the two lives

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Flyboard

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019




That look really fun but the person on top of it does not seem to have fun. His eyes were closed and his body does not look like in his control. He seemed unconscious

" what's wrong with him?" I asked Gale who was waiting for someone. He was continuously looking at his watch. The door opened immediately and I got scared. What if it was Lori or someone else coming to catch us. Instead a boy entered. I recognized him immediately" Jacob?". He was an engineer, dark hair and green eyes.I saw him only once and now this was the second time. While I was trying to hide more, Gale went out and walked to Jacob without hesitating." GALE" I yelled. He ignored me as if I wasn't even there.All he cared about was Jacob.

" I did as you said" Gale pointed towards me. What was he trying to do.Was he playing with me all this time, or is he playing now?. Maybe I should never have trusted him. Now I know that something was totally wrong and I shouldn't be here. So I slowly walked towards the door as I thought I will run away and they won't know since  were busy talking . Maybe going out and breaking rules with Gale wasn't a good idea. I should have listened to Eve. She is always right. The door was still opened because Jacob didn't close it. I was slowly walking to ge out and run away. When I almost reached the door Gale grabbed my arm and pushed me back. Jacob pressed a button and the door closed" what are you doing?" I asked as I looked in his eyes. My heart pounded and I didn't know what to do." I am sorry" Gale said. I saw his deep Eyes as if there were many things he wanted to tell me but he could not. There were two flyboards there. On one of them was that person with his eyes closed while the other was empty. Are they gonna put me there." don't be scared" Gale wrapped his hands around my face. No matter how much I w anted him to do that but now he betrayed me. I tried to get rid of his hands. He did let go, but the moment he put his hands away I started feeling dizzy. I rolled my eyes around and saw an injection in his hand. He could not meet my he was guilty but that doesn't matter now." I trusted you" I was not fully unconscious but my body was losing control. I managed to keep my eyes open. I was falling down, it felt like I was falling off a large building and that I am gonna die but I was not scared to die I was scared of betrayal. I was about to fall on the floor but Gale hold me before I could. He carried me in his arms to the Flyboard. I couldn't keep my eyes open any but I couldn't close them either. The last thing I remember was him putting me on the Flyboard. Everything got dark after that. The last words I heard were" you will have fun" and then a Whisper" I will save you".


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