What Else?

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Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019



Am I right for thinking
That this is all we have in store
Or is there something more
Another way to stop the sinking
Something else we have to live for
Alas to no avail
We revert to the norm
The usual idols we hail
And still the life indoors
Where nothing we unveil
Is what we haven't known before
Nothing under the sun is new
But is that really true
With the infinite shades of blue
I'm sure there's something outside our room
Something we never say or do
A plant we haven't grew
Millions of different tunes
We've yet to hear on flute
And other tools we use to amuse
Other phrases to abuse
And other words to choose
Other songs to sing to
So maybe if we contemplate 
What we can appreciate
We'll conceptually acclimate
And activate
Our every imaculate
Word to find what state
In which we'll find our place

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