Midnight Sun (Full Version)

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For more than 300 years, the two towns that border Yorkshire’s North and East divide: Evermore and Borello, have been at war; through each generation since the very first in the late 1700’s, to present, both families have been taught by their peers to hate their neighbors, while all the while during countless battles, something has caused a great change in each their retaliations.
For the Duchess of Evermore, Lady Melissa Ellington-Evermore, the present day changes in her family have led to the death of her youngest daughter, Carrie Brindley-White.
Lady Evermore’s husband, Lord David Evermore, the last remaining Evermore, is too saddened to bury his daughter, because he is inconsolably troubled to find that her death was through no accident, but murder.
In Borello, Lady Mallandra Gruber, the land owner of Borello and all of its houses and businesses, comes head to head with the hands that deal fate. And from “Evermore” to the dark, seedy confines of “The Quarter”, love, passion, lust and depravity may well conquer all within the adult erotic stories of The Bordello Tales.

‘Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy'

Table of Contents

Midnight Sun (Full Version)

Midnight Sun (not the romantic film written after this micro-novel) continues immediately after "Evermore: The Bordello Tales", through the eyes of Alice Gruber, enemy to those of the Evermore
Family. It is the very first Episode (though the second book) in the series to contain "Erotica" and "Mature Themes". It is therefore advised to anyone who is not of 18+ to exit this literature.
This Chapter concentrates on Alice Gruber and Michael, who themselves have many stories to tell - and will - throughout "The Bordello Tales Collection". As it is introducing both characters, I will
not extend the story, or their future endeavours which will fulfill the joys of those fans in Steampunk and Action.
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