Divided We Fall

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Chapter Thirty One

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



Raquelle forced the door open. Riker turned to look at her. He didn’t look the slightest bit alarmed. “Get her,” he murmured, and several Leokes lunged for her. She slit the one’s throat, impaled the second one, and managed just in time to spin and knock the third unconscious before beheading him. 

Riker’s eyes widened but remained unalarmed as he drew his own sword. It was at least twice as long as Raquelle’s, the handle engraved with lions. Rays of early sun sparkled on its menacing edges. 

“Well. I guess I’ll just have to kill you myself.” 

Raquelle stepped forward, sword drawn. This should be easy, she thought as she slashed the blade. 

But Riker ducked. 

Her own eyes widened as she realized Riker was a bit better than she thought. She jumped forward and struck, narrowly Missing his arm. 

Riker smirked at her fail and grabbed her arm, forcing her to the wall. 

Raquelle stared up at the man who, right now, had her at his mercy. He wrenched Ripper from her shaking hand that was icy cold with dread. He tossed it over his shoulder, and it hit the floor with a light clink.

“Hello, Kahlilah,” he said and smoothed her blood-stiff hair. “I see you’ve been fighting a lot today.” His hand slid down her face. Raquelle struggled to swallow. 

“Maybe you thought you could take your throne. And maybe you can. I didn’t think a little girl had any chance until I saw what you did. But even if you did get your throne, why would it matter?”

Raquelle stared down at his hand that was now sliding down her neck. 

“Your mother was overthrown for a reason, Raquelle. The people don’t want a monarchy. The only reason they’re siding with you now is that they don’t want their children to be in any more danger. But as soon as we leave, which we won’t, but if we did, they’ll just kill you anyway. Then they’ll kill your friends. Blond Murderer, Stupid Boy, Stupid Boy’s Sister, Stupid Boy’s temporary girlfriend, Traitor Captain, as she’s been called. After all, she is one of us. Er, she was.” 

His hand moved down her chest, her side. Raquelle was shaking like she had when she came out of the frozen river. 

“Really, do you want to watch your friends be burned or chopped or whatever they choose, and then do it yourself? Do you want the last things you see to be their screaming faces, their eyes staring into your soul? Do you want your last feeling to be the crushing guilt because it’s your fault they’re dead? Is that what you want, Kalilah? Because in that case I can go jump out of that window now, rather than let a kid kill me. We can surrender, you can get your country back, and rule for about ten minutes.”

Raquelle tried not to move or show any emotion as his hand found the waistband of her pants and slithered down her backside. 

“Or you can let me kill you now, die the death of a warrior. It’s your choice, Raquelle. Your choice.”

Raquelle looked at the way they were standing. Maybe, if she just shifted a little this way… 

Riker smirked, pleased with her silence. 

She looked up into his eyes, and in one swift motion, kneed him in the groin with all her power. She dropped to the floor and rolled away, looking for Ripper. She could see it on the other side of the room. She ran and made a dive for it. 

Raquelle clutched her sword to her heart like a baby and started to get up. That is, until a feeling like a hundred pounds of steel dropped onto her stomach. Riker looked down at her, his foot on her abdomen. He pressed it a little harder. 

“So you want to play it this way. Well, as I said, it’s your choice.” 

He aimed his sword right at her throat and drove it down like a spike. And, in one split second of what had to be a miracle, she stabbed her own sword up into his leg. 

Riker screamed in pain and fell to the floor. Raquelle stood up and looked down at him. “I should let you suffer here until you die. I should torture you more, actually. Make you beg for mercy with tears in your eyes, as you twitch and squirm on the ground, trying to get away from it.” 

She knelt next to him and smoothed his hair as if she were his mother. 

“Did you know I like to hunt? Probably not. You didn’t care about my interests as much as how they shaped my body. Well, I do. I learned it just a few months ago, actually, while I was coming to this city.”

Riker was shaking, whimpering a little as he forced his eyes to stay on hers, and not tear up and close. 

“Usually, I kill with first strike. Not always, but usually. The times when I don’t, I shoot again, right away. I have never let an animal suffer. And you are no exception.” Raquelle lightly touched his face, smoothed her hand down his cheek lovingly. “Say a prayer,” she whispered. “You’re going to need one.” And she slit his throat. 

Raquelle looked down at her victim for one more minute before getting up. She lay his sword next to him, wrapped his hand around it, as if he had died in one split second of weakness, where he couldn’t do anything. As if he died a hero, fighting for his people. 

And she walked back down the stairs to the battle that awaited her. 


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