Suburban Heat: House Of Swan (Sample)

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Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa had stood for more than fifteen generations, its overall design built purposely around the pre-sixteenth century Masonic architectural elegance of King Charles VIII of France, the sitter of “The House of Valois”, while in every way giving just as much luxury to the tenants that walked its very lush and almost certainly beautiful tainted halls.
Sitting prominently upon Cacciatori Hill, the military advantage point gave Lord Arthur Barrisa-O’Neill the perfect pre-warning of any foreign approach – or attack. His family name having carried a much heavier form of authority than most other noble Stately Homes in and around the United Kingdom, much to the bitter taste which stayed within the local villager’s mouths many would tend to agree. And, for the many generations of Oak Wood Village, up until the early 1940’s, it was the Barrisa-O’Neill family that had no favors owing to them or their kind, or indeed that of their nobility claim.
Lord Arthur Barrisa-O’Neill himself had become wrapped within controversy during his fifty-five year reign, as some twenty female staff members to his noble House stepped forward with tales to tell of their harsh treatment, sexual harassments and, in many instances – Claims of rape.
Of course, being of noble blood and an immediate descendant of the Royal Crown of England, Lord Arthur’s charges were dissolved. As throughout the Barrisa-O’Neill legacy, more and more Lord’s and Master’s became shrouded in the protection of the “Royal Fortified Protection Guild”; a Guild that gave both Amnesty and Exclusion from Prosecution through their immoral acts, and yet, though not immune from the laws of the normal public, they were exposed and found themselves helpless from the avenging families and loved ones they had brought great shame against.
As the centuries passed, so too did the Lord’s, while the elder son of the dying Father was made Master to the Manor. Only when their Fathers’ last breath left that of their lifeless body would they take their rightful place and gain a position upon the “Harpsen”, the unofficial throne of “Trono Di Signori” (Throne of Lords). Once sat upon this symbol of great power, it would be that of the Lord from Master who would begin his journey to the “Reale Gerarchia”, the Royal Hierarchy that would bring the single, most respected Lord upon a position much higher than any ruling King or Queen within the entire land – Damus Cinereo “The House of Grey”; the Overlords and Overseers to “The Twelve Houses” around the world.
By the start of World War Two, the family bloodline of the Barrisa had almost been wiped away, while the O’Neill’s firm placement within the High Society realms became as well-known as any other. It came to pass through the previous three generations before the turn of the 21st Century that respect had been bestowed upon Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa (Hunter’s Wake Manor) and that of all the family’s members.
Having managed to restore the family’s name from 1943 to 1971, Lord Victor O’Neill’s’ ill health brought forth a new breed of Lord, one who would bring an infestation of lies, betrayal, greed, thirst for the ultimate status within the Lord’s greatest secret Order, and finally burn bridges to every hope of restoring nobility to the name in which structured peace among its equals. Terrence O’Neill, Master of the Manor wanted nothing less than what he believed his family and the position he was to sit owed him – Reale Gerarchia, but for a most unforgivable discrepancy which took every hope away from him obtaining it. Eventually he fell into seclusion, until finally suffering from an intoxicating affliction of depression.
In the summer of 1989, aged just forty three, Terrence fell gravely ill. His only son and heir, Xander beside him at his bedside awaiting the Priest to give his Father the Last Rites, it came to pass that the Lord of Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa was dead! And it was now that the whole Manor and its future Lord was thrown into chaos and turmoil as the line of the Lord’s title had been placed into mutual dormancy; Master Xander O’Neill’s young age had become the center of attention all over the country, as well as within the Secret Order, for the fact that at only seventeen years of age, he would not be at the correct mature age to take over as Lord of “Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa”. Therefore, with his best interest at heart – as well as his safety – Xanders’ Aunt, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright, makes the arrangements for her Nephew to be placed under protection of ‘Lupo Cresta Aumento House’, Lord O’Neill’s private home given to Lady Melissa James-Cartwright after her marriage to Lord James. Of course, the belief that the future Lord of Cacciatori Wake Villa would be safe within the ranks of those already with power was a thought built on haste, while those working alongside Lord London’s Agency were not so sure.
Against this interference of Lady James-Cartwright’s own choice, the future Lord of Cacciatori is put into question, while in the background of Parliament it is those of The Law Lords – The Bakers’ Dozen – who are at odds on whether or not to take action. As for Lord Kasabian London, his priorities lay on a much higher definition of ‘Power’, as slowly the ‘Church of the New Found Faith’ draw in on their final phase of controlling the O’Neill Empire, of which only one person stands between them from gaining a major hold over the ‘House of Grey’…Xander O’Neill.

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Suburban Heat: House Of Swan (Sample)

Suburban Heat: House Of Swan is part of a novel that was originally compiled and written more than 28 years ago, which was published (to the Publishers surprise) as a 715 page book - referred to as
"The Big Book" - that once delivered to my door, had me reconsidering the release. Several months later, I decided to split the book in half, re-edit, extend and polish it completely. The result
was two Full Novels: Suburban Heat: House Of Swan and Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord. In December that same year (2018), I began writing the second (remember that the first - The Big Book:
Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire, was split in two), which will be ear-marked for release in 2020, if not before, as "Suburban Heat: Fall Of The Law Lords". Expect mature, adult and Erotic themes,
as well as profanity and some things that may offend people within these books, it was not my intention, but sometimes as a Writer, it is very hard to please everyone. I just felt that the story
had to be told and the truth be out. Enjoy the Sample. Suburban Heat: House Of Swan and Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord are available now on Amazon and my own website "HiveQuilibrium", where prices
will vary as you will see.
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