Lucidity Deleted Chapter

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This is a deleted chapter from my novel, Lucidity: Morpheus' Dream. It was written for Chapter 18 originally, although that chapter underwent a major overhaul a while back. Some elements of it still remain but not much.

Warning: This scene depicts a darker side of my main character after being pushed to his near breaking point.

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



John found this thought to be quite true at this very moment. Lorelei had moved nearly on top of him as he turned. Her face was moving in for a blatant kiss as she locked her fingers around the based of his skull and pulled him into her. She very nearly pulled it off but John deftly shifted his weight, pulling her around and against the wall.

“Well, I’ll be, Mr. Stryder. I didn’t know you liked it so rough,” she said, laughing at the idea of him temporarily pressed against her.

“I don’t, “John replied. “But it seems I’m going to have to set some definitive rules for you two while you’re here. One, don’t touch me unless I say you can. Two, don’t wander your hands around my body during any healing or aural adjustments, and Three, quit trying to seduce me. I’m tired of the games.”

“Ah, but John I was only trying to steal a kiss—nothing more, I promise.”

“I find that hard to believe.” John said, looking into her eyes. Her twinkling vibrancy seemed innocent and all but John sensed a more devious personality underneath the fascade. He broke away from her body, feeling all heated from the encounter. He turned to walk away. Lorelei feeling rejected and scorned, reached to grab him by the hand.

John felt the shift in the air as she moved to grab him again. It was a mistake she wouldn’t make again. John’s aura ignited into its final form just before she made contact. The shock she received when she grasp his hand was far stronger than the one Sonja had experienced. It numbed her hand up to her elbow. She fell back onto the floor from the surge and her own surprise.

John turn back to see her on the floor and reached down to help her up. His energy still swirling over his body.

“Do you want to touch me again, Lorelei?” he asked, reaching out his hand. His eyes had glazed over in blood red aura as he stared at her. She realized, then, he had no intention of playing her game and shook her head.

“No, sir,” she said, almost crying.

“Good girl,” John responded. “Remember rule number one and you’ll be just fine for the remainder of your stay here.” John hated to be so mean and sadistic with her but he felt she needed to be grounded in the reality of her decisions. John backed away from her, allowing her to stand on her own. He never lower his aura lest she might retaliate in that moment but turned and began to walk out of the room.

“By the way, this room is yours and Sol’s for the rest of your time here. Clean it as needed. Ask if you need help with anything. I’m going to relax a bit. And don’t forget to check on Sonja, please.”

“Yes, sir.” Lorelei responded, almost fully recovered from the ordeal. “Thanks for the room.”

“Your welcome, Lorelei.” John answered walking off. His appearance didn’t go unnoticed by Sol as he slipped into the kitchen. She looked in amazement at first but quickly realized by his demeanor he’d been pissed off.

“Um, John,” she spoke sounding concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine, Sol,” John replied, lowering his aura all the way. He turned toward the fridge and opened it, grabbing the juice inside. He stepped over to the cabinet for a glass and poured his drink. Lorelei seeing John had stepped out of the way quickly moved past the kitchen and to the room where Sonja lay.

Sol picked up on the situation all too quickly. John returned the juice container to the refridgerator and moved to the living area where Sol sat.

“So, John, did Lorelei try something back there?

“She did,” he replied.

“What happened, if I may ask.”

“She learned not to touch me without my permission.” John responded, looking directly at Sol. “The same goes for you, understand?” Sol’s eyes got a look of surprise at first like Lorelei tried something similar to what she had done earlier. But, then she looked at John’s eyes. He didn’t have the caring look he had earlier when he told her not to do that again. She knew then that he’d experienced Lorelei’s hidden nature. Her selfish desire to have what Sonja had.

“Yes, John, I’m sorry for earlier.” Sol’s voice rang with a touch of fear. “I’ll go check on Sonja with her.” Sol sprang up and moved toward the bedroom, praying Lorelei wasn’t going to do anything stupid before she could get there.

Sol entered the room as Lorelei had begun her examination of Sonja. Lorelei was using her left hand only to do the aural sweep across Sonja’s body. She wished she hadn’t instigated the events in the back bedroom. He right hand and forearm were still numb but the itching pain was slowly crawling across her arm as the nerves began returning to normal. It stung with a ferocity unlike anything she’d ever felt. Tears formed and drizzled along her cheeks as she continued to examine her sister’s body. Sol noted her solemn and depressed state.

“Lorelei, are you alright, dear? Did something happen between you and John? Sol asked. Lorelei shook her head a little indicating something had happened but she didn’t say a word.

“Did he hurt you directly”

“No,” she said softly to not disturb Sonja. “His power flared as I went to reach toward his hand.” She showed Sol her right hand. The room was dim so no normal vision would show anything, But Sol’s eyes had already shifted to aural mode, John’s aural signature was all over Lorelei’s hand and forearm. It was slowly shrinking and fading away.

Lorelei finished her exam of Sonja in the next moment and stepped closer to Sol.

“I just wanted to kiss him, Sol,” Lorelei said. “he’s such a wonderful guy I felt like rewarding him. I guess he’s gotten tired of our teasing him so much.”

“Lorelei, I’ve known you a lot longer than you’d probably like but I have the feeling that isn’t the whole truth, but I do understand that point. It’s best if we just do as he asks. I sense his patience has grown thin with our pleasure drives.

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