches from the door when a strong rotten stench over took my nostril. The smell of rotten death. The bedroom door swung open as a body was swinging from a noose. I jumped back. 

Just then I froze as I saw movement. Three people were wearing masks a pig mask, an otter mask and a caterpillar mask all stared at me holding knives. “Fetch him!” The man in the pig mask said. I suddenly got up and ran faster then I ever have down the hallway towards my bedroom I opened the door in time and locked it. I heard the men pounding on the door. “Fetch the sledgehammer” one of them said. 

I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. And told them what was happening. I hid u see my bed as I said it I heard a loud thud “thud thud thud” coming from down the hall and then I herd the sound of a chainsaw. And laughter. I heard the thud sound coming down the hall and then stopped at my door. 

The bedroom door suddenly swung open and the three men were Not there. I waited a few seconds and peaked my head out from under the bed. I took several deep breaths and got out from the bed. I slowly made my way to my bedroom door I shut my apartment door...turned around and On my bedroom wall were a couple masks...a pig mask,An otter mask and a caterpillar mask. I signed walked over to the masks. 

I looked at my reflection in the mirror to my horror I saw one of the men. The man with the sledgehammer. I jumped back. He screamed “Ive Gotchya Know!” Police sirens over took the silence. The hotel room was Not haunted but it did have a darker secret...

The police searched the place and found a room with Murder weapons and faces of past victims. The police came up with one theory a group of Murders escaped and have been staying at this apartment hiding away from the law for years.

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